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  • Alan Stainer

    I recently found a great plugin for integrating social comments with WordPress called Comments Evolved.


    • mikelking

      I second comments evolved is a great plugin…

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  • Sean Durrant

    Thanks 1 2 4 6 and 9 look pretty useful. I used a plug in to compress images that was pretty useful and helped with loading times (nothing more annoying than uncompressed images slowing sites down)

  • Igor Aleksic

    I think you should also put the Disqus comment system :)

    • http://www.nerdshowandtell.com/ nerdshowandtell.com

      Switched from that to this http://wordpress.org/plugins/gplus-comments/ to take advantage of all comment systems and the Google plus blog community w/ integrated Google search functionality.

    • alexei_aus

      Disqus is gold! agreed

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  • mikelking

    I prefer WP Super Cache to W3 Total cache… I think the key element is that you have some sort of caching available… obvious it also depends upon your skill level and whether or not you are self hosted.

  • http://www.guyrcook.com Guy R Cook

    I try to hide the wp-admin URL and wp-login.php logins to the point I don’t have to worry about scripted failed login attempts (#6). Disqus too should be on this list too like Igor mentioned.

    • Alok Tiwari

      Use Wordfence for Login attempt issue. It works.

  • http://www.boostedseo.com/ Andrew Mucci

    One of my favorite plugins is live chat by olark. It helps a lot in engaging with people.

    I use almost every plugin on this list.

  • http://marketinghypnotism.com/ Krish Murali Eswar

    I use SimpleUrls for URL redirects. Works well. Will try others also. Thanks. JetPack should find its place here.

    • http://bestmoviesevernews.com/ gooma2

      Jetpack is a good one, but people should also be warned that if you don’t deactivate the modules you aren’t using it can really slow down your site.

  • http://socialmediarevolver.com/ KrisOlin

    Good ones! I just installed Limit Login Attempts. I would like to add BackUpWordPress, WPTouch and JetPack to the list, mate

  • JoshuaPatterson

    I would recommend formidable as an amazing forms plugin, if you want just a simple contact form or a long winded list of questions like we use here http://thinkingmancreative.com/contact/tell-us-about-your-project/ to interview clients. It is a great all around plugin.

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  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    I use Akismet to stop spam, which was one part of security

  • Havenswift Hosting

    As somebody else has already said, Better WordPress Security is great and would choose it everytime over Limit Login Attempts

  • denysedd

    Jeff, noticed the archive plugin that looked pretty cool but then saw you don’t use it. Mmm, why not? Most of the others I am using or intend to in the future, so this one peeked my interest.

  • http://aimzo.com/ Ashish Kumar

    Amazing list of plugins

  • http://www.blogwire.ca/ Enzo Testa

    They’re all good plugins…thanks

  • http://www.umairulhaque.com/ Umair Ulhaque

    Many thanks for the wordpress plug-ins collection of the year 2013

  • http://searchingforthehappiness.com/ Wendy McCance

    I love Tweetily. It’s a great way to get more exposure to your older posts on Twitter. The plugin will randomly pick different posts to put onto your Twitter account so it looks like you are on Twitter more often. You schedule the number of posts to put onto Twitter each day. You can also customize the plugin so that if there are posts you don’t want published, you can block those posts.

  • http://www.thewebcitizen.com Ilias Chelidonis

    Adding Social Analytics by Thewebcitizen in the list, although it is not free

  • http://about.me/kirsten.lambertsen Kirsten Lambertsen

    Thank you for TablePress. I hadn’t heard of it. Coulda used it a few weeks ago!

  • Michael Boy

    Honestly this premium plugin called Comment Redirect(http://www.commentredirect.com) is visually stunning. It redirects users after commenting and displays a customized pop that lets my subscribers opt in to my mailing list you should definitely check it out!

  • Leau Andreea

    My favourite wordpress plugins are squirrly seo, floating social bar and Facebook comments :)

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  • http://web-tasks.com/home/pricing Small Business SEO

    thanks for sharing the article, it will surely help us a lot.

