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  • http://www.changeagents.ie/ Paul O’Mahony

    You might find the “Fog Index” useful – here’s a link to Wiki article on it


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  • http://rockthestatusquo.com/ Carrie Morgan

    It’s also important to match the tone of what you are writing to the specific placement.

    Especially in PR, many struggle with shifting from journalist writing (just the facts, ma’am!) to a more casual, opinionated style appropriate for a blog – or writing a byline submission in a voice (and using jargon or a lack of it) that fits that particular publication and sophistication level of its audience.

    Even transforming a great blog post into a successful SlideShare isn’t as simple as it may seem.

    Great writing isn’t only about style and grammar skills, telling a story – it’s about creating something in context. Making it resonate with the audience and work for the platform. Thought and strategy, then copywriting.

    When it comes to content marketing, this flexibility and thought process is very, very important.

  • Elizabeth

    The pieces of advice you provided I found really useful, thanks. I’ll try to apply them to my copywrtiting process.

  • http://www.mimiran.com/ Reuben

    Great points, and equally important (and relevant) when writing proposals.

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  • http://www.infoartblog.com/ Haydn Symons

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for this post, you raise some really interesting and important points! Marking down content is a great tip, which I think I’m going to implement! It’s all about writing, checking, editing, checking, editing, checking, editing, checking, editing, then posting!

    Thanks again!