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  • http://www.nicheaddictions.com scott masse

    Hey Jeff great use of the infographic! I like SEO by Yoast which makes my attempts at onpage SEO somewhat palatable. I always enjoy your excellent content….thanks for the hard work!

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      I moved from All in one SEO to Yoast as it seemed to be better at Optimizing for search about a year ago.

  • http://www.antonioreyes.com Tony Reyes

    Hey Jeff! Great post. I am always looking to make my WordPress website more robust!

  • http://www.zbeardedone.com/ Z.

    I was hoping more for aggregation by quality when I clicked this. Not a big deal, but just feedback on what my expectation was.

  • http://www.onlinejobsforcollegestudentsathome.com/ Chris: Blogger

    Thanks for the list. I have already used some of them. Some plugins are really very effective. In fact, the plugins made WordPress more popular than other platforms.

    I am using a plugin called ” StatCounter – Free Real Time Visitor Stats.” It is really wonderful and easy-to-use.

    • vivienne neale

      Thanks Chris – just checked this out!

  • http://sparkintomarketing.com Jean Wolfe

    Glad to read the comments here about All in One. I was thinking of moving to Yoast so glad to see you recommend it too. v Yoast.

  • vivienne neale

    The question I want to ask and please excuse my ignorance is: ‘Are too many plugins detrimental? ‘ Is there an optimal number or can we simply have a plugin fest and enjoy it without penalty? :)

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      The short answer is “yes” if it slows down your site!

    • Jack Beauregard

      What is too many? It depends on your site. Just use the plugins you need, choose carefully (one bad plugin is maybe equal to five good ones) and always update if there is a new version.

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    It will take months of optimizing and content publishing and marketing. Its a long journey!

  • jacquimalpass

    Great post, I always enjoy reading your blog. This is very timely as I have just uninstalled loads of plugins.

    My site was getting really slow, so I did a whole load of research to determine what was wrong. I still have some work to do, but I discovered that 58% load was coming from Yeost SEO – which is gutting as it is such a good plugin.

    I was pleased to see that you recommended a different one and I am now trying that.

    Thanks for the great advice.

    • Nickmarquet

      Hmmm thats interesting as I’ve just installed Yeost SEO as everyone seems to rave about it…I’ve kept my old one but would be interested to hear of anyone else suffering this issue…?

  • Jack Beauregard

    So, that there is no backup plugin on the list, says a lot about the wordpress users in general. Download figures are an inappropiate quality criterion.

    • http://www.crescentdigital.co.uk Steve Baker

      Jack, completely agree. Simple Backup for WP for me before any development starts.

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  • http://www.presidentialpicturestories.com Prespixstories Prespixstories

    I have stat counter, but never put it on my blog. Afraid the low numbers of viewers will turn people away. I am using one through Blue Host which works.

  • Nickmarquet

    Yep agree needs a backup plugin I installed wp-google-drive & should Disqus Comment System be in there?

  • Sukhpreet Kaur

    Great post Jeff but you didn’t mention any plugin related to Google Authorship or am I missing something?

    Google Authorship is important for SEO 2014 and I’ve been using Author Profile Plus to claim the content ownership http://wordpress.org/plugins/author-profile-plus/ It’s an awesome plugin, had been seeing the results for my blog posts.

    • http://wordpressexamples.com/ WordpressExamples

      Hi Sukhpreet, I also still use the plugin, but I keep hearing more and more rumors that it is less important than it used to be. Less and less author avatars showing up on the search pages as well, which is very obvious… So I guess something changed (as usual).

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  • http://www.pixelcrayons.com/ Mark Wilston

    Hey Jeff! This post is of great help for developers. Just updating your list, woocommerce has now 3,247,560 downloads.

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  • http://www.navrangi.com navrangi

    nice plugins thanks bro

  • Dale Reardon

    I absolutely love WordPress SEO by Yoast and he makes a great range of paid plugins as well. Great support also.

  • Dale Reardon

    There is an absolutely amazing backup plugin called Updraft Plus and I use the premium business version. Lets you backup non WordPress files and databases also so it is a complete solution.

  • Dale Reardon

    Google authorship has been abandoned by Google. WordPress SEO by Yoast used to handle authorship but he has removed that feature since Google dropped it a few weeks ago.

  • http://robinmatteri.com Robin Matteri

    I’m new to website design and started my first “blog” using wordpress.com — I am now on .org and have been navigating the plugins like a maniac. Here is my question: Can I use Jetpack AND additional plugins?

  • http://wordpressexamples.com/ WordpressExamples

    Interesting list Jeff. I am actually surprised that WordPress SEO from Yoast is still second to All in One on the SEO side of life. Recently I was reading WordPress SEO from Yoast was slower than All in One (he just released a Beta version of the plugin, probably to handle that) but frankly, it is still my favorite. And with the disappearance of nRelate Yarpp will only grow stronger and stronger I guess. Nice list!

  • https://twitter.com/davisbrown562 Davis Brown