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27 Must Attend Marketing Events for 2013

Social networking is the easiest way to connect without leaping onto a plane, train or automobile. On Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter you can connect via the virtual world of social media that is time saving and cost efficient.26 Must Attend Marketing Events for 2013

If you want to get real and supercharge your networks then sometimes you have to make that extra effort to attend conferences where the movers and shakers are hanging out and speaking.

It is the face to face contact that can often help you connect that opens up a world of opportunities that can take your business and marketing to the next level.

In 2013 there are a multitude of events that include conferences on social media, search engine strategies, content marketing, email, affiliate marketing and much more that can facilitate relationships, educate and provide insights into your industry.

This year I will be attending the Social Media Marketing World in San Diego and I am looking forward to catching up with many people that I know via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Must Attend Marketing Events for 2013

Here are a list of events worth considering attending for 2013.

San Francisco

Las Vegas

New York

San Diego


 30 Must Attend Marketing Events

To view the full interactive infographic visit Marketo.com





Palm Desert

Los Angeles



What About You?

So which one are you attending? Have you been to any of these in the past and what were your experiences?

I look forward to seeing you in San Diego at the “Social Media Marketing World




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  • Kate Dreyer

    Great list – Do you know of a list of events and conferences in London?

    • Maybe I should put one together for Europe!

      • Sounds like a great idea for those of us on that side of the pond.

  • MrTonyDowling

    Hi Kate – I think I can help – We did the ‘Oiconf’ last year in South Wales, starring Mark Schaefer of Tao of Twitter fame, and its back this year in Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

    Mark is back but the big news is that we’ll also have a certain Mari Smith headlining! details here http://wp.me/p1U7hX-vK


    Jeff, its my ambition to put you and Mark together on a continental Europe or even a Pacific Rim tour!

    • Mark is a good friend and it sounds like a lot of “fun” to me!!

  • Rodolfo Mercader

    I think MozCon in Seattle is “must attend” event.

  • Brian Swanick

    Hey Jeff, seems like the email evolution conference has an updated landning page for 2013, the current link directs an older page. Emailevolution.org looks like the new one. thanks for the list!

    • Thanks for that, I will update that link. 🙂

  • Michael – you are welcome and look forward to catching up in San Diego !!

  • Maybe I need to create a global list. That might go into the triple figures!!

  • You are welcome Jason. Look forward to catching up in person in 2013 !!

  • I can’t believe this was missing Social Slam. One of the top 5 social media events in America. April 5 in Knoxville TN and tickets are only $89!!! http://www.soslam.com

    • Jeff Bullas

      Thanks Mark for letting me know. We are about to put Social Slam on this agenda map!! 🙂

  • Ryan Glass

    No Mozcon or SearchLove; color me surprised.

  • Jene Leiner

    The HubSpot conference in Boston last year was great – going again this year!

  • What a shame, as an Australian, living in Australia to connect I WOULD have to get on a plane, a train and an automobile. 🙁
    Great content for those closer to event though, Jeff.
    Would you consider doing this list for Australia one day?