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How To Use Facebook To Market Your Brand With Games and Incentives

Social networks can be a valuable tool when it comes to getting your name out there, but while many businesses have a Facebook page it’s surprising how often little to no effort is put into using them effectively. No mater how diligently you answer comments on your wall, there will come a time when your user base will grow bored. Here are a few sure fire ways to keep them interested and coming back.How To Use Facebook To Market Your Brand With Games and Incentives

Incentive Programs


A good starting place for making sure your user base sticks around is to give them a reason to. It’s pretty commonplace to see sweepstakes and giveaways as a way to encourage more people to comment, like, and generally keep interest high. What is less common and far more effective, however, is to make a game out of it. As an example, if you implemented a system where points are given for various actions—ten points for liking a page, maybe twenty for referring another user to like the page, and five points for every comment posted—you’re immediately giving your users something to work towards and a sense of progression not unlike those found in video games.

Best Using the Point System

Once you have a system like this put in place, it’s important that when an eventual winner, or winners of this game are chosen, no one feels cheated or like their time was wasted. The best way to do this is to foster a sense of community, and make your users feel like they are working together rather than against one another. A good example of a way to implement this is to keep a grand point total as well as an individual point total, and give incentives to the entire community at various points. When the grand total reaches one hundred thousand points lets say, everyone gets a coupon code for five percent off at your or maybe a partner retailer. This increases sales, makes everyone feel like they have won, and keeps interest in your page extremely high.

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  • What tracking system do you use to keep track of referring likes?

    • I would assign a code or a phrase. So if a Like comes from me, it might say something like “All Your Bases Are Belong To Us”, whilst if the Like is coming from you, it might say “woot woot, put on your birthday suit” 

      Im simplistic like that, plus this would require new arrivals to leave a comment, maybe create a conversation around silly phrases 🙂 

  • Ken Burgin

    No examples or recommended applications? Facebook is strict about competitions…

  • my comment relates to facebook rules too. if you have a winner and a prize with monetary value then this would be a promotion according to facebook t&c’s and you could not ask people to comment, refer, tag, like etc as a way of entering the promotion (ie participating in the game).

    i was hoping to share this idea with my own readers but without more specific examples or suggestions of how to make this work within facebook rules i don’t think there is enough information here. it’s a start… =)

  • Saurabh Shah

    Much like the others.How does one track the referrals? Is there an app or website for the same.

  • But competitions are fine if run through 3rd party apps on Facebook IMHO. Most apps go to great lengths to abide by Facebook guidelines as it is in their best interest to do so. Personally I wouldn’t run a comp off the wall due to risk factor although I’m always surprised about the number of big brand companies that do so without any consequences.