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How to Hire People Who Can Run Your Business BETTER Than You (Episode 50)

Matthew Yahes is on a personal mission to help entrepreneurs who are completely buried and being held back by day-to-day operations to focus on growth and taking action that matters.

He is the Founder of Extend Your Team.

And “Extend Your Team” connects the best remote workers to U.S. businesses.

Unlike other agencies, they source, onboard, coach, offer healthcare, and free high-speed internet to global team members to ensure that you are successful.

What you will learn

  • How Matthew went from working 14 hours a day to 3 hours a day within 45 days
  • What you need to FOCUS on as an entrepreneur (no, it’s not operations or social media)
  • The TRUTH about companies hiring people overseas
  • How to find the people who can run your business BETTER than you
  • Why you should NOT hire a VA (hire your next business leader instead!)
  • That most opportunities are an accident and not planned
  • How a side hustle became a big business opportunity
  • Why spreading the risk is important when a crisis happens
  • How to hire a manager for your business
  • Why you should fire yourself
  • The importance of creating a job description
  • The importance of documenting your processes to scale your business

Tools for remote work worth checking out for team tasks, managing, and documenting your training processes.

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