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9 Simple and Powerful Ways to Get More Retweets on Twitter: Report

9 Simple and Powerful Ways to Get More Retweets on Twitter- Report

Amplifying your content means that you need to either pay for it or earn it. Buying online attention means investing in a Google AdWords campaign, buying an email list or implementing some Facebook advertising. This can be done fast if you have the funds allocated. They are the catalysts to accelerating your marketing campaigns.

Earning attention to get your content shared takes time. You need to build the email list, grow your Twitter followers and acquire more Facebook fans. This requires a variety of tactics and some expertise. It will also take patience and persistence and creating the best content you can. It also can be slow and tedious. But if your funds are limited then you have to go out and earn that attention.

Retweets are important

Part of the content amplification process is getting retweets on Twitter. It feels like RT’s have been with us forever but they were only introduced by Twitter in November 2009. That’s barely 4 years ago.

A recent study by Trackmaven analyzed the following:

  • 1,423 Twitter accounts
  • 1.7 million tweets
  • The impact of visuals on Twitter

This produced some surprising insights about how to get more retweets. It revealed the importance of pictures, time of day and even using capital letters.

What are some of the Retweet surprises?

Some of these are significant. If you are into optimizing your Twitter tactics then maybe its worth taking notes. It comes down to time versus effort.

Here are 9 ways to get more retweets on Twitter that you may want to weave into your social media marketing habits.

#1.  Tweet on Sundays

The difference between Sunday and worst day is quite small with Sunday getting on average 0.168 retweets vs the worst day at 0.15 Retweets.

Sundays get more retweets

#2. Tweet between 10pm and 11pm

This is not what you would call “earth shattering”.  But it also reveals that tweeting at between 3 and 4am is the least effective.

Retweets by time of day

#3. Use more hashtags

Hashtags are often underrated and 5 hashtags is a good number according to this report. Five hashtags gets an average of 0.301 retweets vs 0.116 retweets with no hashtag. That is nearly a 300% improvement.

I am just wondering though how you could implement 11 hashtags!

Use 5 hashtags to get more retweets

#4. Position your link 90% of the way through the tweeet

Now this I find interesting. I have generally added the link towards the end and this confirms my suspicions regarding impact. Positioning a link 90% of the way through the tweets is most effective at an average of 0.2 retweets. Retweets by position of link

#5. Use pictures on Twitter

Now here comes the visual part. Using a picture means that you receive 0.404 retweets vs 0.133 retweets when you don’t use a picture. This shows the significant importance of visuals even on Twitter.

Retweets by picture usage

#6. Implement Twitter picture previews when tweeting

The introduction of Twitter picture previews (that mean you see the image without having to click)  has added significant impact to retweets. It means that there is about 25% improvement to retweets. Twitter picture previews and retweets

#7. Use “Retweet” not “RT”

The significance of using the full word “Retweet” instead of just “RT” is evident here.  Nearly 2.5 retweets happen when using the full word vs only 0.17 when using the shortened version. That is an increase of nearly 1500%!!

I suppose it shows that using acronyms is a poor use of language.Use the full word Retweet

#8. Use exclamation marks when tweeting

Now I am not a big user of exclamation marks on Twitter but after this revelation maybe I better!! Nine exclamation marks produces an average of 0.484 retweets vs 0.15 for none!!!!!!!!!

Retweets and exclamation marks

#9. Use UPPERCASE on Twitter

Using uppercase has been missing from my Twitter tactics toolbox but after this report insight maybe I need to add it in. The increase in retweets is almost 550% when Tweeting all in Uppercase vs just using it 0.1% of the time.

Retweets and uppercase

How about you?

What did you find most revealing about this report? Are you using any of these tactics. Have you found them effective?

Look forward to your insights and stories in the comments below.



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  • Norah Colvin

    Thanks for these tips. Some I am already doing, others I’ll try out!

  • Michael Young

    Some interesting stats there, some I had heard of others I hadn’t. Very surprised about the exclamation mark stat. Interesting!!!!!! In the end, content is still pretty important. If you do all the things suggested by these stats but you are still talking rubbish, perhaps those factors won’t help at all.

    • Content is your credibility foundation and the better the content and the more fanatical the tribe then the more retweets!!!!

  • Tweeting on select timings definitely improve your retweets and visitor counts..
    And most importantly you can create awareness about your blog and your latest post..

    Thanks Jeff for sharing this with everyone (Including me)..:)

  • Hmmm, these really look like simple ways to get more retweets on Twitter, but are they really powerful in the sense that – do they really work?

    I guess the only way to find out is to try implementing some of them, 🙂

  • Helen Warburton

    Some really interesting points Jeff – I particularly like the one about the link position. This is a common discussion in our business, not just for Twitter but also for Facebook, which seems to be a completely different matter. I tried to pin your blog to pinterest but it isnt picking up your image? Thanks 🙂

  • Sue Neal

    Fascinating tips – thanks very much for this, will definitely try implementing some of these. Cheers 🙂

  • Clayton Collins

    That’s some great research. I like the chart on times and what you put. I would be curious if there was a report out there that gave times on when most people showed an interaction on their tweet such as a real reply or retweet (yes, i will now spell this word out forever)

  • Baby Herman

    Jeff, GREAT POST. Thank you for always giving great tips!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Joyner

    I would be interested in seeing a followup experiment that views different data points, particularly with #8 and #9. Did tweeting with 9 exclamation marks or in all uppercase affect unfollows/follows? What type of content was being tweeted? And who was the audience? If a club or music promoter tweets with exclamation marks and in all caps, is that more “acceptable” than an insurance company tweeting in that manner? Getting more retweets is great as long as the methods don’t impact sentiment around your brand.

