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An AI Text Generator will Revolutionize Your Content Marketing

ai text generator

Content marketing was an obscure term that I stumbled upon while reading the book “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” by David Meerman-Scott in 2008. It revealed a new creative digital marketing tactic that turned my old ideas of lead generation on its head.

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Instead of chasing customers (outbound marketing) they would chase you if you created online content that solved their problems and informed them (inbound marketing). 

Nowadays, the term “inbound marketing” is a common phrase in the digital marketing world and has given rise to a whole industry known as “content marketing”.

As a salesperson that had done the hard yards, it was a revelation. Now we can attract leads and sales rather than chase them. 

But the game is about to change again as A.I. text generators change the rules of engagement. 

Content Marketing has entered a new phase with AI text generators

The emergence of AI text generators is poised to disrupt traditional practices and paradigms. To understand the significance of this shift, it’s worth noting that we’ve already gone through three phases of content creation.

In the past, content creation involved laborious research and poring over books and other sources to extract insights. However, this process is on the brink of being upended by the advent of AI-powered content creation.

The librarians are not happy. 

Phase one: Analog content

Writing content in the past involved researching for information in libraries and weaving your ideas and creativity into the mix. It was slow and laborious and involved paper stuffed between book covers and waiting for the borrowed book you were seeking to be returned a week later. 

When I started using the Internet and the Netscape browser in 1994 my first thought was “I no longer need to go to the library”. But the interface and search function was clunky and messy. Often  I didn’t find anything useful until page 20! Also the crackling beeping modem was so slow that waiting for it to download a web page involved making a coffee and coming back a few minutes later. And the information was ugly. 

But despite the frustration it was a game changer. It was the wild west of the Internet; built for humans rather than geeks. I was in love.

Phase two: Digital content

Google’s emergence in the late 1990’s (enabled by the internet) allowed us global access to humanity’s superconscious that was made usable, faster and friendly. 

We now had a connected digital world brain that was searchable and made sense. Their mission was to  “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. And they delivered on that promise.

This has been our content playpen for just over 20 years. Phase three made its presence felt on November 30, 2022.  

Phase three: Artificial intelligence text generators

A.I. has been the plaything of white coated scientists that created scientific theory and delivered crap. But generative artificial intelligence is now real.  And the text format and delivery platform of that tech is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is powered by A.I. and now provides content marketing professionals and writers with a powerful tool to make them more productive and creative. 

A.I. has been given a friendly face (a user interface on the platform ChatGPT) for creating content rather than just links to websites. 

The result? 

We now have an application that is “Google on steroids”. Content marketing has been supercharged by artificial intelligence.  

We are at the tipping point of “Content marketing 2.0”. 

How can we use A.I text generators to amplify our content marketing?

Most writers use search results to find information and verifiable resources. Then you need to add that to your content and link. But an AI text generator can write almost all of it for you. 

Optimized and accelerated

ChatGPT can write a 700 word article in less than a minute. Then you simply optimize and verify. Currently it doesn’t provide links but Bing’s new search engine is proposing to blend the two.

AI-driven content marketing strategies can help businesses improve their content creation and curation processes, personalize content for their audience, and optimize their content for search engines. 

Here are some AI-driven content marketing strategies to consider:


AI can help businesses create personalized content for their audience by analyzing data about their preferences, behaviors, and interests. By using AI-powered recommendation engines, businesses can deliver content that is more relevant and engaging to their audience.

Automated content creation 

AI can also be used to generate content automatically. This can include using chatbots to create content for FAQs, or using natural language processing (NLP) to generate articles, social media posts, and other content.

Content optimization 

AI can help businesses optimize their content for search engines by analyzing keywords, analyzing the performance of similar content, and suggesting improvements to optimize for specific search queries.

Predictive analytics

AI-powered predictive analytics tools can help businesses forecast trends and identify patterns in user behavior, which can help them create content that resonates with their audience and drives engagement.

Visual content creation

AI can also be used to create visual content such as images, videos, and infographics. AI-powered tools can analyze the content, identify relevant visual elements, and create customized visuals that are optimized for social media and other platforms.

Content curation

AI can help businesses curate content that is relevant to their audience by analyzing data about their interests and preferences, and identify relevant content from other sources.

A caveat when using an AI text generator

Just blindly using ChatGPT‘s AI text generator will make your writing look bland and boring.

It’s not a perfect solution or every content marketing writer’s wet dream. Because it doesn’t have a human writer’s “voice”, it lacks personality and is a bit robotic. 

Strange about that. 

Also it doesn’t understand the nuance of writing rhythm. 

It’s free (at the moment), new and raw. 

But it is the future.

A.I. text generators also need to be optimized with the technicalities of SEO. These include headlines, URL’s that Google loves, keyword density, hierarchical topics and much more.

But by implementing AI-driven content marketing strategies, businesses can improve the quality and relevance of their content, personalize their marketing efforts, and optimize their content for search engines, all of which can drive engagement and conversions.

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