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The 10 Most Annoying Types of People on Facebook

the 10 most annoying types of people on facebook

Social media amplifies humanity.

Have you ever been to a barbecue and had to listen to someone prattle on about themselves for hours? Attended a cocktail party and had the most intriguing conversation with a tall dark stranger? Been invited to a friends place and viewed so many baby photos that you felt compelled to have a vasectomy!

Facebook, Twitter and social media take those conversations and multiply it via the crowd. Facebook is insights, conversations and news on steroids.

It  is a reflection of what makes us human, except that it is visible to billions of people. We are different, fun and sometimes boring. It is a kaleidoscope of emotions, events and the bizarre. That’s why we tune into Facebook. Its a voyeur’s paradise. Never dull and often entertaining.

So what entices us to reveal our lives online? Is it narcissism, vanity or just wanting to get something off our chest. Annoyance is noticed and often shared.

Here are the results of a fun survey to find the 10 most annoying types of people on Facebook.

The 10 most annoying people on facebook

Infographic source: Lovemyvouchers.co.uk 

Who and what annoys you on Facebook?

Is it the loved up couple? The shameless self promoter? Or is it the update addict?

Look forward to hearing your views and experiences in the comments below.



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  • Ke’Aun Charles

    Update Addict and Loved-Up Couple are tied for first in my book. I don’t so much hate it when people take pics of their food as I hate it when they go to restaurants and take pics of the food. You didn’t even make it yourself, stop showing it off like you did.

  • IdiocyAbounds

    I LOVE those types of updates. Why? I am shallow and impatient.
    I dislike people as a whole. Most are idiots. And with FB I can keep up with them without having to see them in person or interact with them too much.

    So I can put my peeps on lists and keep the really annoying ones out of my newsfeed AND even with the most annoying ones,
    you can still find something that you never knew before
    …and sometimes that even comes in handy

    And finally… I AM FEMALE. I appreciate new recipes, and I love pictures of babies. (well cute ones, anyway!)

  • Niki Bullas

    Hi Jeff, you seemed to have hit a nerve with this article. I’m not sure if the many ‘dislikes’ means people are agreeing with your comments or disagreeing. Either way, I have to admit to similar feelings. In fact, what I dislike MOST is being forced by Google and Facebook to be on Social Media in order for your pages to rank. I really don’t like being manipulated by anyone which is how I feel about this trend towards ‘social engagement’ as proof of your value – being forced to ‘like’ something in order to gain access; I could go on. ‘Real’ interaction because you truly do care is great – forced interaction and gaming the system is not. Having said that however, it is a great medium for connecting with like-minded people who share real aspirations, ideas and advice. So, as usual, it can be used for ‘good’ or ‘not so good’. And of course, there will be many who have a different opinion and that’s good too – it’s what makes the world an interesting place to be in. As usual, love your ideas and your graphics. Always read your posts. Thanks

  • Anneleen Snyman

    I love this ! awesome summary 🙂 thanks

  • Caroline

    The professional arguer, loved-up couple and the candy crush pest (in no particular order). In fact, all the categories are pretty much annoying. There’s a limit to how many times you can check in, post photos or self promote.

  • Amarnath Bose

    I think most of the 10 are “put-offs” for most of us – authors excluded. However, the undeniable fact is that social media runs on minutae and trivia, giving us, insignificant mortals, a forum to reach out. The immense popularity of facebook owes more to its indulgence to “irrelevant” prattle and the sense of pride that it thereby bestows on its users, than in anything more profound.

    I agree with much of what Niki has to say on this. I believe that “social engagement” is negatively correlated with “value”. And much as social media tries to beat this, the contradiction gets reinforced.

  • People posting photos of the food they eat is on my list most of the time. Seriously, why would I care to view what he/she ate for their breakfast or lunch or dinner. If they cannot resist, it can be made a little more interesting by putting the recipe (at least 5% of the viewers may like the update!)

  • Sometimes, everyone can become annoying on Facebook 😉

    10+1 Annoying Things People Do on Facebook

  • michelle weaver

    Without a doubt baby photos.

  • Kristine Allcroft

    Too Funny!! I’m sooo tired of people using Facebook to promote themselves/their business without using the potential of the medium: It’s about the conversation!

  • I can’t believe there’s no mention of joint accounts in the Loved-Up Couple section. I don’t see as many of these as I used to, but still.

  • Heather MacLean

    My favs are the people who are updating every possible place they go in one day by checking in. I mean really, do I need to see every place that a person visits?

  • John

    Its missing the attention seeking complainer. Those who seem to complain but leave a vague enough post because they want you to ask whats wrong

  • Trolls, flamers, jerks and other ne’er do wells… – the worst of the professional ‘arguers.’ Let’s see.. those who’ve forgotten any of the 5th grade spelling and grammar they learned. Kool Aid swillers and Snake Oil Sales. Policy wonks, mud slingers. Oh, and 1.b – the auto update addict, where every FQ Get Glue Pin Tweet Like Watch Click auto reposts their self-promotional crap and self-involved drivel again and again. Oy. FWIW.

