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  • http://casandracampbell.com/ Casandra

    I can’t imagine anyone not finding authorship markup valuable! It is a requirement in my books!

    • http://printfirm.com/ Katherine Tattersfield

      Do you think Google is to blame a bit for low adoption? They did elude to bigger things, such as author quality scores, without following through as of yet.

      • Joana Ferreira

        Hi Katherine… perhaps you’re right although I think good things are still to come… we just need to be patient. My thoughts on that are, if you’re already using G+ extensively and seen as an ‘authority figure’ within this platform, then by the time authorship rank etc. comes to play, you’ll be at the top already and reap the highest rewards

  • http://sarahwilsondogexpert.com/ Sarah Wilson

    I absolutely claim my work! Both as part of defense and offense on line.

    As usual, I find the blogs here timely and smart. Thank you!

  • Tim Rowley

    Nice article on Google Authorship. i normally write to my Google+ business page. It’s hard to find information on what is the best practice here. Do you think I should duplicate post to my personal account and the page, or does Google take my page into account? mind you, I don’t actually write much original stuff, i just share the most interesting stuff that I come across.

    • Joana Ferreira

      Authorship is for personal use, not business use. So, in order to claim authorship of your content and have a photo show up in SERPs, it needs to be linked to a personal G+ account and not a business page. However, if you generally just share other people’s content I wouldn’t recommend claiming authorship as your content may just show up as duplicate and you may get in trouble from the original author or (worst) from Google. However, if you start generating original content, by all means, you should definitely claim authorship!

  • Ola Agbaimoni

    Some excellent research. If I’m honest the two times I’ve tried to claim my authorship my brain has melted – what a palarvour as we British say. Maybe that’s the reason more “experts” haven’t bothered. Love the image for the article hahaha very good :~D

    • Joana Ferreira

      It used to be pretty complicated- I remember when I wanted to claim authorship I had to ask for help from someone much more tech savvy than me. If you use wordpress to power your website it’s now very easy to claim authorship- I think the process has gotten much more simple now.

      • Ola Agbaimoni

        Thanks I do use wordpress and I thought I was pretty tech savvy until I tried this lol. It has been a while so when I have a spare moment and a few brain cells to destroy I’lll give it another go. Big Hugs

  • vivienne neale

    I started using Google + in the very early days and I have been unconvinced – even reading through this I couldn’t get excited. It all started when they wouldn’t accept the photo I use everywhere else! It’s funny how certain platforms turn you on immediately and others leave you cold. Now, Glipho is brilliant but Google+ ? Nah! I’ll work harder because I’m told to, but my boat is refusing to float! Thanks for all your efforts on this

  • http://printfirm.com/ Katherine Tattersfield

    I’m glad you posted this because I’ve been asking myself the same question. Why are so few people using this awesome tool? I set up authorship a while ago, and I’ve been more active on Google Plus lately. It’s not my favorite site, but it does have some good points.I like that the users aren’t as closed as people on Facebook and that they actually use hashtags to mingle. Either way, I prefer to publish guest posts from people with authorship, and unfortunately I rarely get that opportunity because of low adoption.

    I think a lot of people still don’t “get” authorship because they’re not thinking of the bigger picture. Maybe they assume it’s technically difficult or they think it’s something for more formal writers i.e. journalists, authors, etc.

    • Joana Ferreira

      I agree with you 100%. Working alongside bloggers I find that many ‘smaller’ bloggers just don’t think it’s applicable to them. If you don’t have a huge following or write for the Sunday Times, does that mean you don’t need to claim authorship? I view it the other way around, it distinguishes you from other bloggers, puts a face to your work and you claim it as your own original content. Using G+ will only enable you to grow your following and build a stronger reputation I think

  • guzie

    I think there are other factors involved besides Google Authorship. I have a google+ account and my photo appears in every post I make. However the results are disappointing. Maybe other factors such as backlinks, social media interaction and SEO may be the problem. Google changes are frequent and keeping up with them is a big challenge to any blogger, or marketer online.

  • http://www.game-changer.net Jorge Barba

    Hi Jeff,

    It is timely post. I have heavily visited blog and seen it been degraded because of plagiarism by other websites.

    I thought I had covered my bases regarding claiming authorship, but I was missing one part of the process. Adding my blog link to my G+ profile.

    A friend of mine brought it to my attention this past Saturday. And now it is working for the first time in almost two years!

    Where am I going with this? I think it has to do with the “how to claim ownership”. There are many plugins out there that supposedly have a feature in there that helps you claim ownership (this was my case), but it doesn’t work like that.

    So maybe it is ignorance of the process of claiming ownership.



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  • Sarah Jocson

    Great post! Extremely right..These process prevents directly that arise when content not owned by a partner inadvertently turns up in a reference file.

  • venkyiyer58

    I have talked to people who allow their personal prejudices against Google (the BIG online bully) to outweigh their awareness of the benefits of claiming authorship. Google+ is Google, ergo, Google+ is no good.

  • Kristine Allcroft

    After spending 12 years in grad school writing my fingers to the bone, you better believe that I claim my work! But, hopefully the plagiarism that is so rampant on the web – for both text and pictures – will be curtailed with the new authorship claims on Google+. It would be nice if folks would learn the practice of citing their resources for information – as you so clearly did in this post! It does help increase credibility for the author (i.e., “thought leadership”) as well as giving great back-links to others. It’s a win-win nice thing to do.

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  • Norman

    I have claimed google authorship but havent seen much change in traffic. Is it supposed to help with that?

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