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6 Ways to Increase the Marketing Effectiveness of your Facebook Page – Infographic

Facebook is seen by the majority as the ultimate social media marketing platform to engage with your customers and prospects.6 Ways to Increase the Marketing Effectiveness of your Facebook Page

Nearly 1 billion potential customers are using it, so why participate on any other social network. Everyone is on Facebook!  It seems that marketing with Facebook will provide you with the means to reach and engage with all of them.

My quiet observation of  businesses and brands displays to me that promotion activities seem to center around a singular and focused social media marketing objective of increasing Facebook “likes”. Often all other social media and marketing strategies are ignored because of this obsession. The longer term tactics of content creation, optimising for search engines and building email lists are forgotten in the “liking” acquisition frenzy.

The Danger of a Facebook “Like” Obsession

Research reveals that only 16% of your fans will see you posts on average. This low percentage exposes the danger of assuming that all updates are seen by all your fans.

Facebook has a control mechanism that limits how many of your pages updates are seen by your fans and followers. It is called “Edgerank” which determines where and what posts appear on each individual’s news feed. If it didn’t use this control technology then people who have “liked” 100 brands pages would be receiving 300-400 updates a day on their timeline. It would become so spammy that you would close down your Facebook page and  watch more television.

Facebook uses several in built calculations to determine who will receive the updates, this is what limits the visibility of your updates.

  1. Affinity – which measures the relationship between the viewing user and the creator of the story. The closer the relationship the higher the score.
  2. Weight – Different types of posts carry different weights. The higher the weight, the higher the score.
  3. Time Decay –  As a post ages it continually loses value.

There are ways to use Facebook to your marketing advantage.

So How do you Increase the Visibility of your Facebook Page?

Read and view the 6 marketing tips in the Infographic below.

6 Ways to Get More Engagement with Facebook

Source: GetPostRocket.com 

What About You?

Is Facebook your major social media marketing channel?  Is it working for you? Could you do it better?

What other digital and social media marketing tactics are you using successfully.

Look forward to hearing your stories in the comments below.


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  • Great article. However i’m still wondering why facebook advertising was not included in the list. Probably it was deliberate and the above are probably more organic but i feel one of the best ways to gain visibility in excess of the guaranteed 16% is through FB promoted posts which is expecially effective when running a campaign or sweepstake. Anyway great article, good tips

    • Yes, this article is about organic Facebook marketing. Facebook advertising with promoted posts will be another topic.

  • Great infographic. One thing I’d add is don’t act desperate or insult your fans intelligence when trying to get me to interact with your page! Seek out real engagement through strong content, not cheap tactics.

    • I totally agree Brittany. Provide good solid content and also don’t forget to have some fun!

  • Hi Jeff, This is an important must read article for business owners thinking about having a social media presence. It shows clearly that most business owners would not understand Edgerank and could easily be misled about the effectiveness of social media. What is your view about DIY social media for a business owner rather than outsourcing? Have you written an article on this topic? I think that there would be a lot of interest in what you have to say on the topic.

    I must get your book!

    Thanks for this post.


    John Cosstick

  • Jeff! Thanks so much for posting our infographic! Glad you enjoyed it, hope you come back to check out our other posts, just published one yesterday!

  • Hezi

    Thank you Infographic. As for me, facebook pages doesn’t really be the place for promotion. There is no need to promote or advertise everyday but it is place where you can reach and engage your audience and customers.

  • Smart strategy here Jeff. I agree with Brittany: too many brands are going for gimmicky “Likes” just to increase EdgeRank, but no real engagement is happening. Photos are key, and I include a photo for almost every post I do. I’ll be sharing this with my readers.

  • To build on #4 about posting daily, make sure all of your other social accounts are connected to your Facebook. Add links to your Facebook page to your e-newsletter and blog, and make sure that your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles have links to your Facebook page as well. Any bit of promotion of your content helps.

  • Jane Sheeba

    I’ve tried posting the post as an image (I take the screenshot of the beginning of the post where there’s the title, image and a few lines) and then link to the post. This really improves the click throughs rather than simply posting the link!

  • Mark

    Thank you so much for the strategy. http://www.startupbooster.com/

  • Suzisart

    I love Edgerank 101. The only differing advice that I see in your excellent piece is about post frequency. I know that too many posts drive down distribution. But every day?

  • Everyday seems like a lot to post to Facebook. Don’t followers get annoyed by too many posts with the risk of unliking or hiding your posts?

  • I think a really important point is that posts with 150-250 characters get the most attention. I see many companies who bury relevant information in posts that are way too long.

    Readers assess relevant information in less than a second and move on quickly. It is pretty easy to see why adding pictures is even more powerful in drawing engagement.

  • RohanAdvani

    Have been lately thinking to share posts but facebook page is not getting that response am expecting.

  • Another interesting article, but so poorly written. Syntax really distracts from it.