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4 Reports: Facts and Figures About Twitter

Twitter Cartoon 1I came across these reports recently and they revealed some interesting facts and figures about Twitter that I thought I would share with you, the numbers also show comparisons with other social media. 

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1. Quantcast.com’s Report

This report shows monthly trafiic estimated f rom Quantcast.com at 26.5 Million People from the  US visiting Twitter for the Month of June, 2009. The Demographic breakdown of these figures showed the following.

  1. Females made up 55% , Males 45%  (Social Creatures Those Ladies !!)
  2. Age Groups 18-34 year Olds make up 43% and 35 -49 Year Olds 30%.. Who said teenagers didn’t like Twitter
  3. No Kids (58%) vs Kids (42%).. Guess it shows that if you don’t have kids you have more time to Twitter
  4. Income Ranges ( not much to talk about here, they are very similiar)
  •  Rank 1:    $30k -$60k (29%)
  • Rank 2:    $100k Plus (26%)
  • Rank 3:    $60k – $100k (25%)

2. Hitwise’s Report:

This focused on the UK market and revealed the following about Twitter.

  1. Twitter entered the top 100 sites in the UK in 2009 for the first time, since the first report in 2008.
  2. Twitter’s UK traffic has trebled already in 2009 
  3. It ranked 91st within All Categories, placing above online heavyweights such as Expedia UK (Rank 96), Gumtree ( Rank 100), easyJet (Rank 101), Digital Spy (Rank 103) and Money Supermarket (Rank 105). Twitter ranked at 7th within the Social Networking and Forums category, up from 23rd, 3 weeks previously to this report .

Note: After the USA, the UK is one of the top 5 countries in its uptake of Twitter

 3. Compete’s Report

Some interesting revelations from this report, which provides some comparisons with other Social Media were.

  • Twitter moved up from 22nd on the  rankings to Number 3.
  • Facebook moved from second to first position
  • LinkedIn rose from 9th position to 5th
  • MySpace dropped from the number one postion to second ranking

Compete had previously done the report 12 months earlier at the beginning of  ’08’  and said “With Facebook officially turning five years old recently, combined with the site surging past MySpace in Monthly Unique Visitors, it seems like a good time to take a little deeper look at the social networking giants. It’s hard to believe that last year around this time we discussing the effects of bad PR for Facebook and if the site had ‘jumped the shark,’ but those arguments now seem to more appropriately apply to other properties. A year ago, we ranked the top 25 social networking sites by monthly visits, and I was curious to see how the positions would change if we re-ranked those same sites with the most recent figures.”

4. Nielsen’s Report

Nielsen’s key observations from its report were

  1. Twitter is no longer just a platform for friends to stay connected in real time, it has evolved into an important component of brand marketing in both the consumer and corporate worlds 
  2. Fastest growing site in the Member Communities category at 1,382%  with Zimbio and Facebook  growing at 240 percent and 228 percent”
  3. Twitterers are not primarily teens or college students as you might expect. In fact, in February the largest age group on Twitter was 35-49; with nearly 3 million unique visitors, comprising almost 42 percent of the site’s audience. (These figures don’t match Quantcast’s reports findings)
  4. Found that the majority of people visit Twitter.com while at work, with 62 percent of the audience accessing the site from work
  5.  Text messaging offers a third platform for consumers and businesses alike to take part in the twitter craze. In the last quarter of 2008, 812,000 unique users sent or received Twitter text messages from AT&T or Verizon cell phones

One insightful comment in the report said “It might prove to be an economical and important part of a Company’s marketing strategy that helps to keep consumers aware of and connected to their brand.”  By the way, What do you think about that statement, would love to hear your comments.

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