  • Whilst I’m not disputing the stats (never argue with the numbers!) I’ve found in practice that 3 hashtags is the most I’d recommend using (and even that’s pushing it sometimes). Five hashtags in a tweet runs the risk of looking spammy. IMHO.

    I’d also caution against the use of too many uppercase words. We wouldn’t want to open the floodgates to all those shouty tweets that used to appear on twitter. I’ve used uppercase quite effectively in the past (never throught the tweet of course!), but if you do it too often, you could appear to be brash. Nobody likes being shouted at, after all.

    Love the post as a whole though, tons of useful stuff – as is usual for you, Jeff.

    • Jaclyn Paul

      Definitely agree on the hashtags! Hashtags are what make Twitter useful for me, so I tend to bristle when someone has clearly just tacked on a bunch of hashtags to give their tweet visibility. At most, I would say the average tweet would not exceed three *relevant* hashtags.


    • treb072410

      Yeah! I agree with you @alexsmirnov:disqus.. All of the other post seems to be legit, but twitting in UPPERCASE??? I think it is annoying…

      • I guess it might be more or less OK to tweet all in capitals and with five exlamaton marks if your whole Twitter networks is about marketing, where about everyone shouts, you know, like in a flea market. But then again, – what kind of social network would that be? 🙂

        • treb072410

          I agree Alex!.. 🙂

    • Ah ha ha! I couldn’t agree more with you – I would abhor it and probably unfollow the person!

  • Yes, the uppercase revelation is rather daunting!!!.

  • I think the answer is an “either” “or” solution 🙂

    • denysedd

      Just when I thought you’d offered us the formula Jeff! You now want us to think, take decisions, make choices?!

      • I didn’t say it was easy! 🙂

        • denysedd

          Jeff, I’m already managing to make things difficult on my own, I look to YOU to make them easier! 😉

  • Thanks Graham 🙂

  • A great question. A lot of tweeters think local whereas 40% of my readers are from the USA. That is why my tweets run 24/7 to reach a global audience.

    • Mariah Gillespie

      Thanks! So basically, I need to really know who I’m talking to 🙂 I was a Sdyney girl for almost 4 years…I miss it! We (@supercamp) has a global audience (including a camp in Melb) but most are US-based, so I’ll probably stick to US time zones. Thanks again!

  • Tricia Coniglio

    I am new to the twitter community and I am learning SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the info

  • Ruth Kidson

    I’m always amused when I read that it’s best to tweet between, say, 10pm and 11pm and to avoid 3 and 4am. Bearing in mind that we live on a globe, when it is 10pm in one place it will be 3am somewhere else. So, unless it is made clear that this advice applies only to those people who are trying to promote a local, bricks & mortar business, it makes no sense at all.

    • I agree Ruth. I treat Twitter as a Global platform!

  • Dede Frederick

    I’m just somewhat skeptical about the 5
    hashtags and the uppercase, Don’t want to come off as if I’m shouting. But then
    again the number don’t lie.

  • Nicholas Garrison

    Thanks for the tips

  • Raquel M Ramirez

    Wow! I had to keep reading your intro because I thought this was one of those backwards articles. Super revealing. I’m with you with regards to ALL CAPS!!!!!!!! I guess Tweeters want to hear EXCITEMENT and words spelled out (RETWEET). 5 hashtags huh? I just a report where it revealed Instagram’s sweet spot is 7. Great insights thank you Jeff. Now watch me share this!!!!!!!!!

  • good, good, good! thank you!

  • Probably all points make sense, not sure UPPER CASE though.

    Just want to make it clear in the beginning that this time I am critically reviewing the study, not discrediting. With respect, all credit goes to Trackmaven for this study.

    Here are the points that I noticed:

    1,423 Twitter accounts
    1.7 million tweets

    Average tweet per account = 1194.66
    Duration or time interval of the study = ?
    Twitter accounts sampling method = ?
    Twitter accounts descriptions (company, individual etc) and % = ?
    Location of Twitter accounts = ? (as we treat Twitter global)

    So my question is: how about taking another 1423 Twitter accounts and analyse another ~ 1.7 million tweets? Are the results going to be similar or significantly different?

    In summary, if one can provide study methods (minimizing study bias), the results would be more legitimate and even better.

  • Good Stats Jeff.. does uppercase really true?

  • Hmm, I smell a WSO in the making. But in all honesty I suspect that if you used these tactics sprinkled thoughout your regular tweeting, you might get the increases on a more consistent basis.

  • Great Data! What timezone are you using for timing the Tweets?

  • I always thought it was a 24 hour world, but what’s is the etiquette on auto-tweeting; which plugin/app should I use?

    • Try Socialoomph professional. Auto tweeting is fine as long as it is great content 🙂

  • Miloš Milosavljević

    #4. Position your link 90% of the way through the tweeet
    Why is this surprising. You are more likely to click on a link if you have the context first.

    I don’t trust the uppercase tactic. We would also have to know the variables in the report being quoted. Over 1,423 Twitter accounts and 1.7 million tweets, that’s not much of a sample, actually. And no data on geo and demographics….

  • Doza Beatz

    this was a very informative read.. i got a lot of knowledge from this post http:/www.alldoza.net


  • I agree Alex, there is no way I would use uppercase. I find it way to annoying!!!!

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  • This is an excellent post, Getting RT’d is a great way of building your
    profile up, and it’s not as difficult as people think. There is nothing
    wrong in asking for an RT either, but once you’ve built your community,
    the right people know what they need to do – and RT’s become something
    of a habit. It’s getting access to the new people to RT and share your
    content that can be the tricky thing, but nevertheless it’s still easy
    to do, and a great way of generating traffic 🙂

  • I liked 7, 8, 9 but caps and exclamation points could lose followers?

  • Thanks for sharing these tips and are must haves best practices for tweeting!