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  • http://nathanambrose.com/ Nathan Ambrose

    Some fine tips. Thank you.

  • Jon

    What numbers did you use to calculate 36?

  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    Killer post Jason. I loved the first three points: just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. You have to put in the work. I loved also what you said about outreach. I’ve had other bloggers link to my content but I’ve never thought about asking. Great ideas!

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  • Raquel M Ramirez

    Very useful article with practical tips. Even when doing business online it really comes down to relationship building to apply the steps you suggested. And there are no shortcuts to building solid relationships. Thanks for this post Jason.

  • Stephen Mayall

    Great post Jason, how did you get to 36? adding the rank (77) and diving by the number of links (4) is 19.25 not 36. What are we missing?

  • http://twitter.com/nicowegher Nico Wegher

    Great article Jason! But as @stephenmayall:disqus mentioned, how you get 36?
    I also tried adding all the backlinks ranks (219 total) and dividing by 4, but the result is 54,75.
    I´ll appreciate your comments in order to understand that part of your steps!

    • http://www.b-seenontop.com/ Donna Duncan

      Jason isn’t chiming in here Nico, but I think your calculation is correct and the answer he (Jason) intended.

      His logic seems to be that if you can figure out how to get a back link from a site with a domain authority equal to or greater than the average domain authority of the top 20 backlinks, then you’ll rank well. How well he doesn’t say but I assume he means somewhere in the middle because he’s using an average.

  • Support OpenClassifieds

    This is a really good post, I would definitely recommend it to any blogger

    • Mark Andreottis


  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Sorry but I never heard of this guy. And his blog doesn’t rank first for its own name. Some of his advice is okay but his take on guest posting is dangerous. Sure, some guest posting still works but most people are just going to get themselves penalized if they try to follow his advice.

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  • http://www.digitaldialog.co.uk manishkastia

    This is a very helpful post with some great advice, but your section on link building advocates buying links.

    “You can buy links from Private Blog Networks, but you are running the risk of them being shut down!”

    While it may seem like a quick win, buying links (even from private blog networks) might prove risky in the long run. Any short term gains are likely to be lost in 6 to 12 months and could provide detrimental to the domain (and brand) if the search engines decide to tweak their algorithms to pick up such relationships.

    • Mark Andreottis

      it seems like most of What Jeff advises people to do is incorrect. most of his content is either recycled in other posts, or renamed and passed off as “new”…

  • http://sksmith.wordpress.com Sherman Smith

    Hey Jason

    This is a great post for getting traffic. I have my ways to get traffic but they’re not working so well right now LOL>. but I definitely am open to suggestions and I’m going to check out a couple of the tools you mentioned about keywords and checking on competition! Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.enjoyyourtravels.com/ Anthony Lombardo

    Hi Jeff love this post, the way you break down the step you need to do to get traffic to your website. You can do this manually but I love automation and there are plugin in that this on page SEO for you. I just know how you came up 36 in your example.

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  • Mark Andreottis

    why do you regularly recycle content from other stories, or rename articles and repost them as “Original” content? According to Google Best Practice Guidelines, Recycled content definitely hurts Search Rankings. Do you have some kind of Content secret to foil the crawler’s secrets, or are you simply unaware of how SEO works today?

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  • artetic

    Very interesting post! Thank you very much for all this valuable information!

  • http://www.inverselogix.com/ Hemanth Malli

    In my view this are old ideas which every SEO user will follow these rules.

  • juel rahman

    Actually great sharing about increasing blog traffic. I think it is right way to gaining to traffic. Thanks for sharing

  • http://ifrog.eu/ iFrog.eu

    YES, this is what I was looking for, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu pew pew pew

  • https://www.partsnetplus.com/ Partsnet Plus

    Very interesting post! Thank you very much for all this valuable information!


  • mirza5313

    good points i appreciated

  • http://www.javalschool.com/ javalschool

    NIce Atricle.very good information

  • Robbie Mesler

    I love the Matrix. I believe that the future of SEO is in research and software that does the crawling for you. Since we live in a busy virtual prison complex and most of us don’t have time to develop this software, I personally recommend researching, investigating your competitors and copying their success. Right click and view source sometimes gives you a general idea of their specific coding and what is working right now. There are tons of free tools available that can give you keyword ideas and help you to decide what you want to use. One of my favorites is called spyfu. I would say that if it takes you a long time figuring out what sells and what works, that is valuable time well spent and it minimizes the guess work.
    Thank you for your articles. Are you in business to make money, or are you in business to reinvent the wheel?