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What’s Your Life Calling?

What's Your Life Calling

The hero’s journey starts with the call.

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And we all want to be the warrior, the princess or the emperor.

Or have you forgotten your childhood dreams?

To be “the hero”.

Win battles.

Sail to distant lands.

Joseph Campbell called it “follow your bliss”

Or “the call”

It is choosing happiness.

Every day.

It is a place where….

We forget time.

We find flow.

Just “Be”.

It is a place where we discover the reason we are here.

And act.

Step into the gap.

Of possibility.

Cloaked in the fear of impossibility.

The problem

We live in a world that buries us in busyness.

But ideas and creation come from the silence.

The stopping.

That’s the paradox.

And the problem?

We are afraid to stop and hear the call.

We hide.

All of us are called but many of us aren’t listening.

We are…

Too busy to hear it.

Too afraid to start it.


Signed up to someone else’s call.

Your journey?

There are only three options that follow the call to “start” the hero’s journey. And we will find.

  • You accept the call and depart on the journey. Never looking back.
  • You receive the call and and refuse. But later you decide to sign on and plunge into the unknown.
  • You refuse and turn back. Never to start.

We were never designed to be ordinary.

To be mundane.

To live with the pain.

Of regret.

Of not starting.

So what’s your call?

Have you stopped and listened to the still small voice.

The whisper.

The call.

For you.

Do you have the courage to start?

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