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  • Bart Stewart

    Not sure when this article was posted, didn’t see a date, but anyway I am the first commenter. Nothing unusual about that! Most blogs have ZERO comments! Either people are shy or they aren’t there at all. If the number of commenters is the gauge of a successful blog, I’d say there aren’t many! Some blogs have comments, but it seems to be from the same old people! I don’t know what the answer is. I had a technical issue with my blog wherein it was too open for comments and I was buried in spammers. Now I have a Facebook sign-in, and zero comments! Oh well. Visit http://www.BartStewart.com and comment sometime!

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  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Yes Heather you do need to be trying new ideas and tactics. Good to see you’re persisting.

  • http://athomeandschool.com/ Susan Raber

    I don’t want to stop blogging altogether, but my focus has shifted in the last couple of years, and I find myself wanting to move on to other things in my writing. The homeschooling part of my life is nearing an end, and I have begun to ask myself what I am going to write about when my kids graduate.

    I started a new (currently hidden) blog because I have to 1) find a way to merge my current blog with a different but not-completely-unrelated topic, 2) do a complete overhaul, or 3) go clean slate and start over.

    • http://foodloveswriting.com/ Shanna

      These are the kinds of issues bloggers face and will face as time goes on. As people, it’s only normal for our focus to shift during different seasons. Our job as bloggers is to know when those shifts mean to move on.

  • http://www.sexyfeet.net.au/ Nikki Nunnari

    An excellent article with good advice, not restricted to blogging. Would apply to most situations in life where mammoth effort far outweighs the perceived, or expected result. However, with “the passion to succeed” you will always be successful, so keep it up @cottageguru:disqus

    • http://foodloveswriting.com/ Shanna

      True, Nikki!

  • http://www.sexyfeet.net.au/ Nikki Nunnari

    Hey Heather, my comment on the article is in limbo heaven somewhere at the moment being moderated, in the meantime I thought I’d post a direct reply to you here. Don’t ever lose sight of the fact that “passion” is your strength and it will take you wherever you want to go. Stay strong!! xx

  • Justyn Simon

    I’ve been blogging for about 7 months now and it wasn’t until about 2 months ago that I started to get comments and blog followers. This was because I joined a lot of social media communities. Blogging is something I enjoy doing, but I don’t usually have ideas for what to blog about as I mostly blog about progress on drawing, and writing my books. Although if I were to stop blogging I don’t know what I’d do, as blogging for me is what glues my online presence together.

    • http://foodloveswriting.com/ Shanna

      Good example of how persistence can pay off, Justyn! Thanks for sharing!

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  • venkyiyer58

    There is the somewhat contrary assertion that too many people quit just as they are about to break through. As far as I can see, the single biggest reason for burying a blog would be apathy. When you just don’t care any more, you want to focus your time and energies on something that you do care about. Even if your blog is a “success” in terms of readership or whatever criterium is used.

    • Gil Michelini

      Your posts reminds me of Napoleon Hill’s three feet from gold. The drawing shows diamonds but it is same principle.

      • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

        That is spot on Gil. I have had times when I have wondered whether it is worth it but then something happens to boost the motivation! LIke comments such as yours:)

  • Norah Colvin

    I have been blogging for just over 2 months now so it is definitely not time for me to quit! I do think the indicators you mentioned are apt. I think when the time comes for me to move on I’ll know it: when it seems to have no further purpose. At the moment I am learning so much from blogging that it is a very important tool in my education.

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      I agree with you Norah on the learning aspect of blogging. My blog has been like a PhD on steroids for me!

      • Norah Colvin

        Love it! It’s certainly as much work!

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  • Debra J. Gordon

    I blog infrequently… or in spurts. Mainly because my blogs (all four) have been hacked and I don’t believe anyone can see the blogs anymore. How’s that for an original and true post? ~djgTheMediaLady

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  • http://www.achiVi.com achiviblog

    It was surprising (and not) to run across this statistic a bit ago:
    70% don’t update their blog
    The saddest thing is coming across a blog that does not make this basic commitment. It is disrespectful to those who took their time out to follow them.