  • http://web-tasks.com/home/pricing Small Business SEO

    Great post, wordpress has lots of things to have blogger and update according …

  • Alex D

    I think that there is another great plug-in, which should be the eleventh in the list, called a menu-image (http://wordpress.org/plugins/menu-image/).
    He is so good that it does not free alternatives

  • brandon

    From my experience, total cache is one of the most vulnerable plugins available. I don’t have time to go into detail but please do some research on the vulnerabilities associated with total cache before implementing into your builds folks. Security should be your top priority in any build.

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  • Zeeshan

    great article.. thanks alot

  • http://www.slimmersocial.nl/ Elmer den Braber

    Great pot Jeff, I’m in download mode already!

  • JD Duran

    What if I’ve had nothing but issues with Yoast SEO? And I have other plugins that do all the features that one does. Is it really worth it to switch to re-do everything if I have that stuff already set up?

  • http://butlerblog.com Chad Butler

    syed – I appreciate the inclusion of “Edit Flow” – I’ll probably need to check that out. Any reason you picked that over “Editorial Calendar” (which I’ve seen you review before)? I just did a review of Editorial Calendar (http://bit.ly/16D5gAp) and I really like it. Looking at your comments on Edit Flow it seems like that might have similar features plus a few more that would make it more appropriate for larger teams, whereas Editorial Calendar is just about scheduling posts?

  • http://entreb.com/ Entreb

    Great list of plugins. Google XML sitemaps is also an important plugin for bloggers.

  • http://www.bloggersmakemoney.com/ Wade Harman

    I actually love the Comment Redirect for my blog and new users. Lots of sales from that little plugin

  • Chelsea Thomas

    It is essential to hire wordpress developer to help you know the plugins that can make a difference for your WP. Thanks for having this list. I appreciate seeing people having an idea on the plugins they can install on WP.


  • frederic convert


    A really cool plugin i started to used recently is the
    “Page Builder by Site Origin”
    combined it with the widget you want , and your page is done ..

  • giuliopons

    I’ve made this plugin to track the viral and social power of your posts, helping bloggers to analyze their top stories:http://codecanyon.net/item/top-social-stories-plugin-and-widget/5888553 – I hope you like it.

  • Manpreet

    Thanks for this post. I am certainly going to use the first two plugins. I was already using the first ones. The other ones, I didn’t like them much but I am sooo thankful for the first plugin for that was exactly what I wanted on my blog – http://www.finixpost.com :)

  • Param Kalra

    Can you suggest some good plugins for my fashion blog? I think I have used most of these but when I used W3 total cache, it deleted some of my website content

  • http://marwickmarketing.com/ Christian Thomson

    Great post!

  • giuliopons

    Hi Syed, I suggest Top Social Stories plugin to track posts on social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), lets you make ranks and line charts of all posts. Very useful. Here is the link: http://codecanyon.net/item/top-social-stories-plugin-and-widget/5888553?ref=ginoplusio

  • Kelvin Ang

    I prefer WP Super Cache compared W3 Total Cache as it is so much easier to use.

  • Andy Baritchi

    I recently found a great plugin called Magic Backgrounds. It’s a brilliant idea to keep your blog always fresh. It has season dependent backgrounds and comes with some builtin wallpapers (not so great) that you can change…


  • http://www.holyblasphemy.net Derek Murphy

    Hi Jeff – I just released something new that lets you highlight and share specific phrases to Twitter and Facebook; Slate and Medium have something similar on their sites, this is the first that gives the same functionality to WordPress users. (I’m linking to it below, but maybe you can add it to your list? Thanks!)


  • t0p-10

    i like these articles

  • cishemant

    WordPress plugins are the charm of the WordPress. I just love WordPress development only because of its great plugins, you can avail it in free of cost..

  • http://www.ukche.com/ UK Centre for Higher Education

    Really Nice !!!

