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  • http://WWW.EXTRA-CASH-ONLINE.COM/ Robert Connor

    Good points and sales funnel-but we need to learn more how to attract more fans! Have a great day jeff on purpose!

  • Eleanor Pierce

    This is terrific! It’s interesting to me how rare the use of buyer personas still seems to be when it comes to social, but it definitely makes creating content much simpler.

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      Building content pillars makes your life so much easier, Eleanor. Focus your content and you’ll find the right fans. Thanks for reading!

  • http://SamanthaStudebakerCarl.com/ Samantha Studebaker-Carl

    Thanks Alex!
    So many great points. But I really like how you said “You can’t Find what you’re NOT looking for”
    So many people completely skip over this one KEY step.
    – Decide who your target audience is.
    You’ve got to know more about who your customer is, than you do about anything else.
    Determining who you are marketing to is as important choosing a destination when you get in your car to drive somewhere.
    If you don’t know where you’re going, how can you possibly get there?

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      It’s a shot in the dark if you don’t pin down who you’re trying to reach, Samantha. Arguably the most vital piece to the puzzle. Thanks for reading!

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  • http://scootersparts.net/ ScootersParts

    Very nice points Alex. We will implement some of your tips very soon. Thank you for posting nice points.

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      Appreciate you reading and commenting! Do you have a link to your Fan Page? Would love to check in and see how the pointers are working! – Alex

      • http://scootersparts.net/ ScootersParts

        we have and here is the FB link. We still have to work on it a lot though!


        • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

          Do you all sell parts for Italian Scooters?! I know a guy who could use some! – Alex

  • Imtiyaz Ahmad

    Thanks Jeff, really helpful tips for my e-commerce client. I am planning to buy your book..:)

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      Thanks for reading, Imtiyaz! I’ll be reading Jeff’s book as well :) – Alex

  • chrismarklee

    I am learning Facebook marketing. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best days. People are in Facebook at work. I am wishing people happy birthday, great new pic, etc. I move very carefully on Facebook.


    Owner Cel Financial Services
    Tax Return Preparer
    Registered bonded California CTEC Tax Preparer

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      Great strategy, Chris.

      Are you using your personal profile or page when you’re engaging with folks? – Alex

      • chrismarklee

        I just did a Facebook business page January 1st. I have one like on it my wife. I am going to be doing business stuff on my business page I do have a personnel page.

        I would appreciate if anyone could go to my Facebook page and click like.It is listed below

        God Bless,

        Christopher Lee
        CEL Financial Services

  • http://www.squarefishinc.com/ SquareFish Inc.

    Great job on this content and illustrations Jeff! I laud your expertise when it comes to website conversion..

    • http://heyo.com/ Alex Shamy

      Thanks for the support, SquareFish. Hope you got some value from the article and start leveraging your Facebook Page to help drive website conversions – Alex

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