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  • http://smallbusinesstalent.com/ Stephen Lahey

    This may be the best advice I’ve seen relating to blogging. Very smart!

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  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    Very good advice Pratik. #1 is so true. These days people think it’s all about social media in the way they use to think it was all about SEO. A couple changes from Google and businesses went under. If someone is depending on social media the same way history is bound to repeat itself. I also agree that you have to find what makes your blog unique to you. There’s too many clones out there.

  • Elizabeth Hall

    I agree with all your points especially #3 in regards to links. I believe people start blogs because they feel that it will instantly bring traffic to their sites. I learned very early that you need to dig deep to focus on your brands objectives and strategically use the blog, as you said to grow email list.

  • http://sksmith.wordpress.com Sherman Smith

    Hey Jeff,

    Let me tip my hat off to you.This has gotten to be the best advice I’ve gotten in a long time in regards to blogging. The email advice that you given too me 3 years to figure out, but I’m glad that I did! But yes, i believe no one should sleep on these tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • creradio

    This is good content but I am not too thrilled with the audio podcast which is a reading of the content. Very boring. It would be better to interview Jeff on the topic and have a discussion…..hint, Jeff. Get in touch with me and we can talk about it creating both a video and audio blog discussing the content.

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  • http://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/ Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Pratik,

    Keen insight here, especially the USP. I launched a new blog yesterday and I drilled down again and again to make my USP, Unique. Super important to do this, to find a core group of people who will eat up whatever you have to offer.

    I’d add that being motivated by lack and limitation instead of abundance is the chief mindset failure that influences bloggers to make these mistakes. I’ve been down the road many times and finally seem to have shaken the: I don’t have enough readers/sales/backlinks/social shares…etc, etc….feeling, because now I’m focused on feeling abundant, blessed and full.

    When I feel full and happy, and grateful, I target my creative energies on making friends with leaders in my niche – blogger outreach – and of course, reaching people who are keen on retiring to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. Any employee who craves being an entrepreneur, or travel blogger who wants a steady income stream through blogging, or successful blogger who wants to island hop more, or struggling blogger who wants to become a pro, is my guy or gal.

    The social point is smart. Social media is quite awesome for building connections, and making friends, and growing your network. Definitely work social sites aggressively. But make it easy for folks to get your latest posts emailed to them. Email is the most convenient, preferred medium for getting content quickly, so appeal to the needs of most online users.

    Thanks Pratik, well said. I’ll tweet this one in bit.


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  • Aamir Malik

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