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  • http://sproutsocial.com/features/social-media-engagement Sarah @ Sprout Social

    Great variety and ideas for inspiration! I like the ones that use trivia, or something semi-related to the brand. Posts still solicit a lot of comments/shares and help exposure in the newsfeed, but aren’t so self-serving. The opinion ones are great too. Social media is about expressing yourself and who doesn’t want to share what they think?

    • Alex Shamy

      Thanks for commenting, Sarah! Do you manage the SproutSocial Facebook Page? If so, what would an ideal contest update look like? – Alex

      • http://sproutsocial.com/features/social-media-engagement Sarah @ Sprout Social

        Hey Alex, I’m more focused on social outreach and some community management. We’ve yet to hold a timeline contest, but my team recently did a app-based one for some great marketing-focused books. We built the app ourselves, so it was easy to implement and inexpensive! I’m sure we’ll be exploring some other options in the future though with the lessened guidelines for contests/sweeps.

  • http://WWW.EXTRA-CASH-ONLINE.COM/ Robert Connor

    Love the crunched up paper thanks Alex!

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      Cool little graphic there, right Robert? Thanks for commenting! – Alex

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      Thanks Robert!

  • http://www.internetbillboards.net/ Tom George

    Impressive list of ideas and inspiration for Facebook marketing. I will certainly try many of them out. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us here.

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      Thanks Tom – do you manage multiple Facebook business pages? – Alex

  • david

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  • Leah Van Rooy

    Great ideas in here! It is great to see that you suggested people including ending times, rules and regulations… you don’t see that on that many “less formal” contest posts – but what a difference it makes!

    Leah Van Rooy

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      Have to always remember to follow Facebook regulations closely, Leah!

      If you’d like an example of what a copy + paste disclaimer looks like, check this one out: https://heyo.com/timeline-contest-creator-live

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  • Always On Social

    These are great ideas that definitely will work. Thank you for posting. In particular, I completely agree with your 4 steps on “Sentence architecture for high converting Facebook contests”, this is great knowledge to have as a social marketer.

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      That tidbit is totally tweetable, right Always On Social? Thanks – Alex

      • Always On Social

        Of course! I had to tweet it as soon as I read it. Great content Alex!

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  • David Makacha

    A very Informative article, great Ideas that companies needs to implement. I found this very useful as an academic.

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      Thanks, David! What types of Facebook Fan Pages do you manage? – Alex

      • David Makacha

        I am a PR student, interested in social networks. I benefited a lot from your articles

        • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

          Wonderful, David – Best of luck in your studies!

  • http://www.magnetsocialmedia.com/social-media-blog.html Karen Moran

    This feels like another sneaky Facebook way of not letting you know who
    your prospects really are… if people switch to this while not using a
    third party app like Woobox or any of them to run promotions – they no
    longer have the opportunity to get the emails of their Facebook
    community. Just because you have 10,000 Facebook fans doesn’t mean you
    can actually talk to all of them with FB’s complicated algorithm. Using
    a third party app to run your promotions let you get their emails for
    follow up promotions, etc. And if you do your email marketing
    correctly, your open rate and click thru rates will be significantly
    higher than the percentage of folks who actually see your posts.

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      I agree Karen, it seems as though Facebook is encouraging spending more advertising dollars to get these types of posts to show in the news feed. I think a combination of the two (news feed update + 3rd party app) are the optimal way to run a contest. – Alex

      • http://www.magnetsocialmedia.com/social-media-blog.html Karen Moran

        Agree to disagree. Data capture is key to knowing who your customers are and effectively communicating with all of them. Case in point, my client Haley & The Hound has been running a contest via a third party app for the past few months. Their Facebook page now has over 4,000 Facebook fans. We use the share to win function
        offered by Woobox – essentially share our post – get 3 bonus entries. By running a weekly promotion via a third party app, Haley & The Hound increased their email database by… 1,100 emails. That’s 25% of their
        Facebook community we can now reach out and touch directly. Better still their recent giveaway, had a reach of over 6,200 and gave us an additional 50 new emails – something you’re not going to get by ponying up for a sponsored post.

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  • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

    Thanks Piroska!

  • http://www.flymediaproductions.com/ FlyGirlFMP

    What a great list! Will definitely be sharing this with our clients. :)

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      That’s great to hear – what business do you work for?? – Alex

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  • John

    Inspiring Idea for facebook like

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  • Cyril Gaillard

    Or you can use http://www.fyrebox.co to create a game playable on your facebook timeline and grow your mailing list!

  • http://www.socialhi5.com/ Shankar Ram

    Great ideas and have implemented a couple of them as well. For details you can check us out http://goo.gl/EAIwGM

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      Nice stuff, Shankar! What tool did you use to create those campaigns?

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  • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

    Sure is Stewart, when you say ‘blog contest’ – what exactly did you have in mind? Would love to learn more about your goals!

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    Great post working on my competitions now. Like the idea of photo competition.

  • http://getfbfansandlikes.com/ hron023

    Sceptics point to the MOOCs’ high drop-out rates, which in some cases exceed 90%. But Coursera and Udacity both insist that this reflects the different expectations of consumers of free products, who can browse costlessly.

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  • http://getfbfansandlikes.com/ hron023

    Sceptics point to the MOOCs’ high drop-out rates, which in some cases exceed 90%. But Coursera and Udacity both insist that this reflects the different expectations of consumers of free products, who can browse costlessly.

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  • Regina E. Coley

    Awesome list! I’ll definetly be using some :-)

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