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Do You Need A Social Browser?

Why does Facebook takeoff and Google Buzz doesn’t? Why did Twitter with a 140 character limit strike a note with the web crowd and go from zero to 175 million users in a few years? How do you pick the next major trend on the web? Questions and more questions.Do You Need A Social Browser?

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This last week I came across a few posts that have provided some insights into why some web properties grow and why others just die and go away and along with that some tips on making your presence more noticeable online. Here are 5 resources that you may find worth reading.

1. Does RockMelt (a new social browser coming tomorrow) Have The Right Startup Philosophy?

In 1995 if you were able to read and had access to a PC with a dial up modem, your experience with the Web was quite often via a browser called Netscape. Netscape was started up by Marc Andreessen in the 90’s and with the advent of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that was given away for free, Netscape faded away into obscurity. He has resurfaced in 2010 and has decided that the browser needs a makeover in the world of the social Web which is a very different place to the web 15 years ago. This new social browser is called ‘RockMelt‘ and its backers are betting on that it may become popular and maybe even go ‘Viral’ .

Robert Scoble tells you his reasons why this startup backed by big dollars will struggle.. Read more

2. 5 Social Business Use Cases For Facebook Groups

How to use Facebook for business is a rapidly evolving science and art form that is still in its infancy. Some of the questions that are being asked are.. Does my company use a Facebook page or a Facebook Group? If my business is a B2B is Facebook a relevant platform to use?

The power of social networking is in its ability to spread your message and content and if you are lucky even go viral.

David Armano gives his perspective on the viral opportunities of  a Facebook “Group” and the challenges that go along with it..Read more.

3. 6 Easy Ways To Get More Visitors To Your Blog

Everyone wants to get more traffic to their website or blog  and Diana Freedman provides 6 simple steps to achieve that.. Read more

4. Why I Don’t Care About Success

The real success in life is finding what you are passionate about and then making a living out of it. It provides you with the juice to get up in the morning and transforms life’s monotony into a masterpiece. Leo Babauta provides an insight into what made his blog Zen Habits such a success.. Read more

5. Fanning the Social Media Flame for Viral Exposure

Everyone wants their content to go viral whether it is on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes it seems to happen by accident but there are ways to  make it happen and Lisa Barone in a guest post one of the worlds top marketing blogs Copyblogger provides some tips on how to facilitate viral exposure.. Read more

So there are 5 posts that I have stumbled across this week that you may find of value. What articles have you discovered this week that you could share?

Image by Paolo Margari

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