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Is Google Plus Important for Search Engine Optimization?

Is Google plus important for search engine optimization? We all know that being found by search engines is in essence free marketing.Is Google Plus Important for Your Search Engine Optimization

And who doesn’t like something for free.

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is a process which includes both on-site and off-site techniques that enables the search engines to index the website and rank it on the search engine result pages.

On-site” techniques include the website work, such as setting up the page titles, sub-titles and keywords and this makes easier for the search engines to crawl the site. The key activity and tactic for “Off-site” techniques includes the process of link building.

Google uses different signals to determine the quality of each page of website and on the basis of that give it the ranking in search results. But the most important among these signals is links from other sites. These links must be of high quality to rank higher in search engine results. A link from the New York Times will be valued much more highly than a link from a Shepherd’s website in Kazakhstan.

The measurement and ranking of these hyperlinks has made it possible to find the things on the web.

Black hat and white hat SEO techniques

Search engines are always hungry for well designed, content rich and optimized website. Some webmasters and SEO specialists are deliberately using the wrong techniques to rank higher. These techniques are known as Black Hat techniques which do not follow the guidelines or algorithms of major search engines.

Those practices which follow the guidelines of search engine are called White Hat techniques.

Importance of SEO to your business

Ranking well in search engines bring more traffic to your site and hence the possibility of buying your products and hiring your services increases. Therefore, every company wants their business to be online and a high ranking. To achieve this, they have to perform SEO for their site. In other words SEO is the golden ticket for Internet Marketing, if done following the guidelines of search engines as search engines always shows organic results to the users.

SEO can be highly profitable to your business as it will brings more traffic on your site and that too without any charges. But companies must remember that they should implement only those SEO techniques which follow the guidelines of search engines (White Hat Technique).

One of the White hat techniques which is new and must be considered by all organisations which want to drive more traffic to their site is to start using Google+ effectively. 

Google+ and SEO

Most of the business owners and webmasters know that Google+ is a powerful tool and is important for SEO but they don’t know why it is so important.

Google+ has a strong effect on Google search not only because it is a product by Google but due to the construct and the power of it. Google+ entered into the social media race not just to compete with other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook but to improve search engine results.

Why Google created Google Plus

So Google+ is much more than just a social network. It is “core” to Google’s entire online strategy. It is about capturing rich data that Facebook has been capturing for years such as age, sex, location and much more. So here are 4 benefits for Google.

  • It enriches the Google data from Google users allowing its search engines to be more accurate
  • People create profiles on Google and search on web while signing in to Google, so Google can track the information of their identity, activity and their interests.
  • Google +captures much more such information by simply measuring+1’ing, sharing and commenting on the network.
  • This data helps Google to personalize organic search results in a better way.

This flows onto more personalized search results for people when searching which improves the user experience.

Google+ and social signals

In essence Google+ is a data capturing platform for Google which helps to determine what is to be prominent in a Google search. Due to the increased importance of social signals, Google+ has become one of the top social networking sites. Social networks are populated by real people who share, retweet and like.

Google’s search engine watches these signals and hence gives ranking to your site in search engine results.

Google+ and web influence

Google+ is now a large social network which can influence your organization’s brand across the web. People can reach your site via Google’s entire network, which will influence your search results directly and indirectly. Google+ helps you to build your brand value including Google authorship and provides you a graphical display of your brand value.

Google+ and Page Rank

The links in Google + profiles are added with “do follow” and are treated as web pages and this helps in increasing the websites visibility and page rank. On Twitter all the links are placed with no follow tag and this doesn’t pass Page rank through to your site.

In essence your search results can be improved if you use Google+ network. A strong presence on Google + can provide you a higher page rank and web visibility.

What about you?

Have you created a Google+ account? Why did you sign up? Are you enjoying using it or are you there because you see it as important for SEO.

What sort of results are you achieving on Google?

Look forward to your stories and insights in the comments below.

Guest Author: Alderic Thomas is the Content Writer in SEO Rank Smart. 


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  • We have a google+ company page and posting regular content on it. I am already seeing higher placement on SERP for our blog articles. G+ is here to stay.

  • venkyiyer58

    I confess: I have been on Google+ for almost two years now, but have just started to give it some serous attention. My bad.

