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How Brand.com Reviews Your Online Reputation

How Brand.com Reviews Your Online Reputation

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Brand.com reviews online reputation management very different than most people these days. This type of business didn’t exist 10 years ago. It didn’t need to. Protecting your brand reputation in the past was the primary job of public relations companies. Their role was to get you good press on radio, television and print media. Good PR management required knowing the right journalist, editor or mass media gatekeeper. Brand reputation was in the hands of the traditional media. That is changing. Your reputation is now discovered and defined by content online. How your brand appears when you are “Googled”, displayed on a Facebook page or in a Twitter tweet is the new reality. Search engines and social media networks file, index and share your brand whether you like it or not. That may be good, bad or plain ugly. Conversations, content and comments about you online, that pop up on a Google search or appears on Wikipedia defines you and your brand. The PR company’s role is increasingly one of online reputation wrangling instead of mass media massaging. Online brand reputation management involves two key strategies.. One is working on “building the positive” the other is “negating the negative”.

Brand.com Reviews How to Build Positives

Positive online reputation building is not just about defending and protecting a brand but is about being proactive. Persistent creation of content and publishing and sharing it on the web builds an online asset. Doing this well and optimizing this content for search engines makes sure that you have your news, posts and articles on page one when your brand is mentioned. Traditional PR is not able to “stick” on Google search engine pages with Google’s rapidly changing algorithm.

Negating the negative

The creation of quality content that adds natural value to the search engines has the benefit of negating the negative. This activity prevents the bad stuff bubbling onto the first page of Google. This is a digital beach head that can make sure that negative articles and news don’t appear on page one but on page 10 of search results. Appearing on pages as far as 5 or 6 may as well be nowhere. Brand.com reviews ensure that this occurs due to the fact that over 90% of all clicks through to a website happen on page one.

Who needs this in a digital economy?

Both personal and business brands can need help to protect themselves from malicious trolls, haters and customers that can be out to get you.

Personal brands

So how does an online image management company such as Brand.com reviews help you protect your reputation? They use technology that:

  • Suppresses defamatory posts from sites like ComplaintsBoard.com, Scam.com, PissedConsumer.com, Yelp.com, RipOffReport.com, etc.
  • Pushes .gov listings, like SEC.gov and FTC.gov, from top search results.
  • Helps insulate your name/company from future online reputational attacks.
  • Distinguishes yourself from someone with the same name who has received negative publicity.
  • Prevents specific information from appearing on top SERPs for your name.
  • Makes you look your best when people search you online.

Business brands

Companies and organisations are often the target of someone trying to bring them down. How can this be achieved in a web world? Brand.com reviews that their specific technology:

  • Prevents negative reviews, articles, blogs and forums from ranking for your targeted keywords.
  • Provides control over search engine results for targeted keywords.
  • Suppresses defamatory posts from sites like RipoffReport.com, ComplaintsBoard.com, Scam.com, PissedConsumer.com, etc.
  • Prevents competitors from ranking for your targeted keywords online.
  • Removes .gov listings, like SEC.gov and FTC.gov, from top search results.
  • Increases conversions and decreases refunds/chargebacks because you control what clients will see. Monitors Google, Yahoo, Bing, and social media channels for potential attacks.

The 4 key elements for brand reputation management

So what are some of the key and proactive elements that are implemented to ensure your brand is seen in the best light on a social web?

The Process

So what is an example of the processes by Brand.com reviews that are needed to achieve online brand protection?

Brand.com Reviews Online Reputation

1. Custom Analysis

Brand.com reviews the complex requirements that your campaign commands, including but not limited to the following

  • Keyword variations
  • Attack types & frequency,
  • Strength of negatives, and
  • Volatility of Search engine result pages

2. Program Creation

Once the analysis is completed a customized program to address the exact needs of your brand is designed. Then the resources needed to achieve the desired results are put in place.

3. Campaign Launch

During the first few weeks of a brand building and reputation protection strategy campaign, the following activities and specific tactics are implemented that build and schedule a series of releases to the web. These releases include

  • News stories
  • Industry specific influential blogger posts
  • Social blasts
  • Tier-1 link acquisitions
  • Review submissions
  • Other proprietary releases

4. Ongoing optimization

The web is dynamic so an on-going optimization program is recommended. During the program creation phase, brand reputation companies establish daily, weekly and monthly rhythms to address content approvals, reporting, campaign tracking, legal, calibrations, and upcoming releases. These rhythms are critical to the long-term success.

Online reputation management needs technology

In this digital age brand reputation management is not just about mass media but digital media and this means technology. Mentions about your brand can occur globally so monitoring your brand mentions are now done with a suite of tools, science and technology that controls the complexity of online reputation management.

 Brand.com Reviews Online Reputation

Brand.com’s CommandCenter enables you to effectively manage the online conversation about your brand. This advanced technology provides a comprehensive suite of tools that allows for:

  • Monitoring of social media
  • Moderation of reviews
  • Management of content across multiple digital assets

This can be done for doctors or Fortune 500 Brands. The technology provides full control, monitoring, and management of your online reputation!

What outcomes can you expect?

So what outcome can you expect from the planning, the process and the technology by using an organisation such as Brand.com? The goal is to create and rank at least twelve positive assets on the first three pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing from campaign launch within 90 days of campaign launch.

So what about you?

Has your brand been hijacked because you haven’t been proactive and published content that appears on page one of Google. Is it time to take control of your online brand? Look forward to hearing your stories and thoughts in the comments below on how Brand dot com review’s online reputation management in the ever changing online world.

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