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10 Key Strategies For Inbound Social and Search Marketing

In over 20 years in sales and marketing I have made many cold calls. Over the last 12 months I have not made one cold phone call or bought any expensive mass media marketing,  yet sales have increased and business is much more fun. Isn’t there a better use of your time and money?  Think of how your life might change if you were calling only on prospects who actually want to buy from you. A lot of  companies still have not realized it’s a digital world and the marketing rules are changing. So how would you optimise your companys digital presence to get found online and drive inbound enquiry for new customers and not have to cold call again or buy expensive mass media.

Here are 10 key strategies to drive traffic to your website, ecommerce site, enquiries to your email inbox and make your phone start ringing.

If you prefer to read this in text format pop over to my  blog post where I discuss this in more detail.

So do you think you could use some of these 1o strategies?

Top Trending Social Media Tools (September 2020)

Top Time-Saving Tools

#1 AgoraPulse - Manage Social Media

Top Instagram Growth Tools

#1 Kicksta - Grow on Instagram
#2 HashTagsForLikes - Grow on Instagram

Top Twitter Growth Tools

#1 TweSocial - Grow on Twitter

Top TikTok Growth Tools

#1 TokUpgrade - Grow on TikTok
#2 HashTagsForLikes - Grow on TikTok
#3 TokSocial - Grow on TikTok