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How to Build a Credible Blog that People Trust

How to build a Credible Blog that People Trust

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Blogs are a great way to build online trust and credibility. But this doesn’t mean that just setting up a blog will automatically add credibility. Certain factors contribute to building a credible and trustworthy blog. What are they?

Is it just creating quality content and a good design, or do other factors play any role, too? Your questions have all been answered in the infographic below.

I prepared a list of questions that relate to building a credible blog and I conducted a survey to help me find the answers.

The survey questions

The questions I asked were:

  1. What factors add credibility to a blog?
  2. How do you measure social presence or influence of a blog?
  3. Which social networks add most credibility to a blog?
  4. Do multiple or single authors add more credibility?
  5. What types of blog content add most credibility?
  6. What category of blog content is most credible?
  7. What factors destroy blog credibility?

The survey participants comprised of business owners, marketers, and bloggers. I have displayed the results using easy to digest graphs in the infographic below.

I hope these results help you build better blogs.

How to build a credible blog that people trust

What do you think?

What are your thoughts on the infographic above? What factors do you think play a key role in building a credible blog that people trust? How can people build better blogs?

Please leave your comments below.

Guest Author: Mitt Ray is the founder of Social Marketing Writing, where you can download 100 Free Social Media Background Images.



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