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6 Simple Strategies To Double Your Email List Using Facebook

6 Simple Strategies to Collect Email Leads from Facebook

Meet Kyle Ducharme, one of the co-founders of Kao Jai Coffee. Kao Jai began in December, 2013 as a single-origin coffee manufacturer. Their first batch of roasted coffee arrived in June and Kyle was looking for a way to get fans excited about their first batch of roasted coffee beans.

Kyle had begun to get Facebook likes for his brand but was frustrated with his ability to get Facebook fans to convert into email leads:

I’ve committed to bootstrapping every aspect of my startup, so I have been doing all marketing in-house to save on costs. My highest conversions typically come from my newsletter, but I’ve found it extremely difficult to gather potential or existing customers’ e-mails by…just asking for it.

This campaign gave me the opportunity to not only get people excited about the prize, but it also helped gain crucial contact information that will hopefully result in future conversions on our website.

With the goal of doubling his email list, Kyle ran a giveaway where the winner would receive a free bag of the new coffee flavor along with a handmade bracelet from Northern Thailand.

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The 6 reasons Kao Jai’s contest worked

1. Strong incentive

Give away something that is directly aligned with what your potential customers and followers are interested in. In Kyle’s Facebook Contest, the incentive was the first bag of a new coffee flavor.

2. Brand recognition

By dragging and dropping the Kao Jai logo into the Facebook Contest, Kyle made sure Kao Jai’s brand was highly visible. This branding is critical to quickly build trust with potential contest entrants.

3. Countdown widget for urgency

At any point in time a Facebook user could get distracted by a new notification or other social distraction. Kyle was smart to include a countdown in his Facebook Contest to drive the user to take immediate action. This was critical to getting a 40%+ conversion rate. Pro Tip: Only run your Facebook Contest for 7 days or less (7 days or less on the countdown). If fans see “45 days” left, they’ll leave the contest and may never come back.

4. Easy to follow opt in form

Most folks screw this up. Making sure your email form is highly visible and easy to enter is key. Additionally, link the opt in form with ConstantContact, Mailchimp, Aweber, or other email marketing platform to easily manage Facebook Contest opt ins. You can do this with Heyo’s free contest builder. To see how to do this, join Nathan and Jeff on this live webinar. It’s free! Pro Tip: Put them in a drip campaign to build a deep, long lasting relationship!

5. Clear Facebook Contest entry steps

Kyle made it crystal clear how to enter the Facebook Contest. She told people that in order to enter they needed to follow steps 1-4 on the left side of the Facebook Contest. Make sure you make it simple and clear what people need to do to enter your contest, otherwise, they won’t.

6. The sixth element is the one most people forget

It’s the reason your Facebook contest has failed if you’ve run one in the past and wondered why your results stunk. Jeff and Nathan will be diving into the 6th element in detail on this free live webinar. Click to register now, space is limited.

Free Webinar: Double Your Email List Using a Facebook Contest

To see the step by step how to on executing a campaign like this, join Nathan and Jeff on a free webinar on July 22nd.  Click here to register.

You’ll learn 3 specific things:

  1. How a marketing manager (no technical skills) launched a Facebook campaign that converted at 30%
  2. How a Social Media Consultant launched a campaign for a client that captured 4500 emails in 7 days with no ad spend
  3. The simple reason this strategy will work even if you have less than 1000 likes

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  • I think number 1 is hugely important. The giveaway has to be good and match your brand. I tried giving away a Kindle Fire. People entered like crazy but they weren’t invested, they just wanted the Kindle.

    • nathanlatka1

      Ah. We call those “sweepstakes crazies”. Try and pick a prize that is emotionally aligned with your brand Kimanzi 🙂

    • tobias

      kimanzi constable

      so what is the best option? for giveaway

      but did it not give you tons of email list then? kindle promotion
      that was the point, right?

  • Suzanne

    This is an awesome idea. I have been having such a problem getting an email list built up, said to say only 2 people so far. I understand that the give away needs to be relevant to your audience but what about the value of the giveaway product? Should the value be $30.00 or more substantial; or does this even make a difference?

    • nathanlatka1

      Hey Suzanne, the monetary value of your prize doesn’t matter. The emotional value does. Give away something that people care about winning (even if it costs you just $1).

      • Indeed, “relevant to your audience” & “emotion”. It’s basically the first step of your list qualification.

        Why not adding one or multiple keywords to each of your contests & link this back to your CRM. Surely valuable for your future emailings : Coffee discount / New Coffee in store? Send en email to all people who ever participated to your coffee related contests, and not the ones who only try to win Tea..

        Twitter – @quentinpaquot & @qualifio

  • Kai Pasulke

    Nice idea, but the free webinar is too far ahead (> 7 days) so I won’t be participating. Thanks for the 5 tips anyway.

  • This is great Jeff. People love contests so I can see it’s a great way to engage folks. Definitely worth listening to the webinar. I would like to hear what they have to say. @worldalliances

  • Samar Shawareb

    Missed the webinar! Do you have a recording?

  • Whats the cost per email?

  • What is the program/plugin used for this sweepstakes?

  • Contest has got to be one of the greatest ways to build a list quickly. It brings the most potential customer ever because of the prize you offer.

    Just like fishing.

    You catch the type of fish you bait for. Different fish like different bait.

    Great post Jeff!

    • Love the fishing analogy. Have you done a contest before? I’ve been toying with the idea for some time.

  • Kim Smith

    Aren’t the sign ups usually unsubs after the contest ends? they only sign up for the giveaway. How can you make sure they stay?

  • Stan Chris

    Amazing. Thanks for bringing this around Jeff. This one can go a long way in pulling like minds together. bit.ly/1G2TuOC

  • Give away some content for free. Ebook etc and to get it they have to provide an email address.

  • Cris

    Hi I just missed the webinar, is there any chance to make it again? If so, i would be awesome to be part 🙂

    • Another one coming soon. 🙂

      • Cris

        Awesome! Thanks 😀

  • Quick update: After running this giveaway over a year ago, our list is still growing strong and has the highest conversion rate out of all of our channels. Another unexpected & unseen benefit of this giveaway is that the list’s growth motivated the team to create better content, as it was now being seen by a larger audience. Better content = higher engagement = higher conversion. All in all, a huge success.