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Sensational Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics – 6 Infographics

Social media is no longer just about Facebook. Social media is splintering and fragmenting as more users find increased activity about their interests and passions residing on other social networks.Sensational Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics - 6 Infographics

Facebook knows that it cannot evolve internally fast enough to keep up with this dispersion and so is resorting to identifying and buying fast emerging start-ups such as Instagram.

Through the rapid rise of smart phones and mobile platforms globally such as tablets led by the surging iPad, the way we use and view media is changing business and marketing.

Maintaining your business marketing momentum on a social web requires constant updates to identify and understand how and why users are using social networks.

Here are some of the latest social media usage statistics, facts and figures to help keep you on top of the rapidly changing social media ecosystems.


If you want to observe two technology addictions in this digital world then you only need to walk down a city street and see where people are looking. Its a mobile screen checking out a mobile social app. It is what people check before bouncing out of bed in the morning and before turning off the light at night.

So what are some of the facts about this mobile social media addiction on Facebook’s social network?

    • Facebook now has 543 million mobile users
    • North America has the greatest number of users at over 161 million
    • The fastest growth is on the Android platform at over 22% in the last 4 months

Facebook Mobile Statistics


Twitter in the last 12 months has become much more popular for the younger generation who didn’t understand it or care before.

Since this Infographic below was created, Twitter has passed 500 million users according to the analytics firm Semiocast.

Some interesting facts and figures about Twitter:

  • The USA at over 100 million is the largest user baser globally
  • 92% of people “Retweet” because of interesting content
  • The second largest user base is in Brazil

Twitter Infographic 2012

Source: Infographic Labs 2012 


This social network has now hit 400 million registered users and has 100 million monthly active users according to a Google’s Vic Gundotra.

Some other facts and statistics about Google+ include:

      • Males dominate its registered user population at 67%
      • The average age is 28 years for males and 38 years for females
      • Google+ users are more technically savvy than Facebook users

Facebook vs. Google+: A Guide to Brand Pages [INFOGRAPHIC] - Pardot Infographic

Sourced from the Pardot Blog



LinkedIn is the quiet achiever on the social network scene. In the last couple of months it has upgraded its user interface to improve its usability and sharing capabilities. It continues to grow strongly with well over 150 million users.

What are some interesting facts and figures about LinkedIn?

      • Only 8.4% are premium paid users
      • 76.9% of people use it to research people and companies
      • The top feature is “Groups” with over 78% of users utilizing this feature

LinkedIn Infographic

Source: Powerformula.net



The predictions for Pinterest vary from optimistic to world domination. It burst onto the scene about 12 months ago and is still maintaining amazing momentum. Some males question whether it is for them with the user base still skewed strongly toward females.

So what are some facts and figures that are worth noting?

      • Over 1.9 billion monthly page views
      • Average time per visit is over 14 minutes globally
      • The top brands on Pinterest with significant growth include Barneys New York (204%), Nordstrom (150%) and Victoria’s Secret (2.001% growth) that has occurred over the last 3 months.


Pinterest Infographic

Source: Fast Code Design



Instagram is every start-ups dream. Invest some money and then get bought out after some blood, sweat and tears for a nice even $1 Billion by Facebook.

It has now passed 100 million users.

Some more interesting statistics sourced from Commscore include:

      • Its daily active mobile users have now exceeded Twitter (according to Comscore) at 7.3 million daily users compared to Twitter’s at 6.9 million
      • Average minutes using the app per month, per visitor are 257 minutes
      • 22 million unique users use the app every month

Want to know how to use it for business read more below:

Instagram Infographic


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