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How Will Marketers Change Their Social Media Activities In The Future?

Social media marketing is continuing to morph and evolve so keeping up to date with the latest trends and seeing what other businesses are planning to do in the future is essential to stay ahead of the game. Last year I looked at what were the top social media channels that were being used by companies to market and promote their business and those channels  have continued to be an important part of  a marketers toolbox. Social Media Marketing Channels Being Used In the Future

A recent survey by Social Media Examiner of  1,868 business leaders shows what that future holds for social media marketing in 2010 as well as what is currently being practiced.

The 3 standouts for me from the survey were

1. What platforms are the experienced social media marketers currently spending their time on?

2. What Social Media Channels were they going to increase their time and resources on in the near future?

3. What are the Social Media  Tools used by B2B versus B2C?

Standout One: So what are the experienced social media marketers currently focusing on?

I have certainly noticed that the use of Twitter as a promotional and marketing tool has been discovered to be very effective and I have personally found this to be the case. Experienced marketers have certainly agreed in this survey with Twitter ranking first with 96%.

The thing to take note of here is that the experienced marketers have found out what works and what doesn’t, so if you have only been using social media for a short while its worth being a good student and let the mentors give you some guidance.

  • Twitter 96%
  • Facebook 91%
  • LinkedIn 89%
  • Blogs 86%
  • YouTube and Other Video 64%

Social Media Channels Used By Experienced Social Media Marketers

Note:  This group is also a major proponent of video, significantly more so than others.

Standout Two: What channels are the business marketers going to increase in the near future?

Surprisingly, marketers indicated that blogs were the top area in which they planned on increasing their social media efforts. Small businesses were much more likely to be increasing their blogging activities at 81% saying they were going to increase their efforts in this area. Facebook was next at 76%, YouTube or Video at 73%, Twitter 71% and LinkedIn at 67% wanting to increase their activity.

Blogs Are Top In Future For Social Media Marketing

Standout Three: How do the Social Media Tools used by B2B vary from B2C focused businesses?

I am quite often asked what are the best social media marketing channels for B2B and this survey shows that B2B business marketers are using Twitter more and LinkedIn and B2C are much more focused on Facebook.

Also note that B2B companies are utilizing blogs more.

Social Media Tools Used By B2B vs B2C

So what are your plans for social media marketing for the next 12 months?