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9 Time Saving Writing Tools for Content Marketers

9 Online Tools for More Effective Writing for Content Marketers

Have you ever had an awesome idea in your head, but didn’t find the time, discipline or will to execute it into writing?

All social writers struggle with the same problem – they are hit by inspiration in the weirdest moments, but the great ideas evaporate by the time they get to their computers and try to start writing.

The solution to that issue comes as a combination of tools that are both accessible and portable. If you start using the best tools for social writers, you will never be caught off guard again. These tools will not only provide you with a way to write down your ideas whenever they hit you, but will also enable you to organize your time better and start writing more content through a regular routine.

The best writing tools for social writers

You don’t need many resources and tools to get your creativity out on paper. However, the right tools can boost your effectiveness by providing you with a distraction-free environment, as well as the writing assistance you need. The following selection of websites, apps, and tools will make you fall in love with your profession all over again.

Here are some time saving tools for content marketers.

1. Write or Die

Possibly the most popular writing tool currently available, Write or Die is a must in every social media writer’s toolbox. If you easily get distracted by important updates on social media, then this tool will immediately bring you back to work.

9 Online Tools for More Effective Writing for Content Marketers

You don’t have to choose the Kamikaze mode right from the start, since it will be painful to watch your work getting deleted if you fail to write effectively. However, it is definitely recommended to give yourself higher goals and stricter consequences as you start getting used to Write or Die.

2. Quabel

Among all online tools that are aimed at limited your distractions, Quabel is possibly the cleanest and most effective one.

9 Online Tools for More Effective Writing for Content Marketers

By going back to the writing basics, you will be left alone with your thoughts, so the expression will become flawless. This online text editor will allow you to write without being distracted by unnecessary buttons and features.

3. NinjaEssays

If you have a very important deadline to meet, but find yourself in the middle of a writer’s block, then it’s time to get the big guns out. NinjaEssays is the coolest writing help site that puts professional writers at your disposal. You can get assistance on any type of content by talented writers who never seem to get out of ideas.

9 Online Tools for More Effective Writing for Content Marketers

The extensive team includes experts from various fields of study, so you can also rely on their assistance if you have to complete a project whose topic you don’t understand. That will save you from a huge amount of research.

4. Plotbot

Plotbot is an online editor that will format your writings automatically according to the widely-accepted standards.

9 Online Tools for More Effective Writing for Content Marketers

Although the software has been developed to serve for editing screenplays, it can also serve as an essential tool for social media writers who cannot focus unless their pages are perfectly organized.

The coolest organizational tools for social writers

You can be the most talented social media writer in the world, but you could never reach your full potential without proper organization. If you don’t manage your time effectively and organize your ideas into a steady workflow, both you and your readers will end up frustrated by your publishing schedule.

5. Wridea

If there is such thing as an effective idea management service, then Writea is the one.

9 Online Tools for More Effective Writing for Content Marketers

This website provides you with a great choice of brainstorming tools that will help you get ideas from the hidden folders of your brain. It takes only seconds to create new idea entries, and you can later update their details as a new wave of creativity attacks you.

We are listing this concept under organizational tools because it enables you to categorize your ideas under convenient groups, so you will track them easily whenever you want to.

6. Cherrytree

This tool is labeled as a “hierarchical note-taking app”.

9 Online Tools for More Effective Writing for Content Marketers

However, its functions go beyond that simple explanation, since cherytree provides a great spell check, syntax highlighting, rich text, list handling, and many other features you will find useful. This tool can serve as your personal notebook, with the important difference of better organization and management.

7. Bubbl.us

If you have never tried a mind-mapping tool, then you should start exploring that concept with bubbl.us.

9 Online Tools for More Effective Writing for Content Marketers

At this website, you can do some effective brainstorming and mind-mapping without the need of getting use to complicated options. The interface features an intuitive drag-and-drop mode that will help you keep pace with the emergence of new ideas.

You can easily save and share the mind maps, but you can also collaborate with other users on the same mind map.

The most effective productivity tools for social writers

Since you chose to be a social writer, then you are undoubtedly talented in developing content.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can always stay as productive as you want to be. There are days when you cannot keep up with the responsibilities and wish to take some time off everything. Don’t do that before trying some of the following productivity tools that can bring you back on track:

8. StayFocusd

If you want to fight online distractions, then StayFocusd should be the first weapon in your arsenal. This website blocker will save you from a lot of regret, since it won’t allow you to access distracting website during an active working session.

9 Online Tools for More Effective Writing for Content Marketers

If you prefer Firefox over Chrome (StayFocused is a Chrome extension), then you should try LeechBlock, which works in a similar manner.

9. Tomato.es

You have surely heard about the Pomodoro Technique, but did you try using it? Those writers who haven’t tried it may claim that it’s ridiculous, but its effectiveness has been proven many times before.

9 Online Tools for More Effective Writing for Content Marketers

Tomato.es is an effective Pomodoro timer that will help you reach your highest levels of productivity.

Every social writer can become better and faster!

No matter how devoted you are to your career as a social media writer, there is always more space for growth. Start exploring some of the resources we listed above and you will be much more satisfied with your achievements. If you find the right tools for your writing style, you will be able to produce better content in larger quantities without wasting any second of your working time.

Guest author: Robert Morris is a content manager, loves creating social media tips and tricks. You can find Robert on Google+


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  • Thanks for the tips. They’re nice options to have at hand. I’m more familar and comfortable with osCommerce and osCMax code editing–a WordPress newbie.

    Over the past month I’ve gotten back into pen and paper writing and I now have a few note books going. I also use a command line text editor which is a lot easier on the eyes.

    How concerned should I be about the load I’m putting on my WordPress site if I start using it like cloud terminal?

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    But being in the online marketing profession, I think to save the time and utilize it to the maximum in a very different manner. Practically I use a tool which keeps track of the hours I spent on a particular project and take reference of it with arranging the upcoming tasks or projects. This approach some what builds up a way to stay focused and updated in terms of the business management. The tool that basically I prefer using is from Replicon.

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  • Hey there, Robert. See how you like First Draft (http://www.justoutsourcing.com/files/fd) It’s writing software for online freelance writers like myself, and it automates a heck of a lot!!

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    For those working on novels, or even long papers or non-fiction books that require chapters and research, Scrivener is writing software that helps you organize your writing, research, etc. I believe it’s $40, but you can frequently find it on sale, plus you get a free month to try it out and see if it’s for you. (I get nothing from this plug–I just use it.

  • Kevin Peter

    Robert, so true! I get ideas while taking a leak, and by the time I wind up, they evaporate or get mixed with other collateral thoughts. I nowadays carry my phone along, a notepad app helps to jot down whats necessary!!! Gotta try most of these now. Thank you 🙂

  • Hi Robert, great list! We all need to save time when there’s so much writing going on online now a days. Atomic Reach can help here too and then some, you can check out our lite version here http://webapp.atomicreach.com/

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