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"7 Great Resources on Using Facebook For Your Non Profit Organisation, Personal Brand and Company"

Facebook  has been adding new functions and features that enable Companies, Non Profits and Individuals to promote their brand, raise money and increase sales and have conversations with their communities and networks. The following posts are some of the latest reviews and studies of what is unfolding in “Social Media” in the Facebook space, that I have come across and provided updates on my Twitter site . Facebook’s user base is reportedly  approaching 300 Million and still growing fast. Twitter is becoming mainstream. Online video usage is up 53% in the last 12 months on sites such as YouTube as Social Media continues to revolutionise the Web. How to use this fast emerging media is a constant challenge. These are some posts from bloggers such as Beth Kanter, John Haydon and others that will help you develop your own strategies for working and enabling this technology.

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1. Facebooks Application Profile Pages Might Give Brands a Boost  

This post covers how pages are valuable in helping brands? Similar to users’ own profile pages, these public pages feature a stream of information about the brand, including notes, photos, or items from other applications. Users can comment and like items that brands share, such as a video, and see activity about the page in their own home streams. And, in terms of applications, brand owners can already integrate third party applications — a video application could be used to feature a brand’s video in the page, for example.

 2. 5 Lessons Celebrities Can Teach Us About Facebook Pages

This post covers some of the “good and the bad” that celebrities who are on Facebook can teach us about promoting Your “Personal Brand” including lessons on being authentic and offering fresh content. It includes examples of  how the celebrities use Facebook including Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Vin Diesel, Michael Phelps, and Lady GaGa

3. Here is The Low Down on How Non-Profits Can Use Facebook… from Facebook   

This Page is a resource for non-profits and other organizations for the social good. It  The page was built to harness the power of Facebook and bring positive change to the world according to Facebook. This is facebooks own hints and recommendations to use facebook for NGO’s.

It includes What can other non-profits learn from ONE? ONE is an advocacy and campaigning organization of over 2 million people and growing, from all walks of life all around the world, uniting as one against extreme poverty. It is a non-Profit with 84,464 fans

If you go to https://www.facebook.com/ONE you’ll see that the default tab you land on is a tab called “JOIN ONE” rather than the tab “wall.” This provides a more customized experience and also promotes sign-ups for ONE’s email list, something that is important to many organizations.

4.” So you Want a Facebook Fan Page for Your Nonprofit? Here’s the Scoop!” 

A question that everyone asks – “When should my group set up a Fan Page versus a Facebook Group?
Best Answer yet:   Set up a Facebook FanPage as your main presence or outpost and use a group for more adhoc, smaller organizing. Some great examples of how Non Profits are using Facebook check out these 3 NGOs use of Facebook.  Red Cross Fan PageOne Campaign and Stanford University.

5. “How To Create A Powerful And Engaging Facebook Page”

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media services used by individuals, businesses and non-profits to connect with people. Groups and Pages are excellent options to leverage the large network and reach of this popular platform. Lately, Facebook Pages have become quite popular among businesses to show their presence in a much better way building engaging and long lasting relationships with users and fans. Let’s see how to make an interactive Facebook page that gives a reason to your fans to stay, interact and promote your cause.

 6. “New Facebook Pages: A Guide For Social Media Marketers”  

As more and more marketers use Facebook as a key conduit for brands online, it is important to note some of the new changes to their Business Pages. Following last fall’s overall redesign, these pages will now migrate to the same Wall and tabs design that personal profiles have used.

7. “How To Build Your Personal Brand on Facebook”

With over 200 million active users, Facebook has become a personal, product and corporate branding hub. Every brand that exists on Facebook  has the same core features and benefits, such as the ability to create a page, share resources, add multimedia and much more. You have a unique opportunity to leverage this platform for career success or as a playground for you and your closest friends.

Look out for my next post which will have another 6 more great resources on using Facebook, for companies, personal branding and NGOs.

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