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"How to Save Time and Filter the Noise with a Great Twitter Tool – TweetDeck"

I have been using “TweetDeck” a lot recently, because as my followers on Twitter have grown, communicating as well as filtering the “noise” more efficiently has become a priority to save time and keep me sane.

Also, as I have spent more time on Twitter, being able to update my Facebook page in the one location is a great time saver.

As a tool it has lot more to offer once you learn how to use it and some of the features that I find useful are.

  • Lets me update my Facebook as well as do a tweet in one convenient location
  • I can also shorten a URL and send it with the Tweet and the Facebook update
  • Create Groups that I can track, like Social Media “Gurus”, Top Bloggers and Friends in an easy to view column format
  • It provides a feed from my Facebook page so I can see what is happening with my friends on Facebook
  • I can retweet from within Tweetdeck
  • I can update my favourites
  • Send a direct message
  • Add Twitpics to my Tweets
  • You can even email the tweet from TweetDeck

There are many other features and functions that are very useful, and I am sure as this software tool develops that it may become one of the premier Twitter tools on the market.

A good Video Tutorial I have seen on using “TweetDeck that I would highly recommend is by Christopher Hughes.

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