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Survey Results Revealed: Content Makes You Influential on Twitter

Twitter Street SignLast week I  posted a survey to see what the Twitter community thought about the question of “Influence on Twitter”. This is the first survey in my “Twitter Power Poll” Series that asked  “What Makes A Brand or Person Influential on Twitter?”. After over 330 people voted the results were. (Thanks to those special people in the  Twitter community who took the time to vote)

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  • The number of followers 8%
  • The quality of their followers 16%
  • The number of followers retweeting their tweets or updates 16%
  • The quality and value of the links that they tweet 22%
  • How often they tweet or update 6%
  • The ability to make other people take actions on Twitter 18%
  • The quality and popularity of the website or blog that is on their Twitter site 7%
  • They are already well known or famous 5%
  • Other 2%

So if we look at the numbers, what comes out loud and clear is that the Twitter community values the content being

  1. Tweeted
  2. Retweeted
  3. Making other people take actions after reading  the content

The most important thing the communities on Twitter value is great content and if you are creating, sourcing, finding, publishing and promoting great content on Twitter you are “Influential”.

Note: Today I came upon an interview of Guy Kawasaki on “Hubspots Blog”  …by the way his Twitter followers are over 180,000, his blog “How To Change The World” is in the “Top 500″ worldwide” and his “Twitter Grade” is number 5 in the world and he constantly tweets great content. Do you think he might be influential? When he posts your content on his blog your traffic takes off.. I had over 1,900 hits to my blog post in 24 hours when his “Allpost” blog put up one of my posts.

These three choices in the survey total 56% (not insignificant… and by the way that is a majority in democratic terms).

So on Twitter “Content Is King” 

What do you think …..”Is Content King” on Twitter or is  it… “Conversations” ? or …? Love to hear your thoughts

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