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10 Reasons Why Ducks Just Don’t Get Social Media

Ducks are interesting creatures, they just hang out at the same pond every day just being ducks. They don’t have laptops or an iPhone. They have no idea what Google is and they haven’t heard of Facebook or Twitter. Friending another duck ( or drake.. depending on your preference) is more to do with making ducklings than counting their latest friend count on Facebook. Tweeting to them, is for the birds. Their social circle is just the same gang day in day out with no motivation for extending their duck network of influence.

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Ducks and Social Media 6

They don’t want to get to know ducks on the other side of the world or go to conferences about how to quack better and faster. In fact ducks just don’t care about anything that we humans seem to be fascinated by such as the latest gadget, iPhone app or Twitter followers.

YouTube might be interesting to a duck if it provided online tutorials on how to fly lower and faster during the hunting season and how to get to a safe haven like Bermuda, but maybe not. Generally they just want to paddle from one side of the pond to the other to get a piece of bread from their latest favourite human friend.

Blogging is tough for a duck as being a thought leader just isn’t going to cut it in duckland. Ducks are more interested in preening than blogging.  LinkedIn just doesn’t provide a duck with enough reasons to connect, as ducks are not interested in networking as it just seems to be so much work.

So… Why don’t ducks get social media?

  1. It’s nearly impossible to type with webbed feet
  2. Computers just don’t like water
  3. Broadband access isn’t available in ponds.. yet!
  4. Frankly, it all seems to be so much hard work maintaining all those updates
  5. Quacking comes naturally, tweeting is for other birds
  6. Blogging each night is just too much with ducklings to feed
  7. Stumbleupon is more to do with a slippery pond
  8. Delicious sounds like  a good worm treat
  9. Blogging is just too confusing
  10. Social media mobile apps for ducks just aren’t popular, so no one is developing them

What has this story to do with social media?.. nothing, but ducks can show us a thing or two about just taking each minute, each hour and each day as it comes. As an ancient book said

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Have a great day. Ducks know how to do that. Do you?

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