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21 Awesome Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics for 2013

Social media networks were a novelty 5 years ago and today they are no longer debated around the dinner party table.21 Awesome Social Media Facts Figures and Statistics for 2013

The conversation has moved on.

Facebook is now part of most people’s web lives, Twitter is where a lot of people are reading the breaking news and if you want to be entertained then just dial into YouTube.

Despite it’s minimal mindshare, media profile and awareness Google+ has woven its way into our consciousness and is now the second largest social network.

As if these social networks aren’t enough to distract us. We also now have Pinterest and Instagram to add to the online temptations.

The social web is the modern version of Alice in Wonderland, where we are following not one but many rabbits down innumerable rabbit holes.

What are 2 key factors driving the social web in 2013?

According to a GlobalWebIndex study it is:

  1. Mobile – with the number of people accessing the internet via a mobile phone increasing by 60.3% to 818.4 million in the last 2 years.
  2. Older users adoption – On Twitter the 55-64 year age bracket is the fastest growing demographic with 79% growth rate since 2012. The fastest growing demographic on Facebook’s and Google+’s networks are the 45 to 54 year age bracket at 46% and 56% respectively.

These 2 key factors are keeping the social web bubbling along. So maybe the reason your grandparents aren’t turning up to that dinner party is that they have now discovered Facebook and Twitter!

So let’s look at some of the social media usage statistics, facts and figures for each of the major networks.


Facebook continues to grow and work out how to make money from its ads and mobile users.

Here are the latest facts and figures from its earnings call for the first quarter of 2013

  • Daily active users have reached 665 million
  • Monthly active users have passed 1.1 billion for the first time
  • 751 million mobile users access Facebook every month
  • Mobile only active users total 189 million
  • Mobile now generates 30% of its ad revenue up from 23% at the end of 2012


Twitter is the fastest growing social network in the world by active users according to a GlobalWebIndex Study.

So how does that translate into hard numbers?

  • 44% growth from  June 2012 to March 2013
  • 288 million monthly active users
  • That means that 21% of the world’s internet population are using Twitter every month
  • Over 500 million registered accounts
  • Twitter’s fastest growing age demographic is 55 to 64 year olds, registering an increase in active users of 79%


When you wanted to watch a video it used to be VCR, then it became a  DVD player, then we moved onto cable networks and now it is YouTube.

These numbers from YouTube’s own blog put some perspective on it penetration into our culture and time.

  • 1 billion unique monthly visitors
  • 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month
  • This means that 50% more hours of video are watched in March 2013 compared to last August when it was 4 billion hours a month and last May when it was 3 billion.
  • YouTube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18-34 than any cable network


Google+ is making an impact on the social media universe and is now the second largest social network.

What are some of the numbers on Google’s social network built to protect it from Facebook’s growth and data capture to ensure it remains relevant?

It is Google’s social layer that enhances it’s other online assets.

  • 359 million monthly active users according to a GlobalWebIndex study
  • Its active users base grew by 33% from June 2012 through to March 2013


The largest professional business network on the planet continues to grow but not at the pace of Twitter or Google+

Here are some numbers from Visual.ly.

  • Over 200 million users
  • 2 new users join it every second
  • 64% of users are outside the USA

So what numbers surprise you?

You have glanced over the numbers. What has surprised you or is it all a big yawn?

Was it the mobile stats, the increasing use of social networks by 55 year olds or was it YouTube’s relentless rise.

Look forward to your feedback in the comments below.


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  • I think the 1 billion users on YouTube is staggering.

    • What is interesting about that is that it is “unique” visitors not just 1 billion visits.

  • 2 new users on LinkedIn every second – pretty mind blowing!!

  • Thanks Jeff – I’ve been looking for an easy to read update on this info – thanks for the work and sharing it with us

  • Jeff Sieh

    What I find intriguing is the older user demographic. I wonder how that will change the marketing landscape in the near future? I’d also like to see how those older users are embracing mobile.

    • Thanks for the questions and maybe someone has some insights and answers they would like to share on those?

  • Google + is a conundrum as the it doesn’t seem to be many people that I know on it or use it much.
    But statistics can be used in a variety of ways and Danny Sullivan has some ideas on why that is so. He believes that active Google users are counted as those that use Google+ enhanced products. Read more here.

  • Holly Ritchie

    I’m shocked that older generations are using twitter. Also, I thought the LinkedIn new users would be a lot more. 2 per second doesn’t seem like that many.

    • Twitter is getting traction. People are finally getting it!

      • I cant wait for New Zealand to catch up and start using Twitter!

  • Facebook is gaining most of its new users in other countries apart from the USA, Australia. UK etc and the older demographic

  • Thanks for the comment Miss Pearl. Using it is the only way to learn!

  • The Google+ numbers could be rubbery as they include Google+ enhanced platforms and I mentioned Danny Sullivan’ insights about this in one of the other comments. I have also heard that Google includes interactions from Gmail in the numbers because of the red button in the top right corner!

  • Maybe Instagram! 🙂

  • Thanks for the comment. Yes, I also found the figures on the older demographic quite an insight when I was doing the research

  • Awesome…I will have to check it out..Thanks 🙂

  • The exciting thing is that it has really only just started.

  • Vamsi Mohan

    Youtube!! is going to lead the race, as we see the visitor shifting from content to watching videos

  • Joana Ferreira

    The figures really don’t surprise me although I’m astonished that Facebook is still growing- to be honest I use it as little as possible now as it’s just filled with ads- especially the mobile version- more ads than friends’ posts! Google+ is the place to be at the moment, people still seem to have a hard time figuring it out but I think once they do, they’ll realise that it’s a much better platform for learning and communicating- especially for business owners.

