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How To Be Influential In A Digital World: 10 More Leaders Reveal Their Secrets

This is the second article in a series focusing on what makes you influential in a digital world where we look at 10 more leaders views on what they have found to work to spread their online brand whether that be at a personal or a corporate level. (To read the first in the series click here)How To Be Influential In A Digital World 10 More Leaders Reveal Their Secrets

The thought leaders were brought  together by the Influencer Project which was organised by Thoughtlead and sponsored by Hubspot and they were asked to to state one proven way to increase your influence online in 60 seconds.

Here are the thoughts of 10 more passionate thinkers on what they see as being important in being influential in a digital social world.

1. Develop your storytelling skills

To improve your digital influence have a story that is worth telling don’t try and sell a product or idea – Michael Margolis, from GetStoried.com

2. Co‐create some products with people who have your audience already but are not selling them the kind of things you’re selling

Make real quick teleseminars with them, or do special reports that are just for their audience, and kind of co‐make them with those people, and basically get yourself co‐billed with as many other people as possible. Because what happens is their audiences, goodwill, and credibility shifts over to you, and you get to be associated with some of the larger names in the business My biggest advice for you is to . .If you can get a reputation for working with those people, it’s easier to grow your influence.And once you get one person, you then jump to all that person’s peers, because they will be willing to work with you because you worked with somebody they know. You’ve bypassed the whole gaining trust, period, and just jumped right into it. – Dave Navarro from TheLaunchCoach.com

3. Give your content wings and give it roots

Roots means to ground it solidly in who you are (your passion and being) and have a point of view. Give it wings means to let it be shared easily across social media platfroms all over the web buttons easy to share frictionless and free – Ann Handley of MarketingProfs and co‐author of Content Rules

4.Get offline and meet people in real life

When you meet someone, introduce that individual to someone else that you know, they will standout significantly in their eyes – Joselin Mane at BostonTweetup.com

5. Get very, very good at filtering and aggregating content

Be able to sort through all that content and be able to deliver it to people at the right time, the right size, the right amount. Second thing is,  be veryinformed about what matters to those folks, what they’re saying in the social technologyand the social space – John Jantsch  of DuctTapeMarketing.com

6. Be topical and early in the news cycle

This can be on any conversation of general interest  and detect and articulate patterns, make connections, and make context explicit and  just  hustle – Marshall Kirkpatrick from ReadWriteWeb.com

7. Use online video

This probably the fastest way to get your message out there, to increase visibility, and to get clients and customers online. Come up with some great content—it can be two to three minutes, it does not have to be a lot. Create content around your area of expertise and then distribute,distribute with gusto – Shamana Kabani author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing

8. Be remarkable

So defy convention where appropriate, people take notice –  Johnny B. Truant of JohnnyBTruant.com

9. Let your passion shine.

It’s about people—real human beings, just like you and me, it is not about the technology. It’s about passion, conversations, not product conversations – Robbin Phillips of word of mouth marketing at BrainsOnFire.com

10. Learn how to talk more about other people.

So if you’re looking to influence a certain thought leader, or even just a group of people, talking about them, talking to them, instead of about yourself – Yaro Starak from Entrepreneurs‐Journey.com

If you want to learn more I would urge you to to visit their blogs and websites you will be inspired by their valuable content.

What one idea could you action today?

(To read the first in the series click here)

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