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5 Prime Examples Of Brands Who Use Their Blogs To Increase Business

5 Prime Examples Of Brands Who Use Their Blogs To Increase Business

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We all know the power of blogging. Just take a look at what Jeff Bullas has been able to do with the blog you’re reading right now! It’s helped him become one of the top digital marketing influencers in the world today.

When done properly, blogging can be one of the most effective ways out there to create content for your site or business, as well as drive new sales and revenue in the process.

Today we’re going to take a look at five different brands who are blogging brilliantly, while also showcasing off the perks of their service.

1. Kajabi

One of the fastest-growing niche markets in the online business world involves selling online courses and specialist expertise. Kajabi is a web-based solution that makes it easy for anyone to go ‘live’ with their own online course or membership site – without needing to ever touch a line of code or hire a graphic designer.

Through their easy-to-use drag and drop platform, Kajabi’s clients have complete control regarding the look and feel of their sites at all times.

Kajabi uses their blog not only to share useful information about how to start an online business that sells courses, but also to continually showcase business success stories. This is a huge selling point for Kajabi, so they compile real-life stories of individuals who had an expertise or passion for something, and were able to turn it into a real business.

They refer to these success stories as Kajabi Heroes. Each story is unique and offers more than enough info to get you inspired and ready to take action if you ever want to get started selling your expertise online.

2. OptinMonster

In the incredibly competitive world of marketing and automation software, OptinMonster has built up over 300,000 users and had their software featured on some of the most popular websites in the world today.

Not only has OptinMonster created nifty software that makes it easy for websites and blogs to optimize their mailing list and sign up process, they’ve also documented some of their top marketing strategies and case studies on their blog as well.

After all, what better way to sell a product or service than to highlight how others are using it to grow their brand or business? This is exactly what you will find in the case study section of OptinMonster’s blog, which shares success stories from customers. There’s everything from how a Yes/No opt-in led to an 18% increase in leads, to how one brand is using a floating bar opt-in to generate 800+ free trials, and how a different user was able to turn 72% of his readers into subscribers.

It’s not just that OptinMonster is sharing stories from their existing customers… they’re also providing value and actionable tips to site owners and marketers in the process. And that makes all the difference.

3. Timothy Sykes

Whether you are attempting to start a business where you sell your expertise, or establish one where you teach others how to make money, you are likely to meet a lot of haters and skeptics along the way. This is something Timothy Sykes experienced from day one – however, he has capitalized on every second of it.

You can listen to Tim’s full story here. With thousands of students currently in his stock trading program, Tim provides his audience with the necessary tools and training to master the world of trade stocks and make quick gains.

As with all business opportunities, not everyone is going to make money, and it ultimately comes down to the amount of time, work and effort you actually put into it. Sykes acknowledges this. However, it only takes a few student success stories to show that what he teaches (and has to offer) really works.

This can clearly be seen through Sykes’ student testimonials page, which highlights one of his biggest success stories – Tim Grittani, who went on to generate over one million dollars while implementing the tips and training offered by Sykes.

4. Etsy

It doesn’t matter if you are a business that generates thousands of dollars per month or millions – if you’re positively impacting the lives of the people using your platform, you must promote these stories. Etsy is a name we all know, but probably one that we are not at all familiar with from the seller’s perspective. On their blog, Etsy taps into this blind area, and the results are amazing.

The powerful community of sellers on the site have contributed many inspiring stories of how they’ve been able to turn their crafts, passions, and expertise into real online businesses.

Given that one of the biggest reasons why most people don’t move forward with their business idea involving a passion or expertise is that they don’t think it will work, this is smart. By showcasing such success stories on their site, not only is Etsy able to prove that their business model and platform is viable, they can also inspire others to get started with their own online stores and businesses as well.

5. Neil Patel

Few others have been able to master the art of getting an ROI from blogging better than Neil Patel. Having originally focused on his QuickSprout blog, his personal site has not only continued to gain ground in search engine results but also bring in a ton of business for his company as well.

As one of the top entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2017, Neil’s website is a must-follow because of it’s invaluable insights into how he markets himself and monetizes his site traffic in the process.

While the core focus of Neil’s blog is to provide valuable content and actionable guides to his audience, it’s the call-to-action throughout that really drive his leads and revenue. Just take a look at his post on content marketing strategy, and you will find several banners, popups, and calls-to-action that appear as you scroll through the content.

Imagine the sheer number of leads and business that are generated on a daily business through this blogging technique considering that NeilPatel.com currently receives around 200,000 visitors per month. If you ever need a model of how to create a blog with content that provides real ROI, Neil’s is a great one to follow.


If you want to drive massive sales, leads, and traffic with a blog of your own, look to the brands above for inspiration.

With more than 300 million blogs in the world today – and nearly all of them creating content on a daily or weekly basis – the importance of standing out by blogging properly has never been more important.

The majority of blogs don’t get enough traffic or even generate money. The difference between the blogs and brands that find success and those that just clutter up internet space, is the way in which they provide value to their audience and promote a useful service or solution.

That is exactly what you will find in each of the examples above. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a multi-billion dollar business or an individual blogging from home, as long as you follow these same principles and focus on the monetization of your content and audience, you will find success in the world of blogging.

Guest Author: Zac Johnson is a world renowned blogger and entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of experience in the online marketing space and has helped his readers generate millions of dollars online. He shares his story and guidance at ZacJohnson.com

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