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Blogging Statistics, Facts and Figures in 2012 – Infographic

Blogging started as an online journal in the 1990’s where people shared their interests, hobbies and thoughts online.Blogging Statistics Facts and Figures 2012 Infographic

Online self expression was the main aim of the blogging game.

In 2012 it has evolved into major publishing businesses such as Huffington Post that was sold recently for over $300 million.

It is also used by companies to display their thought leadership and expertise. Blogs are now considered an important part of a companies participation online and no longer the preserve of  the private personal blogger.

The evolution of search engines has also made the creation of unique content in a variety of media vital, to improve brands and businesses online visibility to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The world of personal self expression is now only a part of what keeps blogging vibrant and an important part of the rapidly growing web.

 Is Social Media a Threat to Blogging?

Before the rise of social media the main marketing tactic for a blogger to market their blog was building an email list and using that to distribute their content. It was hard work and many bloggers developed clever email list building tactics that facilitated the sharing of their blog. Bloggers built their online brand one email subscriber at a time.

Social media initially was  seen as a threat to blogging. When I joined Facebook in 2008 it had less than 100 million users and people were rapidly joining the  social network. Expressing yourself online was now easier and more social. Some people were even predicting the demise of blogging. Would Facebook kill the blog?

Micro blogging also started to appear in the guise of a strange sounding social media platform called “Twitter”. The questions were being asked would blogging descend into shallow snippets of information in 140 characters or less.  Would micro content create a superficial social web?

As Twitter rapidly grew it proved to be a very efficient means to distribute content, engage and grow a network of friends and followers that were interested in your topic globally. Social media has in fact saved blogging from stagnation and extinction as it has accelerated the online sharing and discovery of bloggers on tens of thousands of topics.

Social media has though proved to be a marketing mecca for bloggers that made them more visible than they could ever have hoped to be.

Bloggers Have Many Choices

Social media has provided  many options for bloggers. You can now blog with Tumblr. You can now be a video blogger on Blogger.com.  If you like a Facebook “page” can be the the public platform of choice for expressing yourself. If you want to  keep it short and sweet then Twitter is the micro bloggers paradise. We all don’t have to write 1,000 words epiphanies.

There is something to be said for keeping it simple and succinct.

So what are some of the latest statistics, facts and figures on the state of blogging in 2012?

State of Blogging in 2012

Infographic source: Blogging.org

What About You?

Why do you blog? Do you blog for money and fame or is it your channel for self expression?

Do you blog about your passions or is it just business for you?

Look forward to hearing your stories and your blogging journey. Express yourself online in the comments below.

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  • My ultimate goal is to make some income with my blog, even if it is just a little on the side. I do blog about both things that I know and things that I hope will make money for me. Right now, I think my blog is sort of like my home base, a place where people can always find me. For example as myspace fades out, I can disconnect them from my blog and add facebook in.

  • Jeff,
    I found these survey results interesting; particularly about how many bloggers there are who rarely update their blogs and how many don’t make money blogging. I used to be one who didn’t post regularly, but have now made it a habit to post on a consistent basis, which I feel is a critical key to succeeding.
    Also, on Social Media’s affect on Blogging, I agree, we now have choices with social media. It also gives us other avenues to help bring traffic to our blogs.

  • If you source something you attribute and link back to the source (which I have done below the infographic,)
    This is the accepted practice on the web.

    • This is a great concept..but when one interlinks, they must make sure that they’re not interlinking with malware-driven-websites…

      Not saying that yours is, but one must ensure safety is a priority too…

  • Funny. I just left @MarkWSchaefer house where he writes to the not-so-exciting future of blogging (comparing Blog World to a book expo). So, what’s next for we bloggers older than 2-years-old?

    Your post provides even more food for thought. What is the purpose? What is the goal?

    I don’t think anyone quite understands that blogging is hard work; consistent hard work to create, build, engage, optimize and monetize. Who does all of this well?

    Again, I’m asking more questions than I’m answering; pondering. Where are we going, Jeff?

  • It’s more than just a platform to make money…
    I love blogging…I love reading the different views of my audience…

  • My blog is my business spotlight where I get to educate clients and prospects. The money I make from the site is not direct, but has a lot to do with my blog itself.

  • Thank you for taking the time to put this article together, and your insights. Some of the stats are surprising, particularly the 2% and the 8%.

  • No surprise to me, because regardless of industry, or category, the numbers are pretty much the same across the board give or take a percentage point or two one way or the other.

  • Good Stuff~!

  • Always a pleasure to read Jeff. The stats skew towards the US market, If we can have more stats on Asia Pacfic region particularly China, Japan, and Korea that would be great.

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  • Brad

    I have been blogging on Friendora and it seems to be a good way to get started. They are paying me for the views on my blogs as well as clicks on ads. Would it make sense to blog on more then one site?


  • I know I’m responding to an 8 month old comment, but just saw this article shared on Jeff’s Twitter today 🙂

    Usually with infographics, it’s common to share as that’s what the original intent of creation was for. However it’s different with non-infographics, (just images) as then you’ll need to worry about Creative Commons and if the artist didn’t indicate that it’s free to use, then even a linkback isn’t enough.

    But back to the infographic, it’s amazing to see that blogs don’t get updated as much as they should. For us, we try to do it at least 2-3x a week to keep it going but I guess for other businesses, it’s hard to have a dedicated person for that.

  • Thanks! This was really interesting and kind of surprising!

    I blog to pass the time and to write out my constant inner monologue. Not many people read it but that doesn’t really matter 🙂

  • Interesting facts about the year 2012.

  • Interesting facts about the year 2012.

  • jasonclements

    I blog to keep clients informed at my recycling blog. I am definitely not an expert blogger. However, in this current economy, I am now seeing the benefit of having some eggs in a different basket. I venture to say that investing the time in learning how to blog, use wordpress, understand some html, learn to write…all of those things that might make you a solid blog with a solid following…just might be a better investment than a savings account or the stock market. In the above graphic, it shows you may have around a 20% chance of making money with your blog. (upwards of 81% never make $100, etc.) I wish I could link to Tim Ferriss’ discussion on the 80/20 rule. Anyway, it is in his book The Four Hour Workweek (it should be in most library systems by now if you want to check it out without buying it). Anyway, good luck to all.

    • Thanks for the great tip about reading Tim’s book. It was one of the inspirations for starting this blog.

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  • I blog because I want the historical stories I write to be preserved on the internet, as well as heard by as many people as possible. There are so many incredible stories in the whole history of the world, many people including myself could learn and grow so much just by reading them.

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    so~ I’m a Blogging fan for sure! nice blog Jeff:)

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  • Fun stuff. Would love to see the latest stats for 2017! I’ve been blogging at http://www.financialsamurai.com since 2009 and can comfortably support a family with my site.