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11 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Millennials Reading Your Blog

Millennials on their phones

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Who are millennials and why should you care about them?

Millennials were born between 1980 and the early 2000’s. They are heavy media consumers with multi-screen habits and a desire to connect on social media.

In the US alone millennials have $1.3 trillion in annual buying power.

So they are kind of important when you are marketing your brand online – especially your blog.

But you are competing with over 5,000 marketing messages every day. All for what – a couple of likes, or favorites?

Perhaps it’s more than that.

Finding where millennials are is easy. They are online, they are consuming content, and they are reading your blogs.

But if they are exposed to thousands of other messages a day, if they have varied interests and diverse backgrounds; how do you win them over and turn them into loyal customers?

Here’s 11 sure-fire ways to target millennials using one of their most trusted sources, blogs:

1. Segment your posts

Blog segmentation image upworthy

Photo Source: Upworthy

Never think that the millennial market can be segmented by age alone. After all, even the age bracket for millennials is debatable.

For example if you publish a blog with 20-25 year old females as your target market – you are being too vague. No 25 year old is the same.

Finding the ideal market for your content requires being very specific. For example, if you are selling lipstick, it should cater to an age group of working single women who love casual fashion and find Jennifer Lawrence adorable.

Proper audience segmentation allows you to deliver your message where it matters most.

2. Make it relevant

Millennials relevance image

Photo Source: Mashable

What is the point of consuming content that does not mean anything to you?

Your content must be relevant to at least three factors: age, location, and cultural interests.

3. Go for practical value

Practical blogging value - millennials

Photo Source: Lifehack

“Four ways you are wearing your knee-high boots wrong” or “The only five movies you should see this summer” – these are sample headlines that have practical value for your readers.

Aside from relevance, make sure your content is also helpful. Create something that can actually make living their lives easier. Help them succeed with how-tos, life hacks, and other content experience that can teach them something new.

4. Rock their emotions

Array of photos for millennials emotions

Photo Source: Mashable

Millennials are emotional.

If your blog can rock their emotions, they will feel obliged to share it. It is emotions that make content go viral.

There are at least three emotions linked to viral content: positive, negative, and surprised.

So when generating blog ideas think about – amusement, happiness, excitement, affection, hope, anger, anxiety, anticipation, and reveal.

5. Mind your length

Seth Godin - short length blogs

Photo Source: Seth Godin

Millennials are not only exposed to several options, they are also incredibly impatient. They lose interest quickly.

So if you want to say something, say it quick and say it well. 41% of millennials have no patience for content that is too long. So if you are producing articles or videos in your blogs, short and sweet is the way to go.

Bite-size information such as lists work because they tell a story in one sentence.

6. Don’t underestimate videos

Videos matter for millennials

Photo Source: Buzzfeed

Remember what we said about multi-screen habits of millennials. Today’s generation is highly visual, which means that even if it may take more effort from you, you should consider producing short videos.

A study by the New York Times reports that 34% of millennials watch more videos online than TV. 50% also watch a video online at least once a day.

Let this be a guide when you publish blogs.

7. Go social

Kit Kat social visual

Photo Source: Kit Kat

Social media is the top activity of millennials.

A new global study by software and services provider SDL found that if you want to reach millennials, you have to go social. Social media ranks alongside search engines when it comes to content discovery and is said that if you want to gain trust and build relationships with millennials, you must first do it on social media.

Always link your blog to your social media account for a greater chance at discovery and awareness.

8. Hashtag your way to success

Mcdonalds hashtag image

Photo Source: Twitter, Mcdonalds Philippines

Everything seems to come with a hashtag, and millennials are crazy about them.

Provide a hashtag for your blog content or campaign. This will make sharing and mentioning it cooler and also relevant.

Hashtags give a sense of community and a common purpose, two things that matter to millennials.

9. Fuel their creativity

 Screenshot for millennials creativity

Photo Source: Propelrr Blog

Blogs should not be just words.

Capture your readers’ attention with mash-ups, smart and funny memes, and other artistic installations.

In other words, make it easier for them to share your content with creative efforts tailored to fit your brand’s attributes.

10. Give them a good deal

Lipstick deal for millennials

Photo Source: Shopify

Just like most people, millennials have preference for brands they grew up with. However, a study quoted by speaker and author Ryan Jenkins claims that 56% are willing to switch in favor a good deal.

This is good news for new marketers. When you create a blog, you can link it up to a landing page that offers a deal. This may include exclusive discounts, vouchers, and other trade-offs.

11. Help them escape and dream

Ski image for millennials dream

Photo Source: The North Face

Give the millennials a glimpse of the good life. They like stuff like that.

In your blog, show how your brand can make their lives better. Inspire them and help them find happiness.


Millennials don’t remember a world where the internet wasn’t around.

Social media, blogs, company websites, apps, and online reviews are their primary source for making a purchase decision, booking a hotel, trying out a new restaurant, buying new technology, etc.

This just goes to show that for digital marketing efforts to be successful, companies have to create blog content that strikes a chord with millennials.

This elusive generation may be complicated – but it is worth figuring them out.

Guest Author: Kimbery Grimms is a Social Media Today writer. She writes about business, marketing and everything digital. Follow her @kimberlygrimms

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