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How to Get 216% More Interaction on Your Facebook Page

Brain surgery takes many years to perfect. Most of the people that require it are thankful that the surgeon has to pursue a rigorous course of learning.

Just imagine the problems that would occur if you were able to obtain  the right to operate by filling in a survey on the back of a cereal packet.How to Get more Interaction on a Facebook page

It would not create a more intelligent nation but I am sure the lawyers would be happy!

Obtaining more Interaction is not Brain Surgery

A recent survey by Momentus Media discovered a fact that is not brain surgery and increases your interaction rate by 216% on your Facebook page!

They analyzed 49,266 Facebook page posts to compare interaction rates for for posts containing

  • “Like” calls to action
  • “Comment” calls to action
  • No calls to action

The results revealed something which is essential but often not done by many marketing professionals and that was that a “call to action” (or CTA) will increase your chances of interaction over not asking at all!

How to get more interaction on Your Facebook Page

The survey also observed that only 1.3% of status updates analysed even had a call to action.

Why the Correct Call to Action is Important

The results for no call to action as being the most likely to elicit very little interaction was not surprising but what was surprising was that asking for a “like” increased your chances by 216% over asking people to “comment”.

The results by the numbers for average interaction rates for the 3 types of updates

  • “Like” calls to action received 0.38% interaction
  • “Comment” calls to action received 0.14% interaction
  • No calls to action received 0.11% interaction

So just by using a ‘better’ word in the call to action more than doubled your interaction rate.

It ain’t “Rocket Science” but it is good to know what works and what doesn’t.

For me I am going to ask people more often to “like” me, are you?

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