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10X Your Instagram Engagement Rate and Create Content At Scale With BetterPost

10X Your Instagram Engagement Rate and Content At Scale With BetterPost

Over the last year and a half I have had the pleasure of helping a large number of customers grow their Instagram accounts through our Instagram growth agency.

We’ve grown accounts from 100 followers, all the way to 300,000+ followers.

The testimonials have been through the roof, with people saying how they have landed influencer deals, grown their business sales, increased their website traffic, and so on.

How did we get such a good Instagram engagement rate and follower growth?

Ever since the implementation of our engagement program, many people have seen a very dramatic increase in engagement and account performance. However, we found that in order to see fast results from this process, they would need to post 3 times a day. This cadence of posting on Instagram is a game changer, because most people don’t do it.

An example of how I implement this is on one of my accounts; @millionaires.

On this account we used to post your typical luxury pictures of fancy homes, jets, luxury cars and all the other fancy stuff that comes along with it. The results were good but not as great as we’d hoped or expected. We knew we had to do something about this. We asked ourselves, “How can we make our content better and have more people engage with it?”

We figured quote images were the next thing to try out. We thought it might’ve been a bit overrated. However, it made sense to us as to why it would work, so we decided to take a unique approach to them by adding the quotes in an elegant way, onto beautiful and very eye-catching images.

We went for it; and the results? Better than we could’ve hoped for!

As soon as we created and starting posting our content, people started tagging others, commenting, liking, and our images even started showing up in the explore page! This is because an inspirational quote with an eye-catching image speaks volumes. It screams at the user, forcing them to say something back. The user will express what they feel by commenting or by sharing it with someone else. At the end of the day it more than doubled our Instagram engagement rate.

But how do you possibly create 3 unique images every single day?

You may ask yourself, “Ok, but how can I create these quote images without sitting behind a computer for 4,325 hours”? That’s exactly what this article is for. So you can do it in the best and most efficient way possible.

Just like we’ve received positive feedback and success stories; we also received a lot of criticism, which I pay very close attention to.

One piece of feedback that kept coming back from our customers of the Instagram growth service was that they couldn’t keep up with the high-level of image creation and post activity required to get results.

How did we do it? The wrong and expensive way, the way we don’t want you to do it. Let me explain further.

We hired a freelancer who would find the images related to our topic of interest online. Then they would do a research of quotes related to the topic and apply each to an image.

Next, they would open up Photoshop and edit each image, one by one. Add a background color, perform research for quotes, find an appropriate one, select a font, then a font size, then a font color; and then export to it to PSD and finally transfer it to JPEG.

This caused a massive problem. It wasn’t scalable because it was a very inefficient use of a graphic designer as it was expensive, per hour and per contract. Plus it took a long time!

This is when we decided to build Betterpost.co, an Instagram content creation tool that comes with an endless database of quotes that help you create content for Instagram posts and Instagram stories in a scalable manner.

What if you could create all of your content for a month in just one sitting?

Well now you can!

We decided to build it for stories as well because creating a month’s worth of content for stories wasn’t scalable, until now. We will literally create all of our stories posts for one month in one sitting. For example:

Instagram Engagement 2 

Select quotes by choosing between categories that fit your niche and then create highly engaging content that will not only increase your Instagram engagement but also grow your account.

The best part is that this is a perfect tool for agencies that have to come up with lots of content for their clients. No other tool out there lets you create content at scale for Instagram stories.

Make sure you check out the shadow feature on the text – that’s my favorite one.

Remember; quote images, click and connect with people. They express emotion, they tell a story and resonate with people. There is no such thing as too much content, as most of the accounts that get the most engagement, post anywhere from 5-10 times a day. In fact, those who unfollow you because you post 5 times in a day were never a real fan in the first place.

With BetterPost, you don’t build followers, you build fans. You want fans – fans are an audience that will follow whatever you do to whichever platform you move to and they will also buy whatever it is you offer. The ideal end result of any audience is to keep it alive and monetize it.

Most people quit Instagram not because they don’t get it or because it becomes boring. Most people quit Instagram because they can’t be consistent. Inconsistency on Instagram will drive you to a black hole. Instagram’s new algorithm won’t reveal your account to your followers if they’re not engaging with you. Meaning they are not looking at your page enough or liking enough of your pictures. With BetterPost, you can stay relevant, from the comfort of your couch or convenience of your desk. BetterPost is a fully mobile and desktop responsive app.

Feel free to get started with our free plan today, to experience all of the features and how easy it is to create content.

Guest Author: Ramon Berrios is a multi-national serial entrepreneur based in Puerto Rico, and the co-founder of SociallyRich.co – an Instagram Growth service that helps businesses from any industry grow a targeted following, and BetterPost – a simple responsive builder for Instagram posts and stories.

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