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  • http://greenlaneblog.com Shawn James

    Jeff, can you explain white hat vs black hat SEO techniques?

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Black hat techniques are tactics that Google will penalize you for and will hurt your rankings. White hat is the proper way (recommended by Google eg great content) to improve your SEO

  • http://www.animhut.com Sri Ganesh.M

    Should we allow the paid post dofollow. Every inspiration articles i make the external link as dofollow only.
    Thanks for the article !

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Yes, its a great tool and will give some guidance and it is free!

    • Martin Reynolds

      Thanks Jeff…I do like ‘free’

  • Kim Procci

    Thanks for this blog. You make several mentions about using headings and keywords that people are searching online. How do I find out what those keywords are in my niche?

  • Pratik Joshi

    Thanks for sharing very useful Article as always you do. I have one query regarding Ranking fluctuation. Is there will be a for sure bouncing up and down or its depends on work out whatever it will be done by SEO?

  • Chatty

    Thanks for reading this post, everyone
    and Thanks for this opportunity Jeff :D

  • siddharth

    good article ….visit to know more http://androlibrary.blogspot.in/

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  • http://singlemom-mecheel.blogspot.com/ Mecheel

    Thank You for sharing such useful information. =)

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  • http://www.pandacashback.com PandaCashBack.com

    I would also add, having multiple publishers, guest posting, they provide great exposure and it work both ways

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  • http://www.callboxinc.com/ Belinda Summers

    For me, the most effective advice for SEO is always the practice the white hat and not to bypass any Google’s rules.

  • Awesome AJ

    Great Insight into blogging ..specially the headline and tagging . Thank You Jeff

  • Spook SEO

    A great thought you have delivered here and I agree with you. These all are the best tools for the SEO that helps us to make our blog great with user and search engine friendly so that we can get the best values of our SEO. We need to follow these 5 tips if we want success in our SEO.

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  • Majharul Hossain

    Nice advice! As a blogger I can say that the link building is the toughest work than write regular posts for your blog! Success will be on you once you take blogging as a serious business!

  • Shaniya Muhammed

    Just curious, what are your recommendations in regards to backlinks? I know with all the Google updates we have to be very careful about these now, so would be interested to know your opinion.

    2014 SEO tips and tricks

  • peterzmijewski

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    Great Entrepreneur – Peter Zmijewski

  • john

    I before did seo for only website. From your article the first time I have known about how to do seo for blog. These five points are truly assists when I create
    blog for our business.
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  • http://www.avowzone.com MD Golam Rabbani

    A great heading, proper keyword and quality content are the keys to SEO. Thanks you.

  • gururajmahale

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  • http://www.hootoh.my/ Hootoh Tudia

    Thanks for this guide…

  • Ainsley Griffin

    Really this is great blog with valuable Tips on SEO, thanks a lot for sharing.
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  • parassharma9920

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  • http://www.inverselogix.com/ Hemanth Malli

    Nice tips to get the best for bolg writing.