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How To Invite 1,000 Fans To Your Company Facebook Fan Page in Less Than 3 Minutes

Facebook is becoming essential to market in a digital world and is vital as part of  reaching out to your companies advocates. An important part of your marketing strategy is to spread your brands content and continue to position your company as an expert and leader in its field.

Major brands have the luxury of  inviting and driving people to their Facebook page with mass media and expensive marketing campaigns.

Just this week Facebook announced a major change where you can now invite people from within Facebook by importing email addresses to invite people to”like” their page. This change makes it easier for smaller companies to grow their company’s Facebook Fans.

Most companies have several thousand emails addresses in their database so this could help you invite and engage with more of your customers on Facebook, but just a note that Facebook only supports 5,000 contacts for this feature so maybe just do a 1,000 at a time.

Step One:  Go to your Facebook Company Page and Click “Edit Page”

How To Invite Fans To Your Company Facebook Page Step 1

Step Two: Click on the “Marketing” button and then select “Tell your Fans”

How To Invite Fans To Your Company Facebook Page Step 2Step Three: Upload your email list that you can download from your email  database file.

How To Invite Fans To Your Company Facebook Page Step 3

You can also find” web” email contacts from your hotmail, gmail and yahoo accounts as well if you like.

Give it a try it will take you about 3 minutes and look forward to hearing about your results.

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