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13 Best TikTok Tools For Fast Audience Growth (2024)

The 10 Best TikTok Tools For Fast Audience Growth in 2020

TikTok became the world’s most downloaded app on Apple devices in 2018 and has been growing quickly ever since. It’s now firmly embedded in Gen Z’s daily lives and spans across 154 countries with 500 million active users. If you are an aspiring influencer, business, or brand and aren’t on TikTok, you may need to … Read more

10 Types of Visual Content On Instagram That Get Shared Like Crazy


Our attention spans are diminishing. We crave short, sharp bits of content that we can consume in a heartbeat without much thinking or effort. It’s no surprise then that visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. That’s why social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and … Read more

15 Tips for Selling on Facebook

The web continues to disrupt traditional business models and is transforming countries, economies and industries. This is showcased by Apple today becoming the most valuable company in the world and overtaking Exxon which epitomises the traditional business of oil and commerce. Apple’s contribution to the disruption of existing commerce paradigms including the music, mobile and publishing industries has … Read more

The World’s 20 Most Popular Facebook Pages

Facebook’s strengthening grip and integration with popular culture is very evident as you go through this list of the world’s top 20 most popular Facebook pages and realize between them they have over 315 million fans. That culture reflects our movie, TV shows and music tastes including Michael  Jackson, Eminem, Lady Gaga, the Twilight Saga, … Read more