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10 Things To Do When Skype is Down

Skype is down and you don’t know what to do because you have ditched the land line and the carrier pigeons have been retired. 10 Things To Do When Skype Is Down 1

So how do you communicate when Skype has ceased to function?

  1. Call your mother on your neighbour’s  land line
  2. Call the bank on your neighbour’s land line to raise your credit card limit to pay for the telephone bill
  3. Use MSN
  4. Reactivate your email account
  5. Start a fire so you can commence your smoke signal school training
  6. Catch the plane to the conference and actually attend the workshops in person
  7. Call the bank again on the land line to increase your credit card limit so you can afford to pay for the conference and the airfare and the accomodation
  8. Record a video and upload to YouTube and then send the link via email
  9. Contact Facebook to ask them to quickly implement a Skype like feature
  10. Bring your carrier pigeons out of retirement and spring them from their pens and attach a message
  11. Bonus point: Panic !!

I hope Skype is back up soon.

This post was inspired by Dale O’Donnell.. sorry Dale, I could only come up with 10. Feel free to add some more in the comments

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