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4 Reasons Why your Facebook Page Sucks

It has been one year since you launched your Facebook page and you still have a very low number of likes but most importantly none of your fans are talking about your brand.4 Reasons Why your Facebook Page Sucks

Before I move on, you need to understand that it takes time for your social media investment to realize any return; this is why I intentionally said, one year. Investing in social media, as in any other field, requires patience and long term thinking. Anything that is worthwhile takes time to build and growing tribes and followers on social networks and creating community takes focused effort.

One way to think of it is like building a house…”one brick at a time“. In the case of social media it is one piece of content at a time.

So, in other words, your Facebook page sucks and there are many out there that really do.

So, here are 4 reasons why your Facebook page sucks:

1. No social media strategy

What is the goal of your Facebook page? Get more likes? Increase brand awareness? Increase sales? Actually, it can consist of all these goals; however, you need to be very clear. This will help you determine the tools and tactics you need to use in order to achieve your goals. Do not just launch a Facebook page because your competitors have one. A key factor to a successful social media strategy is having the right resources available, so make sure you have everything you need to make things happen.

2. No updated content

Make no mistake here, the only reason people visit a Facebook page is because of its content. If you do not post anything, none will visit your Facebook page. We live in a very fast moving world where yesterday’s news is outdated content. Post content very often, if possible once a day. In fact 3-4 times per day is better.

There is no short cut on this.

3. Your content is boring

When you own a restaurant, make sure you post content related to food, drinks and entertainment and not only your latest promotions. When people come to your page, they are looking for interesting and fun content:

  • They want to see what your new menu is
  • New dishes you recommend
  • Teach them how to cook one of your dishes
  • Tell them where to find other great food within your city
  • Ask for customers to leave a review
  • Show them a video on how you prepare your flag dish

In other words, the content must be relevant to your business and most importantly engaging and exciting. This does not mean that you should never post any special promotions or deals, however, do it moderately and collect feedback on what your fans really want to see.

4. You do not post any photos

The Facebook timeline is focusing entirely on visual content; hence, if you decide to keep posting long text messages, none will read them. Invest in getting high quality pictures that attract attention, it is human nature to stumble upon great visual content. There are plenty of tools available to help you edit your pictures and make them look appealing.

If you are doing any of these 4 mistakes, you need to take immediate action. Decide what you social media goals are, format a plan and execute.

Guest Author: Ilias Chelidonis blogs at Thewebcitizen.com, a few times web entrepreneur and passionate about Social Media and Online Marketing. You can follow Ilias @thewebcitizen


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  • Hey Jeff

    We know you are jewish.

    so please send your business to us on your sabath not on the christian sabath.

    don’t be a coward.

  • Couldn’t agree more! A successful strategy is more than a noisy or empty page!

    • Thanks for that comment Shona. The other thing to keep in mind is that a social media strategy should not be all about Facebook.

  • Jeff- Thanks for your insights, great advice, have shared with my friends!

  • Good article, but it should say fast-moving WORLD 🙂

  • need edit above #3 “There is no sort cut on this.” I like your writing style, solid points. Thanks.

  • Thanks Jeff. Always find your posts very informative. I either find a tip or two I haven’t implemented or confirmation that what we are already doing is on the right track

  • saeedyasir

    Hi Jeff, Can I take inspiration from your post, and refer to your link on my website? Would you allow that?

    • The short is yes! The long answer is “absolutely”

  • Very great article ! However, how to create good and engaging content when the subject is quite boring ? For instance if you provide a collaboration app for small and medium busineeses

  • Thanks for the reminders 🙂

  • NormDePlume

    Good reminders. One quibble with last sentence of #2 (re: no shortcuts). You can automate timing. (‘course you still have to write ’em)

  • tianakai

    Sperry and Amex does a great job at engaging their fans… they do not bombard with update, they engage and create contests once in a while. Very well done.

  • Dan Aldridge

    Hi Jeff – I always enjoy your posts and now I can add your guest posts as well. Good call on this blog by Ilias Chelidonis. The graphic alone is worth the price of admission. Just bought your book too, and I’m looking forward to discovering more of your blogging secrets.

  • I launched http://www.facebook.com/seekingartists 12 months ago and no such problems. Nearly 7000 Likee’s from profiles and 1500 extra pages (not included in the count on the face of the page) and sometimes up to 5 times that engaged. So why this huge self congratulatory pat on the back for myself… Well that completely not the point. The point is, what Jeff says above is exactly right and more so. We hardly ever post a single thing without a picture, easy for us as its all art, but…. We post regularly and religiously at the same time each day. using the post scheduling capabilities right inside facebook. We always share the work of others and invite others to comment on it. And we never go a day without some kind of refreshing of the content, even if is only other adding their own work, something that happens up to 50 times per day…

  • Good post. However, maybe I’m misunderstanding when you say, “the only reason people visit a Facebook page is because of its content. If you do not post anything, none will visit your Facebook page.”

    We use Facebook ads quite a bit for our companies and clients. We drive traffic to an ethical bribe / landing page (sometimes on FB and sometimes on a separate website).

    The Facebook ads drive traffic to the Fan page whether content is updated regularly or not. It’s the fastest way to get targeted visitors.