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3 Facebook Survey Tools You Will Love

 3 Facebook Survey Tools You Will Love

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. It’s hard to get through any internet focused blog without reading something about Facebook. It has become so common that refraining from using the company in articles has become a challenge and at the same time, a breath of fresh air.

We all have started to try to find other examples of sites and options for marketing that don’t include the social media giant. However, for surveys and understanding your customer base, nothing can beat Facebook.

We’re going to go through why Facebook is so necessary for a quality survey. We will also look at some interesting apps that will help you to reach your goal of a loyal audience and build your customer base.

The three major advantages of Facebook polling

1. Comprehensive metrics

Facebook is an undeniably huge database of information collected from millions of people, including your audience and potential customers. At times, people share much more about themselves than they probably should, and this is all stored on Facebook’s servers. Why does this matter?

It matters because this data can help you analyze your responses much better and with more detail than a classic poll. Many Facebook survey tools allow you to use the already available information to narrow down your respondents by:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender

They then use a scale to mix and match these demographics.

2. Easy to obtain a large number of respondents

I bet just about everyone you know has a Facebook profile. It is so integrated into our lives that the average smartphone user checks their Facebook 14 times a day. This means that there is already a large amount of active people who are readily available to take your survey. Facebook allows you to gain much more respondents in a much shorter amount of time than if you used classic survey methods.

3. Low cost

Small businesses, new businesses, and even large businesses need to cut costs where it makes sense. Traditional polling can be very expensive which often mitigates the final outcome of a survey. However, most Facebook polling solutions are very cheap and can offer more than enough information to make smart changes and to help generate more effective content.

3 Facebook survey tools

Facebook used to offer its own polling service but it has since been shut down as it was quite honestly useless. Sure, if you needed to make a painless poll to get an answer quick without having to analyze it, it worked.

However, most users needed to gather real data to achieve real goals, and so 3rd party applications started taking the lead. These three applications are some of the most popular and affordable ways for just about anyone to get actionable results from their survey.

#1. Cup.li

Cup.li is a great new tool for marketers because of the amount of options you have for analyzing and segmenting your data. Once you sign up for Cup.li, you will see the sheer amount of ways that it allows you to collect and utilize your respondent’s information.

Cup.li Tool for facebook Surveys

It offers:

  • 3 question types- Matrices, Open-Ended, and Close-Ended, plus private interviews Multiple Demographics- sort by gender, marital-status, age, and education
  • Analytics- mix and match demographics to pinpoint results and share
  • Real Time Monitoring- you can receive and analyze your data as it appears

Cup.li is designed for “deep market analysis” which allows for a very comprehensive look at your customer an audience base. It was developed with digital agencies and major brands in mind, because of Cup.li’s extensive analytical tools that allow you to isolate segments of your respondents and analyze each group individually, all together, or comparing multiple demographics. However, at the same time it is very user friendly with an intuitive user interface. I really like how the designers created this tool, because it allows novices to have access to the big boy toys.

#2. Polldaddy

Polldaddy has been a go to tool for marketers and internet stars alike.

PollDaddy Survey Tool

This is because it offers three tiers of accounts.

1. Free – this limited account is great for starting out and gives you all of the tools you need to start getting real data. Of course, as you get more experienced, it might make sense to upgrade so you can really take advantage of all the tools and analytics that are offered.

2. Pro– This account requires a yearly payment and is the middle of the road. You get your own custom url, enhanced security, 24/7 support and many more upgrades that can make your surveys more flexible and detailed.

3. Corporate– if you really need everything they’ve got, the corporate account is available, albeit for a price. However, you can export the results in many formats, 50k participant email invites/month, and 10 users can use this account.

The great thing about Polldaddy is the 30-day money back guarantee. I really liked this because of my problem where I always have to have the best thing out there, and then after I spring for it, I realize I really don’t need it. Polldaddy’s money back guarantee was really appreciated because it helped enable my habit while making sure I don’t have any bad symptoms.

Even if you can’t afford the corporate account, they all are unlimited in terms of the amount of surveys, polls and quizzes, and unlimited in the amount of data that can be collected. This makes it so that even the free version can be quite useful to real marketers and businesses.

#3. Poll

Poll is an old standby. It is the most widely used because of its simplicity and interface that looks like it is part of Facebook already. Kremsa, the company that created Poll, has been creating solutions for startups and businesses for years and integrate their app into Facebook very well.

Poll Survey App for Facebook

This app is really helpful for people just starting out because it offers:

  • Promotion- they can promote your poll to their 100,000+ user base
  • Flexibility- you can continue to edit and tweak your poll even after it is active
  • Photos- you can add photos to your poll to engage and help your respondents

This is a great option if you are just starting out and want to get your feet wet in the art of crafting questions and understanding your audience. Everyone knows Poll, and anyone getting into surveys has probably used it at one time or another, so if just some light polling is your thing, then its worth a look.

Survey tools are a cheap but effective tool

Whenever you are starting a business or trying to help one progress, you are going to spend money. This money may be in the form of time or cash, but nonetheless you won’t attain success for free. This is why I think it really is important for people to start taking advantage of these low-cost applications that will actually make a difference.

I say they are low-cost because they are easy to understand and use, they are cheap or free in terms of money, and the result of using them will be a tangible improvement that will increase worth. There are not too many things left in business that can do this.



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