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10 Ways To Integrate Your Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media marketing is the latest hyped business marketing method and it is proving to be a very effective way of marketing your business when done correctly.10 Way to Integrate Your Social Media and Email Marketing

Most chief marketing officers know that e-mail marketing is still a very effective marketing tool and in fact last year a survey revealed that CMO’s still consider it as a top priority in their marketing plans for 2010.

Omniture and The CMO Club conducted a Digital Marketing Survey in May of 2009, asking 102 CMOs to rate the relative effectiveness of digital-marketing media. Most respondents, 78%, found email marketing most effective, while 33% had success with online communities and blogs.

The real benefit of social media is it’s ability to leverage your message and amplify your content as people take your message and spread it on their social networks. GetResponse conducted a survey and found that integrating social media and e-mail produced a greater than 30% improvement in click through rates.

So if you could integrate  your social media marketing with your email campaigns and email acquisition strategies you can synergize and increase your marketing effectiveness.

Here are 10 ways to integrate social media and e-mail marketing

  1. Broadcast your blog entries via e-mail
  2. Add social media channel subscribe buttons on your e-mail newsletter such as “follow us” on Twitter
  3. Place a link to your e-mail newsletters on your social media pages such as Facebook
  4. Send out e-mail newsletters that are excerpts to your blog with links to each post
  5. Include social media share options in your e-mail newsletter
  6. Provide e-mail sign up options in your company’s social media channels such as your Facebook page
  7. When asking for an e-mail opt-in option at your company call centre  also offer a social media opt-in option
  8. Use the sidebar on your e-mail-marketing newsletter to list and link to all your company’s social-networking profiles
  9. Use your ‘purchase is successful’ confirmation e-mails to link to your social media help forums or YouTube video tutorials
  10. Provide an option for customers to join your social media networks on your e-mail newsletter registration page

These are some options but it comes down to continually trying different ways to communicate to your customers to optimize your marketing programs and tactics.

Have you integrated your social media with your e-mail marketing or thinking about it?

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  • Good insights!

  • Great Stuff! Thanks!

  • The way forward! Integrating social media and email marketing is proving to be a very successful partnership.

  • Great ideas! I’m passing this onto my boss 🙂 Cheers!

  • Very informative article. Thanks.

  • Natosha.

    GGreat for marketing such asemaiks, soxial, etc.

  • Useful article. You should check out MessageDance. You can now publish your email newsletters to your facebook page. Do see the demo here https://www.facebook.com/Travelguru.India/app_252530224806735

  • Liz

    And still true today! But two years later, there’s a lot more to add… especially when it comes to incorporating social media into email strategy. Emails can do so much more than exist as flat, readable content. Now it’s a matter of making them interactive – what *else* can we allow our subscribers to do aside from hear about our latest news or today’s deals? We can be embedding video and photo galleries. Allowing them to comment on Facebook posts or tweeting at us directly from inside the email. Creating layouts and displays that resemble the app-like nature of user experience today. And so on…

  • iancleary

    If you want to convert your facebook fans I think one great way is through collecting e-mail addresses. Competitions run well can be effective within Facebook but you need to collect e-mails as part of the competition!

  • MateoF

    11. make sure your email signature blocks in your regular, peer-to-peer email, include your social and community links. Think about all the regular email you send every day – avg is between 50-100.

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    The best way to use FB traffic to me is to buy ads and redirect people to the freebie with opt-in form, it works like a charm

  • Brilliant overview of the effects of inbound and outbound marketing on business campaigns…#smm #seo #smallbiz