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  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    Great research Kelsey. Have you or your company used this information with any of your content? Has it helped?

    • http://www.Frac.tl Kelsey Libert

      Glad you enjoyed it, Kimanzi! Yes, we’ve implemented our research across our creative, design and promotions teams. We have a high batting average when it comes to successful campaign execution — you can see what has been working for us in our portfolio.

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  • http://www.bloggingfromparadise.com/ Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Kelsey.

    I agree with Kimanzi. Awesome breakdown here. #5 resonates with me.

    People buy into campaigns which move them. The moving part of things requires people to create inspiring content. The negative news does this quite well, as you note, but to really see lasting success and generate good karma I’d rather go the positive route.

    Viral campaigns seem to be that much more powerful if they’re built on an emotionally-charged, positive story.

    As for the pitch thing, here’s an easy way to do it; make friends. After making friends, and building bonds, and promoting folks, and doing whatever you can to help others, you can pitch freely and your pitches answered ratio will go through the roof.

    So many marketers pitch and so few do outreach. The select few who do outreach always seem to nail down prospering collaborative opportunities, because they sowed the seeds that lead up to successful partnerships.

    As noted, folks just don’t dig pitching much whether on social or other channels. But, if you’re not just trying to get something from someone, by building relationships with others, and helping them freely without looking for anything in return, then you’re on to something.

    Thanks for the share Kelsey.

    Tweeting in a bit.


    • http://www.Frac.tl Kelsey Libert

      Hi Ryan,

      I appreciate your in depth feedback! :)

      “#5. Emotional Stories” is one of my favorites, too. Surprise is actually the lynchpin for viral content; whether you go negative or positive, you want to incorporate surprise into your campaigns.

      As far as “outreach vs. pitching” goes, I 100% agree that building mutually beneficial relationships should be at the forefront of your agenda when reaching out to anyone you intend to do business with.

      I once took 5 minutes to look up the social media accounts of a head technology writer, and I found out through his Facebook page that he owned two labs. When I went to reach out, I made my subject line, “I See Your Black Lab, Todd, and Raise You My Chocolate Lab.” In my intro I went on to explain how I had grown up with a lab, and recently adopted another one. The writer’s response: “Great dogs. And I appreciate you taking an effort to break out of the pack of the 100 or so pitches I receive every day.”

      My point is that it doesn’t always take weeks of relationship building, sometimes just a few minutes to show you’re a genuine person means a world of difference.

  • http://bit.ly/1mNOwaV L. D. Clark

    Phenomenal research! I haven’t seen such a comprehensive list before. Very informative. Thanks for the helpful tips ❤

    ~Published Author of COMATIC and VOTED MOST LIKELY

    • http://www.Frac.tl Kelsey Libert

      Glad you enjoyed the research!

  • Paul Gigliano

    Awesome article! I think something all businesses should have in their marketing strategies is blogging. I’ve had success with creating content involving people with a following in the same niche. For example “Top Ten Most Inspirational Bloggers” then contacting the person and let them know they’re featured. Usually they will share your article and it’s a great way to send huge amounts of traffic!

    Blogging is HUGE! You just have to know how to tap into it correctly. I started a blog in the “cooking” niche which is my passion less than 6 months ago. I’ll admit, my first couple months we’re definately a struggle. Luckily I found a “blogging success” blueprint so to speak, and ever since then, I’ve been averaging $200+ per day..and that’s without any of my own products. All through affiliate sales.

    For anybody interested in the blueprint, you can find it here: http://bit.ly/1l94We5

    Once again, great article! I’ll be subscribing for more!

  • http://www.kingged.com/ Sunday

    I guess we all can be inspired about many different ways of creating contents that may go viral. The research on this post is in-depth and it is important we learn more from the details shared!

    I have always know that creating viral contents can be achieved when there is emotional, easy to use, limited words, and compelling features on the content!

    Its pretty revealing that this post addressed viral campaigns tactics that should be employed by content marketers!

    I upvoted this post in kingged where it was shared for online marketers and bloggers.

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  • juanda Calloway

    Excellent. Thanks for providing this information.

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  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Thanks Nilantha for that treat insight about viral and Neetzan :)