  • Wonderful infographic Jeff, I was just thinking how grateful we are for having an option to select which posts to see and to even block requests from some people, because this kind of posts can really be annoying. Great summary and thinks for sharing it.

  • Thanaa’ Ra’ifah Maroun

    As a digital media consultant, it is indeed to monitor the recent changes in a weekly or daily on consumer engagement so that we will know what’s working thing and what’s not. Use digital marketing analytics data to inform ongoing marketing strategy and real-time interaction.


  • Marcia Cor

    What about the gym check ins and the fishy lips selfies?

    • Shawn Hunley

      my god, the gym check ins are the worst.

    • Understanding 18

      Yes, those fishy lip selfie pictures are just hideous. I’ma t the point now that I literally despise the word selfie and I wish they would banish that word from the earth.

  • Chery Schmidt

    Wooo Hooo!! What a Great Post!! I love it thanks for sharing..Chery :))

  • sheinavi

    Facebook users who posts to a dead person’s facebook wall.

  • Ed

    These are great – I would add to this the ‘checkin charly’ who checks in on FB when s/he visit the bathroom, the lounge, the pub, EVERYWHERE. Drives me nuts. Hopefully I won’t be number 8 by offering my FB tips page as I start blogging: http://www.facebook.com/succeeddigital I’ve moved to Australia recently after a career as a digital policy advisor in the UK and reading all posts and comments with great interest. Good weekend to all.

  • Hari

    You missed out the ones
    – that post depressing messages just coz they are lonely while they’ve got 500+ friends on Facebook
    – who are total failures and whose life is in a wreck, posting motivation quotes, but never show progress in their own lives.

    Should I even be telling about those people who open up XYZ’s photography page and ask you to like it?

  • Mustaf

    we cannot conclude into ten only . they are more than a hundred , what makes people annoyed. what irritates me most while am using on fb is . when i see my friend posting a condolence comment into his friend’s wall who is dead a days or a years ego.

  • Ken Kilpatrick

    I enjoy most the comments from these flawless perfect people.

  • Patrick Walsh


  • elusive

    The 50’s something woman (sister) that thinks she’s “hot” and posts pics of only herself trying to look hot. What’s even worse is once there’s a new pic (one of many) the friends all are obligated to comment with compliments of which are obviously fake.

  • interxavier

    Pretty much all the reasons as to why I went old fashioned with regards to communication: a phone and an email address.

  • Rebecca Cooney

    I gag the most on posts [unintentional poetry] that… boast enlightenment and self healing (ad nauseum), showcase any photo of meat, complain about anything political or illustrate an injury or illness (i.e. photo of scraped knee, infected throat or cold sore). Please friends. Use your inside voices.

  • Brandon Roberts

    the political guy that thinks you need to know his opiion. … on everything

  • Wooo Hooo!! What a Great Post!! loved it. I’m sooo tired of people using Facebook to promote themselves/their business without using the potential of the medium. But do you think you know everything about Facebook. You can take this quiz and check out yourself. http://www.techcuppa.com/how-much-do-you-know-about-facebook/

  • Brad

    You’re missing the person that posts, “Angry” or “Sad” in a desperate attempt to get their “friends” to ask them why. Whenever I see this post I immediately unfollow that person. I started out with around 50 friends….now I’m down to about 6 because of this annoying habit.

  • Andrew Kaczrowski

    It appears that you cannot post anything on facebook without being criticized. “Annoying facebook users” are fine, I hate critical people who think they are better than everyone with their righteousness. I don’t see anywhere in this article where it mentions what you should actually post about. Have you ever been to a barbeque where everyone looked at you like you were a loser, and were finding anything to criticize you about-or basically just shunning you completely. Ya, that’s why I don’t go out, to avoid people like this author. 🙁

  • Shane R Philion

    Fakebook! Where you can post false proclamations about your life which in all probability is mediocre at best but ohhh yeah how those 6 likes bolster your confidence! Pathetic. And I’m speaking from personal experience.

  • siscely beans

    How about, if this picture gets 1000 likes we all can go to Disneyland. Ugh

  • Ginnie Galus

    But you completely forgot to mention people who never post anything at all because they are so superior to everyone else. They tend to log in occasionally and muster the strength to hit like, delete messages without replying, then write articles like this one, complaining about how much they hate things everyone else posts. Gosh, Facebook would be so much more interesting if everyone were like them. Oh wait, no….no it wouldn’t.

  • David

    You forget to mention all those annoying bloggers who are judging and telling you how to be on social media. with the 5 annoying this, 10 annoying that and so on.

  • Christel Mayer

    I was recently encouraged to join facebook. After 2 months of stupid notifications on emails and other devices about things I couldn’t care less about, I decided that Facebook was really boring, phony for the most part, with people just endlessly posting stuff to hear how great they are or have done. BORING to me for sure.

  • Bird Song

    Great list. So true-all of them. I also can’t stand the people who are in love with themselves. All of their photos are of themselves, and all of their posts are about themselves, Plus, they have 1, 5072 near and dear friends. Ugh.