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20 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes and Engagement

Growing your Facebook “likes” are social media’s version of building the traditional email subscribers list. 20 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes and Engagement

Facebook specialist Allfacebook.com states that for them Facebook fans are twice as effective as an email list. Their reasoning?…that email is now full of “spam” and 50% of all Facebook users log in every day.

Steve Gaither from the agency JB Chicago reports that the conversion rates for Facebook and Twitter are consistent across a number of their social media marketing campaigns.

Conversion Rates for Facebook and Twitter

These are what JB Chicago have found to be the conversion rates on their campaigns.

  • Paid Twitter: one to three percent
  • Organic Twitter: eight to nine percent
  • Facebook organic: 20 to 30 percent
  • Facebook ads: 18 to 20 percent

See how 10 smart marketers used  Facebook to double their email list by clicking here. The average conversion rate was 25% with no advertising spend. I’ll also show you how I used Facebook to grow my email leveraging organic engagement.  Click here to view the case studies.

According to Venturebeat in an interview with Carolyn Penner ( a Twitter spokesperson)  “We’re seeing incredible engagement numbers — between 3 percent and 5 percent on average for Promoted Tweets… We’ve seen some as high as 52 percent,”

(Twitter defines engagement as a clickthrough, but it also counts retweets, replies and favorites in its engagement numbers — meaning that part of the ROI includes one-on-one conversations with fans of the brand)

So despite some differences in conversion rates reported, it goes without saying that capturing those important Facebook likes is vital to your social media marketing campaigns.

So how can you grow your Facebook likes and increase engagement?

20 Ways to Increase  Your Facebook Likes and Engagement

  1. Advertise on Facebook to get more “likes”. This is the quickest way to grow your fan base. The Supre fashion brand did this to obtain 40,000 fans quickly.
  2. Rotate your ads “DAILY”  people get tired of hearing the same thing in conversation so change your ad! Conversion (CTR) rates can drop by 50% after the first 24 hours. Do not “set and forget”
  3. Add Facebook Social Plugin Box to your Blog and Website (60% of my “likes” are achieved this way)
  4. Free exclusive video that can only be viewed if you like the page.
  5. Run a competition. Everyone likes a competition
  6. Make it obvious on a custom landing page by providing a big bold “Like our Page”
  7. Initially ask friends and family to like your page. A bit overdone but essential at the beginning
  8. Offer a free ebook to obtain a “like” (just like you should be doing for email subscriber acquisition)
  9. Post content from your blog to Facebook whenever you write a new post. Facebook users love receiving new content on Facebook without having to go looking for your blog. Treat Facebook as an extension of your blog.
  10. Provide enticing high resolution photos. Compelling photos that are appropriate for your target audience will keep them coming back and make them share and so drive more likes from their friends
  11. Ask questions regularly using Facebook’s native question app.
  12. Include a link to your Facebook page in your email signature
  13. Provide a compelling welcome video on your Facebook landing page
  14. Simple but often missed: Add a “follow us” on Facebook button near the top of your website and blog pages
  15. Create an incentivised “Like” page that gives people a reason to like your page.
  16. Include the Facebook like button on your email HTML template so that people can like your facebook page from the regular email newsletter
  17. Add a large custom banner to your blog and website asking to “Like
  18. Add a link to your Facebook page as one of your three LinkedIn website links that are part of your LinkedIn settings in your profile
  19. Add a newsworthy update that is relevant for your industry or market niche to your Facebook page every day
  20. Offer “Special” including discounts to Facebook fans. The majority of Facebook users “like” a page to obtain a discount

See how 10 smart marketers used  the Facebook strategies above to double their email list by clicking here. I’ll also show you how I used Facebook to grow my email leveraging organic engagement.  Click here to view the case studies.

Even though growing your Facebook likes is important don’t forget to continue to grow both your email subscriber list and Twitter followers. Different users have different social network channels of choice and you need to be everywhere. “Synergize” multiple channels don’t “Monopolise”

How have you increased your Facebook page “likes”?

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  • I ran an ad for one of my blogs a few months back; for about $10, I got about 100 fans at the time which was great at getting the initial followers.

    What I found is that people generally don’t want to be “the first” because they know that it’s going to be empty and not much going on – if you buffer the numbers with a bit of advertising it’ll create a ‘rolling stone’ effect where subscribers really start to get into it 🙂

    • An advertisement for your blog for $10 and you received 100 fans?  That’s ROI at it’s finest!  Care to share where you put the ad in?

  • Asoto Adeola

    I  presently make use of over 10 of the ways here. I definitely would embrace all now. thanks for sharing jeff.

  • I  presently make use of over 10 of the ways here. I definitely would embrace all now. thanks for sharing jeff.

  • Jeff, I understand the importance of blogging, and am noticing a trend of popular FB fan pages using their Notes tab as their only blog. What do you think of this? As Google crawls the Notes tab for content, it seems like a great way to keep everything in one place. Do you have a compelling reason to do otherwise?

    Also, I agree so much with the double lead generator — getting people to Like your FB fan page and leave an email and name in exchange for free content. Facebook can shut anyone down at any time, which makes it even more crucial that you capture and store email addresses.

    Thanks for the post.

  • some other could be:

    *  get a vanity link and pimp it hardcore.  ie include it on sales posters, specials, brochures.

    *  again, get a vanity link and display it prominently in key locations.  ie, a gym should have it near it barcode scanner, or a computer shop should have it near its eftpos terminal.

    *  create a qr code to link to a youtube vid, or your fanpage, or whatever, and stick it to your business cards, in printed media, out the front of your office, shop, etc.

    thanks for the tips btw.


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