  • venkyiyer58

    I confess: I have been on Google+ for almost two years now, and have just started to take it seriously. My bad.

  • Thanks for the reminder of the importance of Google+, Alderic. Personally, I love the channel. I utilize circles to group the people I’m connected to and find it easier to sort posts. I think it still will take some time to grow into an influential source to connect with your community, but seeing that Google is making it necessary, I think resistance is fading and G+ will become one of the biggest players in the market.

  • Molly Freibott

    Great Article! I have lots of people ask me about Google Plus. I will be referring them to this article! Thanks Theresa!

  • Jen Picard

    I’m on Google Plus because I know, as a marketer, that I have to be. Both Facebook and Google are trying to get into the social search space and, frankly, I think Google is way ahead of the curve. It’s anyone’s guess who will win out in the end, but I don’t want to be left in the dust if it happens to be Google.

  • Denver’s Jobs

    We now spend half of our time building our network on Google+. The other social networks just can’t compare when it comes to ranking your site so to us it only makes sense.

  • Kevin

    Social Media are important to get more consumers. Some users are more in social media than search engine. So, it’s important to be registred on social media.

  • Jeson Tailor

    Google plus is very important because Google Plus content stays around, gains page rank, gives page rank and
    appears in search results over a long period. It appears Google Plus
    posts can retain ranking indefinitely with some posts over a year old
    still top of search result pages.

  • Tangerine5ive

    Yes we believe so. As reported in Venturebeat, Google+ continues to dominate LinkedIn & Twitter, and could catch up to Facebook. For obvious reason, well it’s Google. It gives your content a higher rank in Google search and you can do a lot of integrations with other Google apps/services.

  • Nigel Mark Dias

    .Google’s ambitions for Google+ extend way beyond an alternative social medium or even improving text based search.

    In 2011, Bradley Horowitz, Google’s VP Product, Google+ told Wired’s Steven Levy that
    Google+ is Google itself.
    We’re extending it across all that we do — search, ads, Chrome, Android, Maps, YouTube — so that each of those services contribute to our understanding of who you are
    See alsogoo.gl/sChuzP
    Google+ provides the rudimentary signals for Google Now: Google’s semantic search iteration.

  • I wish I was aware of Google+ a few years ago. I didn’t know how much it would benefit a page now.

  • Graciela Funes

    This video explains how make a Google plus Sign-in for our web http://youtu.be/9Jna_JHh19U

  • Website Ideas

    One of the good to post the article or sharing blogs is G+. it is like facebook. everyone can read and comment. but G+ for me is the best for business online marketing.

  • As far as I know Google Plus doesn’t in any way influence organic search engine ranking. As for the link juice is concerned, since Google Plus is endless scroll site, I don’t think there would be any PR related benefit as the page is not cached by Google. All it could do is earn you a lot of back links and that would only mean that later you’ll search and remove them when one of the Penguin update will hit your site because of excessive links from Google 🙂

  • Google Plus content is treated by Google just like any other page on the
    web. Google Plus content will be efficiently indexed by Google, it will
    gain page rank and appear in Google’s search results.

  • Great post and topic. Additional benefits include higher CTR on search results with authorship implemented. Image and circle counts matter and build trust. This can bolster personal branding

    Other benefits include showing up on the personalized search results (by default) as a result of search plus your world update. Pages shared on Google+ get indexed faster in my experience as this aids with Google discovery of your content.

    Google+ is a “no brainner” for any serious marketer IMHO. Thanks for sharing.

  • Priya

    Your information about google+ and SEO is informative. Is
    the white hat SEO techniques gives good result for website?

  • excellent content and good info…

  • this is a great article google plus is a very important part is SEO . information is a good method.

  • Sunil Pasbola

    I find Google plus much better than any other social media platform in terms of building networks and connecting with like-minded people. It is easy to get followers on other platforms like Twitter but the level of engagement is not deep enough to build long term relationships.

  • I’m wondering since this post has been made is Google+ more or less relevant for SEO? I get the sense that Google has some sort of long term plans for it that haven’t come about just yet.

  • G+ is a great tool that helps you to rank better on google besides that I always add google business for all my customers plus google maps