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How to Nail Your Next Video Script (Plus 3 Mistakes to Avoid)

Facebook have caught on. With over 1 billion users they know how we consume content better than anyone. And video matters. Video matters so much […]

Five People Rocking Vine with Great Video Content

Vine, the Twitter-owned ‘Instagram of video’ application that allows users to capture short, six-second long videos and stop-frame animations, has opened up a whole new […]

The Facts and Figures on YouTube in 2013 – Infographic

Online video has gone from zero to a staggering 800 million monthly visitors and 4 billion hours of video viewed per month. And that is […]

How to Use Online Video to Enhance your Brand

The rise of social media and social networking sites has created new arenas within which brands are competing for the attention of audiences. We are […]

3 Reasons Why YouTube Videos go Viral

YouTube is seen by many aspiring musicians, potential movie stars and wannabes as the online portal to fame and riches. This is not without precedent, as the […]

10 Things You May Not Know About YouTube

In my last post I mentioned that the social media ‘verse is full of some best kept secrets. YouTube is one of them. This Time […]

6 Simple Mistakes to Avoid when Creating an Online Video

Video blogging isn’t for everyone. You need to have the right equipment, commitment and passion. The correct equipment means lights, cameras and then its action […]

How Your Brand Can Become a YouTube Celebrity

If you’re a business owner and have watched popular YouTube videos, you’ve undoubtedly wondered: how can I get my brand seen by millions of YouTubers? […]

Online Video For Business: Don’t Ignore It Your Competitors Aren’t

I have realized the importance of online video now for about 18 months after joining YouTube on September 28, 2009 and this year I have […]

The Lazy Way To Make Awesome Online Videos That Increase Sales

Online video has become mainstream, it wasn’t a decade ago. I remember drawing up a business plan and having meetings with the major distributors of […]