    • NVM

      I disagree. G+ is not the place to be at the moment – it is in South America and India since Orkut was acquired and integrated as G+. But in NA and Europe there’s data to show it’s “adoption” if you like by users has been very slow.

  • Joana Ferreira

    The figures really don’t surprise me although I’m astonished that Facebook is still growing- to be honest I use it as little as possible now as it’s just filled with ads- especially the mobile version- more ads than friends’ posts! Google+ is the place to be at the moment, people still seem to have a hard time figuring it out but I think once they do, they’ll realise that it’s a much better platform for learning and communicating- especially for business owners.

  • Tom H

    Google+, the second largest social network but how many shares does this article have compared to other social networks? When writing at 13.38, 7/5/13 Google+ had 0, FB had 303, Twitter 1198 and LinkedIn 314. People may be registered on Google+ but from this wholly unscientific poll, it’s not used much. http://wp.me/2U31n

    • Jeff’s reach isn’t as strong on G+ as it is on Twitter and LI? Just a thought.

  • Narda Merin

    Just as i thought, this is terrific news. Now I know why these social media are the best tools from and for promoting your goods and services without spending too much money just to be successful.

  • Kate Reck

    I’m startled by the surprise that “older generation” users is a growht area, but I take exception to that. While many 50+ may find social media a bit off-putting at first, it’s a great ground for interaction especially for elderly (I’m talking 80 and up) to keep in touch with family who are spread across the country. They may have a few struggles in learning what seems intuitive to younger crowds, but they are learning! For businesses, this could prove to be a boon – a new audience with probably the highest personal income levels in the country.

    I’m 57 and use most of the platforms daily in my professional and personal life (FB, Twitter, G+, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest). I’m not much into Instagram primarily because I don’t have a smart phone. I’m always startled by younger individuals being surprised by my use of social media – it’s a tool, pure and simple. It allows us to communicate. Granted, in in ways that are a lot faster and often more fun, but it still delivers information. Besides, I’m grew up being told I’d live in space, talk via videophone and have a flying car – I’m just glad things are finally getting here.

    • That is great Kate 🙂

    • It’s true! It actually makes sense to get the aging population mobile and on social networks. The days of the isolated lonely senior are hopefully gone.

  • Hello Everyone – Very interesting facts about the grow of Social Media on society today. Our awareness and interacting with each other over the past 10 years has changed, the way we think, and sometimes how we act towards others, it gives people the opportunities to express their talents, and also beliefs. Once we had penfriends, now we have social networking… One of the best sayings I heard when out and about, as they say…was when someone said, ” What did we all do before social networking? Did we all walk around, with this stuff in our heads.!”, to me, that what sums up social networking today, and why the growth of networks, old and new will continue. It’s mans desire to learn, and move forward..welcome to a new age.

    CEO @Heart_of_a_city & @Darkskypark .. Alastair

  • Jeff,
    Thanks for the stats. I am working on an MBA now, and I am thankful that you are able to share the social media stats for marketing!

  • Question really is does all this social media and the influx of the “older generation” increase the sales for your business? For other commercial photographers | filmmakers I’d be curious. Speaking for my own personal experience the answer is NO.

  • Elisha Bradrick

    The older age demographic surprises me. Great information to add to my sales presentations!

  • Anna Pham

    I thought Facebook should be the fastest growing since it is far more popular than twitter in many countries. However, such a great post as usual. Thanks Jeff

  • liveontheedge13

    None of these stats really surprise me. With the rise of smartphone and tablet usage by all age groups, it’s no surprise that social networking is also on the rise – in a big way. Social networking has changed how we communicate with each other and with businesses. Great post!

  • Hey Kyle
    Thanks for the passionate comment. It seems you love Google+.
    That is awesome. It works for you.
    What is great about social media is that there are networks for everyone. I think your comment smells a bit like social network racism.
    I think you need to take a deep breath and let people enjoy their social network(s) of preference.
    Jeff 🙂

  • Twitter the fastest growing? That is a bit misleading…considering all the people with multiple accounts and the 10’s of millions of Fake accounts and inactive users. Just check Justin Bieber’s account http://fakers.statuspeople.com/ he has over 10 million fakes and inactives just by himself.

  • Jeff, I was surprised to see the age group older for the Twitter demographic. I’d love to know more on the 70+ age group on the social networks too. Many grandparents sign up to keep up with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. My 85 year old mom just got a tablet and is really embracing the technology and is on Facebook more now than before. (I may just get her on Twitter yet 🙂

  • NVM

    Personally, the most interesting is Google+ as it’ll be curious to see what’ll happen in the future. This growth is mostly driven by South American and Asian countries (particularly India) where Orkut was massive before being integrated into G+.

    It’ll be interesting to see whether NA and other European countries will start adopting G+ or instead SA and Asian countries will make a bigger shift towards Facebook.

  • YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world. I consider it also the largest search engine for videos. Every business owners and marketer should not ignore the power of video marketing. Besides, your videos on YouTube can also be promoted and be viral on other social media like Facebook. That’s integrated online marketing.

  • Spook SEO

    Instagram is still not a big hit when this article came out but today,
    it is already creating a name for itself. Its growth rate could beat Google’s
    social networking site if the website can focus on more gimmickry. With more
    and more people acquiring smartphones, this would not be hard to reach.

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    I am always amazed at how much there is to know and learn and how fast it is all changing – when I went to write my book last year Making Money with Rental Properties I noticed an earlier edition less than 10 years old said email was not an essential tool – thanks I will be back to read more