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The Dan Bilzerian School Of Instagram – Build A Following Without Guns, Girls and Cats

The Dan Bilzerian School Of Instagram - Build A Following Without Guns, Girls and Cats

Welcome to your first lesson, I am grateful that you have made the decision to join The Dan Bilzerian School Of Instagram.

To learn how to get more followers in Instagram, let’s go back in time to the emergence of The King Of Instagram:

Dan Bilzerian - Original photo for Instagram

This is the image that brought Dan Bilzerian to the attention of the world.

Yes, she is stroking his beard as he looks on with an intense focus.

And though it seems that this moment was captured by chance…

His success on Instagram is far from fortunate.

He is a marketing genius

…(or at least someone in his social media marketing team is).

In this class, we will study and learn 5 lessons from the King Of Instagram, which if followed diligently, will enable you to skyrocket your follower growth, without guns, girls and cats.

As you move through the lessons, I would urge you to consider how you would be able to apply each of them to your profile, this will help to internalise each concept.

1. Be remarkable


Packed up, stopping in Chicago for a couple days before NYC

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

You know when you are scrolling through your Instagram feed and doze off because you’ve already seen enough pictures of breakfast, sunsets and latte’s?

I believe there are certain Instagram images that now just fade into the background, including those listed above.

Now, let’s rewind, you are scrolling through the “Top” section one morning and the image above from Mr Bilzerian arrives…


He has you.

Another follower to add to the 13.6m.

My favourite definition of the word remarkable is:

Worthy of making a remark about.

So each time you open Instagram and go to make a new post, ask yourself the question…

“Would someone make a remark about this?”

For a more comprehensive guide to being remarkable, I will happily refer you to Seth Godin.

2. Be consistent


A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

To make it easy for your followers to understand your Instagram presence and more importantly share your profile with their friends, it is important to maintain consistency on three different levels:


From Dan’s profile picture, to images, to captions; he has a very clear tone of voice and visual style, which has remained consistent over the multiple years that he has been posting.

Posting schedule

When following Dan Bilzerian you know to expect around 5 posts per week, no more, no less.

You will haemorrhage followers if you take a 2-month vacation from Instagram.

Therefore, if you do plan to go and live on a remote island for an extended period of time, Hootsuite have now integrated with Instagram to allow you to schedule your posts, there are no excuses.


Dan Bilzerian posts about guns, girls, money and cats, I know that.

So when my friend asks about him I know what to say.

I follow another person on Instagram that posts pictures of their friends, breakfast and dog, when my friends ask about them; I don’t know what to say.

You will be able to facilitate word of mouth through consistent content, thus fuelling the growth of your audience.

3. Utilize hashtags

Whether you make up your own or just jump onto a trending hashtag, they provide routes to new exposure.

I’m sure The King Of Instagram picked up quite a few new wildlife enthusiast followers through leveraging the #WorldLionDay hashtag.

Furthermore, it is important to be aware of your brand and who you are targeting when creating or assessing hashtags to use, as this will define the types of potential followers you will be exposed to.

For bonus marks, you can create a hashtag of your own. I would recommend something short and memorable that incorporates part or all of your Instagram extension (unlike Dan’s attempt above). Then once confirmed, add to every image or video you post and encourage/incentivise your audience to use it.

4. Mention people

Night mission back to LA w @lindseypelas @khloe.terae @liverichmedia A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

You will not build your audience by mentioning people (directly).

However, every time you do mention someone below your image, you are creating goodwill with that person, and Robert Cialdini’s work on reciprocity states that:

“If you do something for someone else, they feel a need to return the favour.” 

And when people DO return the favour and mention you below their images, you will build your audience.

And when, like Dan, you are mentioning super models with upwards of 1m followers, growth can be drastic.

5. Have fun

Shooting drones, because it’s Sunday and this is America

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

A lesson for Instagram that can also be extended broadly to life…

It is clear that Dan Bilzerian is having a lot of fun on his Instagram profile. It shows his following, a much anticipated window into his world.

Instead of doing awesome things with your personal brand or business in order to take Instagram photo’s.

You should do awesome things with your personal brand or business regardless…

… and then take awesome Instagram photo’s.

In summary, you have the keys…

And if you have reviewed each of the above lessons and thought about how they could apply to your business, there is just one more task required for your graduation from The Dan Bilzerian School Of Instagram:


Once you have internalised one or more of the lessons above, we require you to post a link to the Instagram image in the comments below. I will then personally go through and mark each image out of 10 whilst providing constructive feedback.

We thank you for your attention, and wish you the best of luck as you move out into the world to start sharing your remarkable and consistent images, just like the King Of Instagram himself: Dan Bilzerian.

Guest Author: Tom is the Founder of Virtual Valley, a platform that connects Entrepreneurs and Rockstar Virtual Assistants with the mission of giving Entrepreneurs back 1 million hours of their time by 2018. Tom writes about how to grow your virtual business on the Virtual Valley Blog and gives free one on one marketing advice to EVERYONE that signs up here.

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  • Erkut Doru

    Great article. It so true Dan Bilzerian picks up followers like a man covered in sticky tape through a cotton field, hah. Great post Tom

  • geojolly12

    Instagram marketing, i guess it should been more specific Tom , because these gives a vague of presentation and posting (it have returns for sure).

  • Thanks for this article. I think I’m being consistent and I always use hashtags. Anyhow I’m still trying to figure out how to really grow my following…
    You can have a look at my last picture here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BBakmMKCxB3

    Your feedback would be much appreciated 🙂

  • OK, so all I need now is to redistribute my marketing budget to cover the expenses of a lion (or a goat), naked super models, firearms, private jets and luxury houses. Sounds doable.

    All jokes aside, I think Dan Bilzerian is a horrible example of Instagram marketing… your ideas for Instagram marketing are OK, but they lose credibility when you put them in the same sentence with Dan Bilzerian:

    – “be remarkable” – if this is what remarkable means, I’d rather be boring AF. When I see Bilzerian in my newsfeed I just wonder how it’s possible for a person to WASTE so much money for no reason. But I’m not the reference audience. Scroll through Dan’s Instagram & Facebook comments and you’ll see just how much people loathe his display of debauchery & lechery. Even if you follow Dan, you won’t do it because he has something genuinely valuable to offer or because you want to buy something from him. You do it because he is shocking.
    – For the law of reciprocity to work you have to offer something valuable. Dan has 20million followers, so he’s doing a favor to super-models. Furthermore, he takes these super-models with him in luxury locations and PAYS FOR EVERYTHING. Is this something a small business can offer, really?
    – Yes, people want a window into Dan’s life, because his decadent lifestyle is something we all secretly wish for. Who wouldn’t want a horde of gorgeous women that walk naked around the house? Who wouldn’t want to go yachting every day or buy the most expensive fire-arms?

    It feels to me that you just wanted to get a shocking topic approved for your article, so you chose the most shocking person on social media. You didn’t share any “secret sauce” or never-before-heard-of strategy for Instagram marketing that makes Dan so successful. It’s ironic how boring and overused your tips are when you look at the person they are associated with.