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  • Andy

    Thanks for the great post! I use most of the plugins mentioned in your post, and also use others including paid ones such as Ultimate Post Thumbnails plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-post-thumbnails-wordpress-plugin/6231608

  • ahsan ali

    thanks to provide a good artical

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  • http://www.patricekcokley.com/ Patrice K. Cokley, MBA

    Thanks for sharing! I’m installing Compact Archives now! Love it!

  • Selvy Ivana

    thank you..
    nice article, now i have some of that plugin installed


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  • http://infolific.com/ Marios of Infolific

    The archive plugin seems out of place. I don’t know why people want date-based archives. Does anyone really look for posts based on date? Just my opinion, of course :-)

  • http://www.shoppl.de/ Clemens

    I often use “WP-Optimize” to easily enhance the speed of WordPress blogs.

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  • http://ajbozdar.me/ Abdul

    going ahead for comapct archives. by the way, what to do if I do not have a page.php? thanks.

  • Enmanuel Corvo

    WP Visual Slide-Box Builder

    Easy to use WordPress plugin to build sliding boxes in you website. Very cool plugin check it out.

  • guptaabhijit318

    Thanks for sharing the article; it will surely help us a lot. It is surely an informative post for the beginners, thanks again.

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  • http://www.best10ofall.com Mi-liee Cyrus

    nothing to say more.. even with a :)

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  • joyebroad

    This is great and innovative post you have shared with us and i like your post keep blogging.

    Ricky Broad

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  • Kelly Hansen822

    Thanks for this post.I just installed WP SEO by Yoast this week – for a SEO newbie, this plugin is terrific..It’s very useful for my seo agency site..I would like this information.

  • Stefano Lodola

    I’ m a fan of WordPress SEO by Yoast. It helps me write coherently based on my keywords.

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  • DLY

    what is the best plug in for a blog site if i want to fix it were users can leave there own stories and post there own photos

  • http://www.clippingpathbusiness.com/ Clipping Path

    Thanks for the tip. I can also see it clearly in Safari. I will have to see if one of my add-ons is preventing it from showing up or something.
    Clipping Path

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  • nazmul

    Nice collection . I use some plugins. But few plugin slow your site . More useful plugin check this http://www.onlyhowto.com/blogging-tips-and-tricks/how-id/1361/5-wordpress-time-saving-plugins-bloggers.html

  • http://freelancer-coder.com/ ajaniashish

    Article is bit old but still useful, searching for something similar and came across this page. Nice article.

  • http://palchoice.com/ santosh singh

    hi jeff,
    i just want to add two of the plugins that i use in my blog and i think they are very useful for your and everybody website.
    1) revive old post (earlier tweet old post)
    2) Digg Digg
    these two are awesome post. revive old post will send your old post on tweeter after every 3 hour and Digg-Digg is a kind of floating bar which help to easily share and like your posts on social networking sites like facebook,google+ ,twitter etc.
    hope this will add value to this post.

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  • Eduardo

    And what do you recommend considering emailing solution? I currently use sendinblue wp plugin, which is really performant according to me: good deliverability and very comprehensive solution. Here are further information: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mailin

    Please, give me feedbacks about sendinblue plugin and, more generally, about emailing solutions!


  • http://www.massivewealthtosuccess.com/selfhelparticles Alexander Ang

    As always, I learned so much from you Jeff since I followed you few months back. :)
    Thank you for the generous sharing. You are such a great teacher.


    Alexander Ang

  • http://www.brightverge.com/ Bright Verge

    Wow, great list and thanks for the share. Will be useful in the future, bookmarked

  • https://www.whitehatworlds.com/ WHW

    Wonderful blog & good post.

  • http://www.sandinthecity.net/ Sand In The City

    I could also add WP-Optimize and Simple Ads Manager – very useful for bloggers.


  • Nataliya Bogdanets

    I would also recommend using this plugin http://goo.gl/QvPX8Y to migrate from blogger to wp without shelling out for a developer. In my case it worked perfectly. Hope, it will help somebody…

  • http://adventedesigns.com advent_geek

    Thanks for Sharing Bro, Already Knew some of the plugins.

    Kind regards
    Advent Designs

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