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How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Social Media Presence

Email is not the cool trendy marketing tactic as the the current flavor of the month, social media. In fact some  companies, notably a major brand ‘Ben & Jerry’s,  are making the brave step of dropping their email marketing and going totally social in the UK.How Email Marketing Can Boost Your Social Media Presence

Despite this email is still an important part of the marketing mix and  should be included in your marketing plan. Top bloggers also use email acquisition strategies to build their list to ensure that they keep their information, content and products in front of their subscribers.

Integrating your social media with your email can provide the best of both worlds and there are various ways you can integrate your email with social media (Read more on “10 Ways To Integrate Your Social Media and Email Marketing“.)

A recent report in June 2010 revealed by eMarketer reveals that 71% of companies are using email. to promote their Twitter , Facebook and other social media channels.

Email Integration and Social Media

What were some of the other findings from the the study.

Facebook was the favorite for integration with email efforts, Twitter was the second ranked with LinkedIn third and YouTube placed fourth. The others were basically nowhere  at this stage in social media evolution.

Social Media sites integrated into email

Some of the benefits of integrating your email with your social media?

  1. Improve your SEO by promoting and creating inbound links
  2. Drive traffic to your website and blog
  3. Spread Your blog, website and social media channels content

Are you integrating your social media with your email marketing or are you already just social ?

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  • I know why people don’t think email marketing is as effective as it used to be, but I don’t understand why anyone would want to abandon it all together.

    There’s no better source of traffic to your websites than your email list, it’s basically traffic on-demand.

    And at some point in time, social media will cool down and not be the hot topic of the time. But there has been one constant in internet marketing since we all started this, and that’s email.

  • Wow!! Very insightful and thanks for sharing the STATS! I have to agree with Mike Paul that E-mail has always been here! I don’t think Social Media will pass but I’m sure there will always be a new one to keep up with! Thanks for sharing your work!

  • very nice and insightful thanks for sharing, what email client to you use? I use a program called Ace of Sales and it works great but if there is anything else thats better, call me and let me know please!


    • Michael, we appreciate your using the Ace of Sales system. Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting enhancements and continual upgrades. Heck, why don’t you share your success with us on the Twitter account http://www.twitter.com/ace_of_sales

      – Andy Horner, Chief Architect, Ace of Sales

  • It’s funny I have shied away from email since using Social Media.. You have convinced me to take another look especially integrating all my channels with Emailing. RICH :0)

  • Thanks for the super post! I (personally) try to keep in mind that many of my customers find email about as challenging a way to embrace the internet as they can handle! There are still a lot of wonderful customers out there who log on to their computers strictly to check their email. Great points about better integration with our social media channels!

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for posting this very useful article. I’ve found an article in a similar blog of yours and they have a debate that email marketing is better than social media. I told them that why not use them both to become more effective. Also thanks for sharing the 10 Ways To Integrate Your Social Media and Email Marketing. I’ll be reading these articles also.

    Randy M.

  • Marc

    Thanks for this Jeff – my recent experience compliments the above but I would like to make reference to what I am seeing at events for example – business execs were using handhelds mostly at a conference last week to read mail (I saw 2 laptops) and if the e-mail was not from within the business most people simply delete or archive. I am told by the professionals that most mail campaigns reach 10-20% and click through are lower.

    I wonder what people are doing to address this besides directing them to a twitter of facebook page (are there any good ideas, applications, tools or cases)as its not just applicable B2B but also B2C – I was at a wedding last week and it was like a convention for i-phones!

  • Thanks Jeff, another interesting article.
    From a subscribers perspective, I like email because it provides an neat searchable archive of updates. I may not get to read them all straight away but I find it convenient to flick through the summaries.

    From a publishers perspective, I see email subscriptions as a very important tool. Not the only tool, but certainly one to be retained.

  • Recommendations for best email client?? This seems to be a killer group to ask!

  • Anonymous

    As much as I hate my Inbox somedays, I won’t give it up. And I know that if I can get into my target client’s inbox and actually get them to open it, it’s worth far more than a stagnant Like on my Facebook Page.  So I’ll never give it up… just continue trying to refine it.